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The Best First-Person View (FPV) Monitors for Video Piloting

a monitor over a camera showing the city scape in the background

If you’re someone who works with drones for a living or as a hobby, you understand the importance of using a reliable FPV monitor to maintain control of your unmanned device. With so many options out there, deciding on the right FPV monitor can seem like a daunting task.

Fear not, because below we’ve listed the best FPV monitors to help you with your decision.

Top Pick: Neewer F100 Screen Camera FPV Field Monitor

FPV monitor showing a blue racecar

This FPV monitor combines quality with convenience to offer an overall great choice in product. The monitor has high-resolution and is capable of supporting a 4K input with ultra HD. It has a wide-view feature to help the user get the most out of the surveillance, and the screen uses a high-quality LED light to promote a clearer picture. The purchase of the monitor comes with an HDMI cable, a nifty sun visor for optimum viewing, and mount to attach the monitor to your camera when necessary. Whether you’re enhancing your mounted camera’s display or controlling your drone remotely, this FPV monitor can help you accomplish all your first-person viewing tasks.

Top Pick

Best On-the-Go: QWinOut FPV Watch

FPV monitor on a smartwatch

This product is perfect for drone hobbyists who want to catch a glimpse of their drone’s vantage point. Whether you’re in viewing range of your unmanned device or not, this FPV watch can allow you to see what your drone sees from the top of the mountain you’re climbing, off the shore of an ocean you’re visiting, or wherever else you happen to be exploring. The watch has a 2-inch display to let you get the most out of your viewing experience. It has a wireless receiver with a built-in antenna, so remote viewing is made easy and reliable.

Best On-the-Go

QWinOut FPV Watch 200RC 5.8GHz 48CH HD 960 240 2" TFT LCD Monitor Wireless Receiver for DIY RC Camera Helicopter Quadcopter Drone

This FPV monitor is conveniently designed as a wearable watch to make for easy, portable viewing.

Best Value: Neewer F100 Screen Camera FPV Field Monitor Kit

FPV monitor showing someone surfing and surrounded by assorted accessories

This product is great for those looking to invest in an FPV package that comes complete with useful accessories. The purchase of this kit includes the FPV monitor, a Magic Arm with 360-degree swivel, a sun visor, mount, a USB battery charger, and one battery pack. The monitor’s display has ultra HD and high resolution, and it supports 4K input. It has built-in inputs for video, audio, and HDMI, and it contains HDMI and battery locks for secure operation. Additionally, the monitor has a short-circuit protection feature to alleviate worries about system failures, so the product offers an extra sense of reliability to its user.

Also Consider: Fosa FPV Monitor with Wireless Receiver

blank black FPV monitor with two antennae

Another worthy option, this FPV monitor has a wireless receiver with an automatic, dual-receiving feature, and it can receive two different channels at the same time. The monitor has a built-in battery and is easy to charge ensuring to charge the battery at least once every four months to keep it functioning at a high level.

Also Consider

fosa FPV Monitor 5.8GHz 40Channels 7Inch LCD Monitor/Display Screen Receiver Monitor for FPV Drone Quadcopter with Wireless Receiver 140/120 Degree

This FPV monitor has a dual receiver for high-quality reception, a built-in battery for added convenience, and purchase comes with an adapter tailored to your country's standards.

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