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The Best Feeders for Your Horse

a black and a white horse eat hay from a blue plastic basket hanging feeder
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While horses naturally graze on grass and hay from the ground, horse feeders can allow you to take better care of your horse in certain situations. Since horses can have digestive or other health issues, you may need to use a feeder to meet their needs. Check out these options for selecting a feeder that’s right for your horse.

Choosing a Horse Feeder

You have many options when it comes to choosing a horse feeder. Consider these factors when making your selection:

  • Type: There are a few types of horse feeders that meet horses’ various needs. Wall-mounted feeders can help horses with arthritis eat with less pain; ground feeders can help horses who consume too much dust or dirt to eat clean food, and slow feeders can help horses who eat too quickly or get bored easily stay healthy. Be sure to figure out which type of feeder would benefit your horse most.
  • Material: Horse feeders are made from a variety of materials, such as plastic, rubber, and metal. Based on the type of feeder you need, your price point, and the horse’s needs, you may want to select one material over another.
  • Capacity: Whether you have one horse or many, it is important to know how much food your feeder can hold so that you can keep your horse at a healthy weight. Remember to check your feeder’s capacity to see if it meets your horse’s needs.

Best Net Feeder: TEKE Slow Feeder

A hanging pink net hay feeder hangs in front of a metal fence near a stack of hay.

TEKE provides a soft yet durable and long-lasting slow feeder for your horse, which is made out of a strong poly hay cord and fine polyethylene thread braiding cord. It is 40 inches long and has approximately 2-inch mesh holes to encourage your horse’s slow eating habits or keep your horse entertained throughout the day. This feeder can hold up to 14.3 pounds and is available in four colors.

Best Net Feeder

Best Canvas Feeder: Derby Originals Feed Bag

From left to right, four hanging canvas bag feeders in white, black, green, and blue are displayed against a white background. Each feeder has a tan rectangle with breathing holes.

The lightweight canvas feeder by Derby Originals is ideal for messy eaters or horses who need to eat on the trail. It helps decrease waste with its innovative inner flap, which keeps your horse’s feed contained, even if your horse flips its head. Featuring a sturdy leather ventilation patch to prevent excess moisture buildup and promote breathability, this bag is also unique for its non-bulky yet soft noseband padding, preventing rubbing and irritation. Plus, it’s built to last with a durable nylon construction reinforced with bar tack stitching. 

Best Canvas Feeder

Derby Originals Ripstop 24 Oz Canvas Feed Bag with Padded Leather Crown Strap for Safety and No-Spill Flap Design

This canvas feeder allows messy eaters or horses on the go to waste less feed.

Best Pan Feeder: Fortex Feeder Pan

A black rubber pan horse feeder is displayed against a white background.

Fortex’s 3.5-gallon feeder pan is ideal for general feeding. It is made of long-lasting rubber, so it is crack and crush resistant, flexible to low temperatures, and immediately bounces back to shape. This feeder is ideal for other animals who can use a low, wide pan as well.

Best Pan Feeder

Fortex Feeder Pan for Dogs and Horses, 3-Gallon

This rubber pan feeder has a large capacity and is lower to the ground.

Best Fence Feeder: Little Giant Fence Feeder

A black hanging horse feeder is shown attached to a square wire fence against a backdrop of bright green grass.

A durable plastic bucket and 4.5-quart capacity make this plastic trough a perfect hanging fence feeder. It easily mounts to wire fencing or ropes with clips and is resistant to impact, warpage, and cracking. This feeder is beneficial to horses that need a more ergonomic feeder option.

Best Fence Feeder

Little Giant® Plastic Fence Feeder | Pig Feeder | Clip On Fence Feeder | Mountable Feed Bucket | 4.5 Quarts | Black

This plastic fence feeder will benefit any horse who has trouble feeding off the ground.

Best Corner Feeder: ASOOLL Corner Feeder

On the left, a brown horse with a black mane looks forward. On the right, a black corner horse feeder holds hay.

With a 10.6-inch depth, ASOOLL’s corner feeder offers a durable, long-lasting feeder option. Its mesh bottom design prevents debris and dust from flying into the hay bag and maintains ventilation to keep horse feed dry. The corners of the horse feeder are complete with reinforced nylon webbed edges, grommets, heavy-duty, double-end snaps, and adjustable straps for easy attachment to trailers or stalls. 

Best Corner Feeder

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