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The Best False Eyelashes

🕚 Updated October 2022

False lashes add length and volume to your natural lashes and beautifully frame your eye shape. Whether you prefer long lashes for a glamorous aesthetic or delicate lashes for a more subdued look, there's sure to be a great pair of falsies for you in our top picks.

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  Top Choice Best Value Best Magnetic Option Best Volumizing Best Colorful
Looks So Natural False Eyelashes Multipack
20 Pairs 6D Faux Mink Eyelashes
Magnetic Curation False Eyelashes
5D Faux Mink Lashes
Colorful Eyelashes
Our SummaryThese soft, lightweight, and comfortable lashes will subtly enhance your natural beauty.This variety pack comes in a set of 20 and is great for makeup artists.Get easy application in this affordable three-pack of lashes.These voluminous handmade lashes are sure to complement your makeup.This colorful lash option is great for cosplays, photoshoots, or creative makeup looks.
ProsSoft, tapered ends, affordable, set of five, won't irritate contact lenses, gives subtle volume and length, lightweight and comfortable for daily wear, cruelty-free faux mink, reusable up to 10 times.Comes in 20-pack, four styles, affordable, made of high-quality synthetic fibers, cruelty-free, anti-allergy tested, flexible, contours to eye shape, 6D layered effect, can be reused.Magnetic, includes magnetic liner, seamlessly adheres to lashes without slipping or falling off, made of high-quality and cruelty-free synthetic fibers, waterproof, gentle formula.Made of faux mink, set of seven, cruelty-free, can be reworn, handmade, flexible band, lightweight and comfortable, affordable, natural black color, 5D design adds dimension, length, and volume.Colorful, great for cosplay, photoshoots, or parties, affordable, made of faux mink, cruelty-free, soft, comfortable, variety of colors, easy to remove.
ConsNot as beginner-friendly, might not be as dramatic as wanted.Lash band is a little thicker than others, may not be natural enough for some.More dramatic style, may be too intense for beginnersNot ideal for those who prefer less voluminous lashes.Band is black and doesn't match the color of lashes, may need to conceal it.
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The Best False Eyelashes

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Buying Guide for False Eyelashes

Different false lashes and tweezers next to them
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Why buy false eyelashes?

False eyelashes are ideal for adding extra glam to your look without breaking the bank. They’re especially good for those who have naturally shorter lashes or those who have alopecia or other conditions that hinder lash growth. Lash serums can be used in tandem with falsies to naturally promote growth and length as well. Use a nice lengthening mascara and a trusty eyeliner with your falsies to create a complete look.

What should you look for in false eyelashes?

  • Length: There are fuller, longer lengths for show-stopping glamorous looks as well as wispier options for subtle enhancement. Ultra-long lashes are dramatic, but they can often be heavy on the eye, so they’re not as comfortable for daily wear unless you’re used to regularly wearing falsies. Shorter lashes are a great option for those who prefer a more natural look.
  • Material: Mink is the highest quality option available for lashes. The appeal of mink lashes is that they’re more natural-looking and softer than lashes made of synthetic fibers. However, mink lashes are made of real mink fur, so they’re not cruelty-free and are more expensive than others. Silk lashes are great because they’re less delicate than mink lashes and are more flexible and natural-looking than synthetic ones; however, they’re more expensive. The most affordable options are synthetic lashes; they’re also durable, cruelty-free, and are often fuller than silk and mink lashes.
  • Durability: Not all false lash brands are the same regarding durability. Some are designed from sturdy materials that can be reused multiple times, while others aren’t ideal for more than a single wear. Consider how frequently you plan on wearing lashes and factor this into your purchasing plans.
  • Style: From classic black lashes to dramatic colorful pairs, there’s sure to be a perfect pair of lashes out there for you. You can even purchase individual lashes to have full control over the volume. On the flip side, there are lashes with magnetic bands and liners that are easy to adhere to your lashes for convenient wearability. Also consider the side profile, as some lashes are designed to mimic the density of your natural lashes, meaning that from the side, there’s depth and different layers.

What can you expect to spend on false eyelashes?

Professional lash extensions can cost up to $300, whereas false eyelashes are quite affordable. You can often find packs of them for $20 or less. False eyelashes are a great alternative for those who don’t want the cost or commitment of getting lash extensions professionally applied. They’re also easy to take on and off, and you can buy pairs with unique styles so that you can refresh your daily look with a new pair of lashes.

Our Picks for the Best False Eyelashes

Top Choice

KISS Looks So Natural False Eyelashes

These soft, lightweight, and comfortable lashes will subtly enhance your natural beauty.

Pros: These soft and subtle lashes seamlessly blend with your natural lashes due to the tapered ends. They’re affordable and won’t irritate your contact lenses or brush up against your glasses. They give subtle volume and length for a natural look, and they’re lightweight and comfortable so that you can wear them all day. Just trim them as needed, apply adhesive to the band, place the lashes, and hold until the lash glue dries. They’re made of soft faux mink, so they’re cruelty-free and reusable up to 10 times, so you get maximum bang for your buck.

