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The Best Fire Blankets for Protection During Emergencies

three scenarios with a fire blanket; two still packaged in a kitchen, one on a boy escaping a burning building

Fire blankets can extinguish fires and shield people from flames to keep them safe in emergencies. These easy-to-use and effective blankets are literal life-savers, so check out these reliable ones to have on hand in case of emergency.

What to Look for in a Fire Blanket

Listed below are the key features:

  • Premium Fabric: Most fire blankets consist of special flame-retardant fabrics, including woven fiberglass material. These fabrics will easily suppress large fires and prevent the flames from spreading.
  • Wall Hooks: Fire blankets usually come in a special packaging that allows you to hang them up on your residential or commercial walls. This way, they will remain in reach and can be deployed quickly.
  • Special Gloves: Some fire blankets also come with sets of gloves to offer you extra protection from potential injury.

Best Overall: EVERLIT 2-Pack Fire Blanket

two fire blankets in red packaging next to two pairs of black gloves

This is the best overall fire blanket when it comes to preventing indoor and outdoor emergencies. It will effectively smother frames and prevent fire from spreading to other areas of your home or business. It will also provide you with extra protection to avoid sustaining any serious burns or injuries.

Best Overall

EVERLIT 2-Pack Fire Blanket

A fire blanket offering incredible effectiveness when it comes to preventing emergencies.

Best for Kitchens: JJ CARE Fire Blanket

two fire blankets in red packaging with other accessories

Do you run a commercial kitchen or restaurant? If so, then you should strongly consider purchasing this fire blanket set. It’s the ultimate option for preventing liquid and grease fires and is safe to use among people of all ages. These blankets can isolate fires that exceed temperatures of up to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Best for Kitchens

JJ CARE Fire Blanket

These blankets will effectively prevent commercial and residential kitchen fires.

Best Heavy-Duty Option: ABN Fiberglass Fire Blanket

a folded tan-colored heavy blanket

This heavy-duty fire blanket offers optimal durability, thanks to a fiberglass construction that can handle exceedingly high temperatures. You won’t find a fire blanket that provides better thermal protection, making it the ideal option for professional welders. It also features a foldable design for easy storage.

Best Heavy-Duty Option

ABN Fiberglass Fire Blanket

This particular fire blanket is incredibly long-lasting.

Best for Camping: Victosoaring Survival Fire Blanket

a fire blanket in red packaging

This is the best available fire blanket for camping because it offers incredible ease of use for swift and decisive action. Fires can spread extremely quickly under the right conditions, which is why you need this blanket for emergency purposes. It also offers optimal thermal insulation to protect yourself from potential burns.

Best for Camping

Victosoaring Survival Fire Blanket

A fire blanket that is ideal for rescue missions.

Best Value Pack: Leberna Fire Blanket Survival Kit

a set of five fire blankets with wall hooks and gloves

This is the ultimate fire prevention survival kit. It comes with five fire blankets, five wall hooks, and five pairs of gloves. This allows you to store fire safety accessories in areas that are easily accessible to you and your family throughout your home. Made of nontoxic fiberglass material, these fire blankets are safe to use among adults and children.

Best Value Pack

Leberna Fire Blanket Survival Kit

Get five fire blankets along with several other special accessories.

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