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The Best Fall Wreaths

The Wreath Depot
🕚 Updated August 2022

If you bask in all things autumnal: pumpkin spice, crisp evenings, apple picking, and warm candles, you may consider dressing up your front door for the season. Below, we've listed some beautiful fall wreaths to enhance your front door.

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  Best Floral Wreath Best Berry Wreath Best Miniature Most Color Options Best with Lights
Artificial Fall Floral Wreath
The Wreath Depot
Appalachia Berry Silk Wreath
Autumn Harvest Thanksgiving Door Wreath
Artificial Fall Door Wreath
Prelit Fall Wreath
Our SummaryThis 20-inch wreath is suitable for hanging anywhere that needs a touch of warm autumn color.Full and elegant, this handcrafted wreath makes a stunning statement on your front door.Great for a door or a centerpiece, this harvest wreath features miniature pumpkins for a fun statement.This large and full wreath features natural details for a bold autumnal look.Light up your entranceway with this LED-lit autumn wreath featuring your favorite fall details.
ProsFits most doors, has a nicely layered floral design, comes at a great price.Full and lush, has hand made silk leaves, comes with hanging hook, comes in giftable storage box.Great as centerpieces, durable and waterproof, thick and well-decorated.Fits nicely between a screen door and a front door, is easy to fluff, comes extra large.Full and lush, comes with 20 warm LED lights, runs on a timer.
ConsNot very full, scrunched in box.Not weatherproof.Arrives folded.Fades when overexposed to the sun.Batteries not included.
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The Best Fall Wreaths

A colorful autumn wreath hanging on a rustic door.
The Wreath Depot

Buying Guide for Fall Wreaths

A fall wreath hanging on a brick wall with other decorations.
Missy Yost/Shutterstock.com

Why buy a fall wreath?

Do you decorate your home for every season? If so, you may consider adding a beautiful fall wreath to your seasonal home decor collection. A fall wreath adds color, texture, and detail to your front door, mantle, or wall. You may enjoy smaller wreaths as centerpieces and larger ones to decorate doors or the space above your garage.

What should you consider in a fall wreath?

  • Size: For smaller doors, mantles, and centerpieces, a 15 to 18-inch wreath should be just right. But if you’re looking for a full, fluffy, statement wreath, you’ll want to opt for a larger option. Most people who like a larger wreath go for the 24-inch diameter variety.
  • Details: Autumn is all about the details. If you’re looking for traditional flowers, we have you covered. You can find beautiful autumn blooms. But autumn wreaths also feature maple leaves, pumpkins, pinecones, berries, and other fabulous touches. Some even light up.
  • Hooks or HangersWhile some wreaths have attached hooks, others do not. Luckily, wreath hangers should be easy to find at your local hardware store.

When should you hang your fall wreath?

Many enjoy hanging their fall wreath on the first day of autumn, September 22. However, others opt to hang their autumn wreath weeks before the first day of fall if they want to get in the spirit early on. It makes an excellent front door decoration through the end of November, whenever you’re ready to replace it with your winter or holiday wreath.

Our Picks for the Best Fall Wreaths

Best Floral Wreath

J'FLORU Artificial Fall Floral Wreath

This 20-inch wreath is suitable for hanging anywhere that needs a touch of warm autumn color.

Pros: This fantastic medium-sized wreath can fit just about any door. The clusters of brightly colored faux daisies are nicely layered, creating a stunning visual effect. With bright orange and yellow details, this wreath will stand out against light or dark-colored doors or mantles. Since it’s holiday neutral, you can display this wreath from September through November without changing it. It’s both pretty and an excellent value, particularly when compared to store brands.

Cons: If you’re looking for a full wreath, this isn’t it. It’s designed to be thinly layered and spread out.

Bottom Line: For those who prefer a floral wreath, this is a good pick for your front door for autumn. The details are stunning and versatile, all at a great price, so it’s a wallet-friendly option.


Best Berry Wreath

The Wreath Depot Appalachia Berry Silk Wreath

Full and elegant, this handcrafted wreath makes a stunning statement on your front door.

