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The Best Fake Snow

🕚 Updated November 2021

There are few sights quite as magical and refreshing as powdery snow around the holidays. Unfortunately, many people in warmer climates don't get real snow to enjoy, but there are other ways they can achieve the "marshmallow world" feeling.

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Christmas Snow
Sparkling Snow
Be Amazing!
Super Snow Powder
Foam Snow
Christmas Textured Snow Spray
Our SummaryThis type of artificial snow provides ample coverage for tabletops and your model villages.This 2-ounce pack of fake snow is great for smaller spaces.This fake snow isn't just safe for kids, but specifically designed to be played with by kids all day long. This package of fake snow is available in two capacities that are great for large-scale decoration projects. This two-pack of aerosol cans features a combined 26 ounces of spray-on snow.
ProsLargely mess-free construction, covers up to 20 square feet, plush design adds plenty of fluff to villages. Costs little more than pocket change, finely shredded plastic provides lush appearance, available in three sizes. Hazard-free and safe for young children, easy to get started, cold like real snow. Available at a great value, loose style can be moved with ease, sold in bulk for bigger house decoration projects.Includes two cans of spray, 26 ounces total, easy to apply and clean off of surfaces.
ConsNot the most natural-looking option, lacks the sparkle of other options, prone to over-stretching and tearing. Low content per bag, loose design can lead to messes. Overall integrity can diminish with repeated use, prone to losing color and drying out if not stored properly. Shredded design can lead to messes and accidental ingestion, carrying bag is excessively thin according to users. Pressurized can may be hazardous if kept in unsafe conditions, nozzle can become clogged overtime.
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The Best Fake Snow

Three pine tree decorations with fake snow sprinkled around and over them.

Artificial or fake snow is the quick fix you can use to turn your regular old home into a festive getaway. For some, it’s the only way they’ll catch a glimpse of it without booking a flight to Boston. So, if you’re in the market for a new way to dress up your home for the holidays, here are a few fake snow choices that you should check out.

Buying Guide for Fake Snow

A finger draws a gift in a pile of fake snow on a green surface.
savitskaya iryna/Shutterstock.com

Why should you buy fake snow?

As mentioned before, fake snow is the way you can make your home a snow-crested sight, even if the temperature doesn’t dip below 60 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s fun for the decorator and the guests you might invite to bask in all of its staged glory. Unlike the inconsistency of natural snow, a good batch of fake snow is reusable around the home year in and year out.

What should you look for in fake snow?

  • Replication: How well your fake snow imitates the real thing is of the utmost importance. You want a product that more or less looks the part. You want something that understands the comfort we get from seeing a bed of soft powder. Some opt-in for the comfy and voluminous look, while others take a loose but glistening approach to replicating the crunch beneath your feet.
  • Capacity: It’s also important that you buy enough fake snow for your holiday projects. You don’t want to run out of fake snow when trying to create a freshly snowed-in model village.
  • Safety: Finally, it’s important to consider an option that places safety first. While it may seem silly to think fake snow could be dangerous, that’s just the reality of the situation. You should avoid options that utilize harmful chemicals that could land someone in the ER if ingested. And given that your fake snow may spend time around outlets and lights, it’s also important to buy fake snow that can withstand heat to the point of being flame-retardant.

Is fake snow safe for the environment?

Unfortunately, like other products that feature or are entirely constructed from plastic material, most types of artificial snow are bound to have an ecological impact, no matter how small. You can, however, avoid this trouble by looking into options that are thoroughly reusable or forged from materials that favor a non-hazardous construction (some kids’ options understand this design better than most). If you’re prepared to put in a little extra work, you can even piece together your fake snow recipe with organic materials found in an everyday kitchen pantry.

Our Picks for the Best Fake Snow

Best Snow Blanket Roll

Prextex Christmas Snow

This type of decorative snow provides ample coverage for tabletops and your model villages.

Pros: We often think of fake snow as being as big a hassle as the real stuff when it comes to the cleanup, but this option poses no such issue. This thick roll of fake snow is made from a tightly woven yet soft material that can cover up to 20 square feet. It’s ideal for placing under model villages and evergreen forests. It’s just 0.7 inches thick, providing your holiday knick-knacks with just enough fluff to make it look real.

