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The Best Fire Extinguishers

🕚 Updated August 2021

When it comes to fire, a quiet flame for s'mores or a fancy new cooking technique could easily lead to disaster. To enjoy the warmth and light of your fire, you need a quality fire extinguisher to handle the flames and ease your worries.

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  Best for Kitchen Best for Home Best for Travel Best for Cars Best High Capacity
Pro 210 Fire Extinguisher
Fire Extinguisher
EZ Fire Spray
Car Fire Extinguisher
A:B:C Fire Extinguisher
Our SummaryThis set of two extinguishers is ideal for large homes that need quick access to emergency tools.This classic fire extinguisher features a quick discharge time and comes with a bracket to hang in your home.Feel safe around your campfire with this incredibly compact aerosol spray fire extinguisher that is easy to transport.This fire extinguisher is ready for the road with its reliable design.Be prepared for every emergency with this efficient extinguisher that has great spray range.
ProsLightweight, 15-foot reach, corrosion-resistant.Sturdy construction, short discharge time, reliable for most fires.Compact, long-lasting spray, nontoxic formula.Clearly marked instructions, easy to use, mountable.Handles larger fires, made from durable material.
ConsLoose safety pin.Might require mounting for safety.Short range, non-refillable.Not a one-size-fits-all bracket, only rated for B and C class fires.Longer discharge time, highest price tag.
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The Best Fire Extinguishers

A man's hands hold a red fire extinguisher that's spraying white foam.

Everyone learns to stop, drop, and roll to protect themselves from fire, but you also need to stop a fire at its source. With the right fire extinguisher, you can be prepared for any emergency that comes your way. Fire extinguishers can put out common combustibles, spills, or electrical fires so that you can protect your family and home from disaster. Here are some fantastic fire extinguishers that we recommend.

Buying Guide for Fire Extinguishers

A fire extinguisher stands with a fireplace in the background.

Why buy a fire extinguisher?

When it comes to protecting your family and home, taking precautions can save you from major damage. When an accident does happen, you need a reliable fire extinguisher that will take down that fire fast. A fire extinguisher provides you with a quick solution to small kitchen fires and gives you peace of mind if an accident involving a lighter, fireworks, or hot tools does occur. Take your safety seriously with the help of a fire extinguisher that’s always there to dampen the flames of the worst fires.

What should you look for in a fire extinguisher?

When searching for the ideal fire extinguisher for your lifestyle, consider these key factors:

  • Fire Type: You’ll want a fire extinguisher that can handle any kind of flame source. At a minimum, a fire extinguisher should be able to put out a Class A fire that covers wood, paper, cloth, rubber, trash, and plastics. More comprehensive extinguishers will include Class B and C to help you extinguish fires involving flammable liquids or electrical equipment.
  • Capacity: The larger that a fire extinguisher is in size, the more flame retardant it contains. A larger size allows you to put out a fire quicker while also extending its use so that you won’t have to replace the extinguisher as often. If you’re traveling with a smaller fire extinguisher for portability, try to have many of these on hand.
  • Construction: Fire extinguishers are a great tool for putting out small flames, but it’s still important to keep your distance. An attached discharge hose and wide nozzle are ideal for projecting the fire retardant far and wide. Travel-size fire extinguishers tend to not have these components, as they add bulk, so be prepared for the added danger to your hands.

What’s the difference between fire extinguishers that put out different class fires?

Fire extinguishers have various formulations and abilities, so it’s important to note the common fires that you might face in your car or home before purchasing one. Based on the substance fueling the fire, a fire can be classified as an A, B, C, D, or K fire. Most commercial fire extinguishers can handle the first three types, as they’re fueled by common home items such as paper, rubber, trash, oil, gas, wiring, and appliances. Class D covers fires fueled by magnesium, lithium, and titanium, while class K involves large quantities of combustible cooking substances like oils and grease. For people who are looking to keep their home and car safe, a fire extinguisher that can put out the flames of an A, B, and C fire is adequate.

Our Picks for a Reliable Fire Extinguisher

Best for Kitchen

Kidde Pro 210 Fire Extinguisher

This set of two extinguishers is ideal for large homes that need quick access to emergency tools.

Pros: This fire extinguisher from Kidde can efficiently help you handle a fire anywhere in your home and effectively puts out A, B, and C class fires. It only takes up to 15 seconds to discharge the retardant 10 to 15 feet away from you, allowing you to stand at a safe distance while handling a kitchen fire. If you’re fortunate enough not to have a fire in your near future, this extinguisher is made out of corrosion-resistant aluminum that can stand the test of time.