Cons: These lashes are designed to be subtle, so they might not be ideal for those who prefer a more dramatic look. The band is also quite flexible, so they might be trickier for beginners to use.

Bottom Line: These lashes are sure to enhance your natural beauty and are great for everyday wear. They’re comfortable and lightweight and will provide subtle length and volume to your lashes. They’re also great for those who wear glasses or contacts.


Best Value

DYSILK 20 Pairs 6D Faux Mink Eyelashes

This variety pack comes in a set of 20 and is great for makeup artists.

Pros: These lashes come in a pack of 20 for maximum value. They come in four styles with varying lengths and volumes, so you can wear natural pairs for daily wear or more glamorous lashes for a night on the town. They’re made of high-quality synthetic fibers, so they’re cruelty-free and less likely to irritate the skin. They’ll fit snugly on the lid without being heavy, and the band is flexible, so it will contour to your eye shape. These lashes have a state-of-the-art 6D layered effect for added dimension and can be reused three to five times.

Cons: The band on these lashes is a little thicker than others, and they’re longer, so they aren’t great for subtle, natural looks. They don’t come with glue included.

Bottom Line: These full and fluffy eyelashes are ideal for professional makeup artists or makeup enthusiasts because they come in a pack of 20 with four different styles. They can be curled and are great for those who love vamping up their makeup looks with falsies.


Best Magnetic Option

Kiss Magnetic Curation False Eyelashes

Get easy application in this affordable three-pack of lashes.

Pros: For those who struggle with traditional lash glue, magnetic lashes can be a lifesaver. While this lash sub-category can vary widely, you’ll like that this three-pack of lashes from KISS comes with a goof-proof liner. Simply line your eyes, apply the lashes, and enjoy up to 16 hours of wear each time. And you can wear each pair of lashes up to 15 times.

Cons: While these are easy to apply, anyone looking for a low-key daytime look might be disappointed to find that these lash styles are all incredibly dramatic. Although that might not be a dealbreaker for many, it could be an issue for lash-wearing newbies.

Bottom Line: These magnetic lashes are great for beginners. The magnetic liner makes lash application easier than ever since there’s no need for glue. But if you’re looking for a more understated lash, you might need to keep shopping.


Best Volumizing

Veleasha 5D Faux Mink Lashes

These voluminous handmade lashes are sure to complement your makeup.

Pros: These soft and fluffy lashes come in a pack of seven and are made of faux mink, so they’re cruelty-free. They can be worn up to 10 times and are handmade. The band is flexible, so they’ll fit seamlessly with almost any eye shape. They’re also lightweight and comfortable on the eye. They’re affordable, come in a natural black color, and the 5D design also adds beautiful dimension, length, and volume.

Cons: These lashes are fluffy and long, so they may not be ideal for those who prefer less voluminous lashes.

Bottom Line: These high-quality lashes will make your eyes look alluring and captivating. They’re sure to become your go-to lashes and will perfectly complete your makeup. They’re also natural enough to be worn on their own with minimal makeup.


Best Colorful

outopen Colorful Eyelashes

This colorful lash option is great for cosplays, photoshoots, or creative makeup looks.

Pros: These colorful eyelashes are perfect for cosplay, parties, photoshoots, or those who prefer a dash of whimsy in their makeup looks! They’re made of faux mink fur that’s cruelty-free and soft, and they have a natural curve. They’re comfortable, come in a variety of beautiful colors, and are a breeze to remove at the end of the day.

Cons: The band is black and doesn’t match the color of the lashes, so you may need to conceal the band with eyeshadow or eyeliner for a seamless look.

Bottom Line: These colorful lashes are a show-stopper and will instantly make you the center of attention.


Most Variety

Eliace Lashes 30 Pairs 6D Mink Lashes

A smart bulk buy for serious lash wearers.

Pros: If you’re a serious lash wearer—meaning you wear them daily or almost daily—then buying in bulk is the best way to go. And if you’re okay with mink fibers, then this large set of 30 pairs of lashes in 10 different styles is a great way to stock up and save. And the 6D design means that you’ll have a more believable effect and side profile when worn on the eyes.

Cons: If you’re vegan, this won’t be a fit for you as they’re mink fibers. While the lashes are cruelty-free, they don’t count as a vegan-friendly option.

Bottom Line: Serious lash wearers will appreciate this affordable bulk pick with 30 different pairs of lashes, representing 10 different styles. Each can be worn up to 18 times! However, if you’re against wearing animal products, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

Final Thoughts

False lashes are great for adding drama to a makeup look. They’ll beautifully complement eyeshadow and eyeliner and can also be worn on their own with minimal makeup for an effortless, natural look.

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