Cons: Admittedly, this isn’t the most natural-looking choice. Its cotton-like appearance has volume but doesn’t have the sparkle or visual excitement that other choices can bring. Its material construction is also malleable to a fault because if stretched too far and frayed, it’s just about impossible for it to mend back together. There isn’t really a way to clean this material, either, so if stained, you’re likely stuck with some dirty snow.

Bottom Line: This is a traditional choice that provides you with just enough snowy appeal but none of the associated mess. Get the Prextex Snow Blanket Roll makes for a lovely tabletop display. 


Best Sparkle Snow

Beistle Sparkling Snow

This 2-ounce pack of artificial snow is great for smaller spaces.

Pros: Glittering and inexpensive, this pack of fake snow is the exact kind of holiday confetti that we think of when it’s time to decorate. It has the appearance of powdered snow but is crafted a non-flammable ground plastic that grants light and lush style to a setup. There are roughly 2 ounces of confetti in a single bag, with select bundling options available in packs of one, three, and six.

Cons: While its value per bag is high, it’s also important to note that it won’t quite cover as much ground as some would prefer. Because of this, users may feel the need to buy more, which can prove costly. Additionally, because of its loose design, this snow can lead to messes and easily be ingested by pets and small children.

Bottom Line: If you’re seeking something that’s great for minimal decorative situations, this Beistle Sparkling Snow features plenty of frost-like realism in its smaller fluff.


Best for Kids

Be Amazing! Super Snow Powder

This fake snow isn't just safe for kids but specifically designed to be played with by kids all day long.

Pros: While plenty of fake snow products assure you of their nontoxic use for children, that doesn’t mean they are for children. This option, however, was specifically designed for playtime. This snow polymer requires just a little water mixed in for it to come alive and produce up to 2 gallons of artificial snow. As an added and realistic bonus, this fake snow generates enough chill to look and feel like real snow.

Cons: The downside to this type of snow is that, despite its reusable design style, its overall integrity will start to diminish after repeated use. Like other types of popular modeling compounds, this fake snow can retain its shape throughout multiple uses, but it can also collect gunk, lose its bright sheen, and even dry out over time if not stored properly.

Bottom Line: If you’re seeking a faux snow pick that actually understands how to accommodate the kiddos, this Be Amazing! Super Snow Powder produces lots of moldable snow for a terrifically low price. 


Best Foam Snow

FloraCraft Foam Snow

This package of fake snow is available in two capacities that are great for large-scale decoration projects.

Pros: Packing an enormous bang for your buck, this bag of artificial snow is available in two different sizes that can dress up various decorations. Like similar options, the snow included here is a clear and glistening styrofoam material that can be clumped and moved around with ease. The real treat is how much you’re getting out of a purchase, as this option is available in 4- and 8-liter sizes, with neither choice hurting your pockets.

Cons: Like similar options, the fake snow in this package is a potential choking hazard for children and pets, as its finely shredded design can be easily inhaled or ingested. Its consistency can also create some pretty irritating messes if the same child or pet gets a bit curious. Additionally, some users have taken issue with the bag that the flakes are housed in, calling it excessively thin and one stretch away from tearing.

Bottom Line: If you’re seeking a convincing option and a lot of it, then this FloraCraft Foam Snow is ideal for your big decoration jobs, providing you with two of the largest bundles on the market. 


Best Spray-On Snow

Prextex Christmas Textured Snow Spray

This two-pack of aerosol cans features a combined 26 ounces of spray-on snow.

Pros: This two-pack of spray-on snow cans offers a tremendous opportunity to really take decorating into your own hands. In each aerosol can is 13 ounces of a long-lasting but easy-to-clean powder that can stick to most types of surfaces. It’s up to you to decide how thin or thick you want the surface to look, whether you’re going for a lightly frosted appearance or a snowed-in getaway.

Cons: A considerable downside is the design of the can itself. A pressurized item must be used and stored only in ideal circumstances; otherwise, it can spell danger to its user. Another drawback to spray cans is their propensity for getting clogged, so you may have to clean the nozzles on these two every now and again.

Bottom Line: This is quite possibly the simplest fake snow application you could buy. The Prextex Textured Snow Spray offers 26 ounces of versatile use that looks great and doesn’t overstay its welcome.

Final Thoughts

If you want to sprinkle some crisp white snowflakes inside your home without the wet mess that real snow would cause, try some artificial snow! It can elevate your holiday garlands, trees, displays, wreaths, mini villages, ornaments, and mantles to bring you the snowy holiday you’ve been dreaming of.

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