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The Best Family Board Games

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🕚 Updated March 2023

Playing family board games is a terrific way to spend quality time together, encourage communication, and add to happy memories. If you're looking to incorporate some new games into the rotation, check out these top picks.

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  Most Educational Classic Choice Best Strategy Game Best Mystery Game Best For Young Kids
  Underdog Games
Trekking The World: The World Travel Family Board Game
Hasbro Gaming
Guess Who? Original Guessing Game
Wonder Store
Ticket to Ride Board Game
Mysterium Board Game
Hasbro Gaming
Candy Land Kingdom Of Sweet Adventures
Our SummaryTake a trip around the world during each family game night with this educational board game the whole family can enjoy.The original guessing game with some design and diversity upgrades.A fast-paced train adventure game that's easy to learn and offers strategic fun for ages 8 and up.A whodunit mystery game that requires cooperation to discover the culprit's identity.Introduce a new generation of little ones to this sweet, timeless board game.
Pros✓ Educational geography game
✓ Highlights real world destinations
✓ 30 to 60-minute gameplay
✓ Two to five players
✓ Same rules as classic version
✓ Two sets of double-sided character sheets
✓ More diverse characters
✓ Convenient for travel
✓ Historical, train-themed game
✓ Strategy-building game for ages 8 and up
✓ Easy to learn
✓ 30- to 60-minute gameplay
✓ Cooperative, mystery-themed board game
✓ Each game is unique
✓ Two to seven players
✓ Ages 10 and up
✓ 45-minute gameplay
✓ Based on the classic game
✓ Simple color matching
✓ Great option for preschoolers
✓ Two to four players
✓ Ages 3 and up
Cons✗ Can be complicated to learn✗ Smaller and less sturdy than original✗ Small game cards✗ Some parents may not like murder mystery theme
✗ Rules may seem complicated
✗ Game board may seem cluttered
✗ Characters look more mature than original
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The Best Family Board Games

A family plays a board game at home.
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When you’re looking for the best family board games, it’s easy to get taken aback by the sheer number of options. After all, there are hundreds of games out there! We’ve narrowed down our favorites that will keep your family entertained and looking forward to game time.

Buying Guide for Family Board Games

Happy family at home in the couch playing classic table games.
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Why buy board games?

Playing board games together is a great way to encourage family bonding, providing an enjoyable alternative to screen time. Some games involve teamwork, which helps kids learn how to work together and develop communication skills. Whether you’re looking for an activity the family can wind down with in the evening or just want something fun and relaxing to play during a weekend game night with your kids, family board games fit the bill and are a nice alternative to screen time.

What should you look for in board games?

  • Age Range: If you have young children, look for a game that’s appropriate for their age—it will allow them to enjoy playing with their family without being bored or frustrated. If you have teens, consider a game that involves strategy and is more complex. This can stimulate their minds and help them develop their critical thinking skills.
  • Time Required: Consider how long each game takes to play. Some games are broken up into rounds that can be completed in 30 minutes or less, while others may require several hours of play before a winner is declared. If your family doesn’t have a lot of time allotted for game night or younger family members’ attention spans tend to be limited, it might not be worth investing in a game that takes hours to finish. 
  • Number of Players: Some games are designed for two people, while others can allow for up to eight or more players. Be sure to double-check this information before you purchase to ensure that the game you’re considering is suitable for the size of your family.

How much should you expect to spend on board games?

Depending on its complexity, a board game can range from as little as $10 to over $100. For instance, if you want a simple game that young kids and adults can play, you probably won’t spend too much more than $10 or so. But if your kids are older and have more stamina and longer attention spans, you may want to consider options that cost a bit more.

Our Picks for the Best Board Games

Most Educational

Trekking The World: The World Travel Family Board Game

Take a trip around the world during each family game night with this educational board game the whole family can enjoy.