Cons: Some reviewers noted that the safety pin comes loose with a little bit of jostling, resulting in accidental discharges. While it seems that the spray is effective, this fire extinguisher might be dangerous to have around young children who will reach for the handle.

Bottom Line: This fire extinguisher gives you the proper range and formula to fight fires that commonly pop up in your home. The short discharge time and lightweight construction allow you to be prepared for a fire at all times.


Best for Home

Amerex Fire Extinguisher

This classic fire extinguisher features a quick discharge time and comes with a bracket to hang in your home.

Pros: People need a reliable fire extinguisher that can stand tall every day while waiting for the next emergency and that can be responsive when a fire does erupt. This 9.5-pound extinguisher has a metal construction and a 14-second discharge time. Whether you face a liquid fire, electrical fire, or flames sourced from ordinary combustibles, this fire extinguisher has your back.

Cons: The bulky construction will prepare you for large fires, but it won’t make it easy to move. The included wall bracket is essential to keeping this extinguisher accessible for emergencies. However, the mounting gear is reportedly unstable for some.

Bottom Line: This fire extinguisher works best for laundry rooms, garages, and utility rooms, as its large size and tough exterior are built for home fires. For those living in older homes that might experience faulty wiring, this fire extinguisher can put your mind at ease.


Best for Travel


Feel safe around your campfire with this incredibly compact aerosol spray fire extinguisher that is easy to transport.

Pros: While this product looks like an ordinary aerosol can, it contains a biodegradable and nontoxic formula that puts out flames from paper, fabric, wood, grease, and electrical fires. The can measures just 9.6 inches tall and 2.6 inches wide, making it ideal for packing in a backpack for camping, storing in a small space, or having on hand near your grill. This tiny can will spray for 32 seconds straight so that you can take control of your small fire.

Cons: As this extinguisher relies on the plunger cap to spray the fire retardant, it might require you to be closer to the fire than the traditional hose does. The extinguisher is also limited to putting out fire fueled by paper, wood, cooking oils, and electrical appliances.

Bottom Line: This product is ideal for placing in a compact storage area for some added safety during your next trip. Its long spray time will help you control campfires, grill fires, and other small fires that occur when traveling.


Best for Cars

FIRST ALERT Car Fire Extinguisher

This fire extinguisher is ready for the road with its reliable design.

Pros: Fires aren’t limited to kitchens, so having an extinguisher that can tackle car fires is a must for vehicle owners. The extinguishing agent is effective on oil, grease, gasoline, and electrical fires. The extinguisher construction is corrosion-resistant, features a waterproof label, and has a color-coded metal gauge. So on your next road trip, you’ll be prepared for the worst.

Cons: The provided mounting bracket doesn’t fit all cars, so some will have to find a different place to secure the extinguisher that might be less accessible. This can is also non-refillable, ultimately requiring you to purchase another spray bottle each time the retardant is used up.

Bottom Line: The small size of this aerosol spray is ideal for throwing into your camping bag, while the wide spray is great at handling small fires. This product will help travelers feel safe while cooking food above a fire or roasting marshmallows.


Best High Capacity

Labelmaster A:B:C Fire Extinguisher

Be prepared for every emergency with this efficient extinguisher that has great spray range.

Pros: This 2-pound fire extinguisher is constructed to make a major impact. It discharges in 20 seconds and can handle A, B, and C class fires. While the all-metal construction looks intimidating, it looks that way for a good reason. The heavy-duty design is meant to put out plenty of fires, with a maximum quantity per session of 400. It also includes a wall bracket, so you can easily lift the canister off the wall when an emergency strikes.

Cons: This fire extinguisher has a slightly longer discharge time than other products on this list. While it’s still a short period of time, it’s recommended to look over the owner’s manual to ensure that you can complete the process as quickly as possible.

Bottom Line: If you see yourself possibly facing a large fire in your home, then a large capacity extinguisher like this is a great option. It can effectively handle a wide variety of fires over a longer period of time.

Final Thoughts

Nearly everyone can benefit from having a personal fire extinguisher. Whether you are concerned about kitchen fires, want to be proactive near grill spaces, fire pits, and utility rooms, or want to protect your car while on the road, the proper fire extinguisher can quell your worries. You can be better prepared for emergencies by investing in an extinguisher that fits your lifestyle and concerns.

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