Pros: This is an excellent choice for those who enjoy a larger, fuller wreath. It’s painstakingly made with silk leaves and beautiful berry accessories. It measures out to a full 24 inches, giving you a lot of thick, lush coverage on your door. This wreath has a convenient hanging hook, so you don’t have to make any extra trips to the craft store or hardware store, and you can hang it and enjoy it right away. It’s made with durable materials to stand up well against the wind. Best of all, it comes with a beautiful storage box. Not only will the storage box keep your wreath dust-free and crush-free while it’s being stored away, but it also makes an excellent gift box if you plan on giving this gorgeous wreath as a gift.

Cons: While this wreath can withstand wind, it doesn’t last long in direct sunlight or rain. If you don’t have an eave or a covered porch, you may want to choose a more outdoor-friendly wreath.

Bottom Line: This gorgeous wreath features a spray of fall berries to brighten up your front door. Depending on the spread, it measures anywhere from 22 to 24 inches in diameter.


Best Miniature

GameXcel Autumn Harvest Thanksgiving Door Wreath

Great for a door or a centerpiece, this harvest wreath features miniature pumpkins for a fun statement.

Pros: Smaller doors and centerpieces are perfect places to adorn with this lovely 15-inch harvest statement wreath. The wreath is well made with durable plastics, waterproof silk, and high-quality bonding glue. It’s nice and thick with lively colors to fill the layers, and the leaves, pumpkins, and pinecones won’t fade in sunlight or inclement weather. This wreath is both lightweight and sturdy, weighing only 10 ounces. There’s also a 20-inch matching wreath available with a hanging hook, just in case you love this wreath but want something bigger.

Cons: This wreath comes folded, so you must work the edges out to get it right.

Bottom Line: Perfect for harvest, this wreath features maple leaves, pine cones, and miniature pumpkins. This may be an excellent selection for you if you need a smaller wreath for a smaller door or window or as an autumn centerpiece. It’s made with attention to detail, even in the texture of the leaves.


Most Color Options

DDHS Artificial Fall Door Wreath

This large and full wreath features natural details for a bold autumnal look.

Pros: With a mix of artificial fall-colored maple leaves, faux berries, and pinecones, this wreath is perfect for fall. It fits nicely between a screen door and a front door if you want to keep it out of the weather or if that’s your ideal spot for a front door wreath. While this wreath arrives compressed, it’s easy to fluff out and takes no time to achieve the perfect look and volume. It should reach 24 inches when appropriately unfolded, but you can bend your branches to get it down to 18 to 20 inches if you have a smaller door you’d like to hang it on. It adds a warm touch of color that blends nicely with most front doors, brick fireplaces, and crisp white mantles.

Cons: This wreath will fade when exposed to the sun for too long.

Bottom Line: This autumn wreath is a mix of fall favorites that you will surely enjoy. It’s vibrant and charming, and it adds the perfect touch of fall flair to your doorway or indoor decor. But it’s best displayed in a place that isn’t exposed to direct sunlight.


Best with Lights

TURNMEON Prelit Fall Wreath

Light up your entranceway with this LED-lit autumn wreath featuring your favorite fall details.

Pros: Full and lush, this 20-inch wreath is perfect for decorating your doorway in autumn. It comes with 20 warm LED lights that run on easy-to-find batteries and a convenient timer. So unlike some other prelit wreaths, you don’t need to worry about finding or hiding a power source. The maple leaves are bright and vibrant, adding warmth to your doorway. Though it’s shipped in tight packaging that scrunches it a bit, it takes no time to fluff it out and get it hung on your door. You can also keep it compact and create a stunning centerpiece for your dining table.

Cons: The batteries are not included.

Bottom Line: This intricate fall wreath is a must with warm lights and fun decorations. The battery pack is hidden when you hang it, and the timer makes it easy to conserve battery power.

Final Thoughts

Fall wreaths can be fun and lively, floral and lovely, or creatively lit. There are virtually no limits when it comes to size or decorations. No matter your style, there’s a fantastic fall wreath waiting to hang on your front door.

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