Pros: If you’re looking to help your kids learn new things while keeping their interest, educational games and toys are the way to go. With this board game, a world map gets you traveling the globe. This beautifully crafted board game features amazing destinations across every continent, including the Acropolis of Athens and Machu Picchu. Geographic gameplay lasts 30 to 60 minutes and is designed to be educational and fun for two to five players.

Cons: This game has several pieces and steps, so it may be a bit complicated to learn.

Bottom Line: This game will turn game time into an educational adventure. Designed for ages 8 and up, this interactive Trekking the World game features a stunning map of the world and iconic destinations from every continent, making it an amazing addition to your next family game night.


Classic Choice

Guess Who? Original Guessing Game

The original guessing game with some design and diversity upgrades.

Pros: Relive your favorite childhood memories with a new edition of this classic mystery game. Guess Who uses yes or no clues to determine each character’s secret identity. This set includes two sets of double-sided character sheets with a diverse cast of classic characters and superhero characters. It also features an upgraded, easy-to-load frame and convenient fold-up case, perfect for family fun on the go.

Cons: Some users may prefer the original game setup. The pictures in this version are smaller, and the character cards may fall out of the frames more easily.

Bottom Line: If you loved playing Guess Who when you were a kid, you will surely enjoy making new memories with this classic mystery board game edition.


Best Strategy Game

Ticket to Ride Board Game

A fast-paced train adventure game that's easy to learn and offers strategic fun for ages 8 and up.

Pros: Ticket to Ride is a cross-country train adventure in which players collect and play matching train cards to claim railway routes connecting the great cities of North America. The strategy involves creating your own journey or blocking the competition’s route! You and your family can learn the game rules in under 15 minutes, and gameplay can be expected to last 30 to 60 minutes.

Cons: The game cards are smaller than standard face cards, making them a bit challenging to shuffle and handle.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for something unique to add to your family board game collection, this historical train-themed game is a great option to consider.


Best Mystery Game

Mysterium Board Game

A whodunit mystery game that requires cooperation to discover the culprit's identity.

Pros: Mysterium is a cooperative board game of mystery, visions, and psychics. Two to seven players take on the roles of psychics solving the 30-year-old murder of one of their own. During the game, players work cooperatively to solve the mystery by receiving psychic clues from the victim. Every game is unique in that players solve clues and work together to identify the weapon, location, and killer—gameplay averages around 45 minutes.

Cons: Some parents may not approve of a game for their kids that revolves around a murder mystery. Also, some users may find the rules to be complicated. It’s recommended for ages 10 and up.

Bottom Line: So, will a 30-year-old murder be solved, or will the violent criminal continue to get away with it? It’s up to you and your family and friends to unravel the mystery during your next game night! You may want to consider this game if you enjoy whodunits and are comfortable with its theme for playing with your family. 


Best for Young Kids

Candy Land Kingdom Of Sweet Adventures

Introduce a new generation of little ones to this sweet, timeless board game.

Pros: Create a world of magic and enchantment with the Sweet Mysteries of Candy Land. Based on the classic children’s board game, this delectable version offers a race around bright and colorful paths to King Kandy’s castle. Play involves simple color matching and is a great option for kids who have yet to learn to read. Two to four players ages 3 and up will be thrilled with the surprises that await them as they move their gingerbread man along the path toward the castle.

Cons: Nostalgic parents may be slightly disappointed to see that the characters and the board design have changed from what they were used to. They may feel that the board is now too cluttered and that the characters are made up to look more mature.

Bottom Line: Serve up some confectionary fun for a new generation with this creative candy-themed game! This is a great board game option for families that want to include younger children. It’s been modified somewhat from the original version that parents may remember, but it still includes sweet features that will bring smiles to kiddos’ faces.

Final Thoughts

Board games are a terrific way to get the whole family together, and many different options are available. Whether you’re looking for a new take on a classic or something entirely new for everyone, one of our picks for the best board games is sure to be a hit with your family!

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