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The Best Fish Tank Decorations

🕚 Updated March 2022

Fish tank decorations liven up color and texture in a fish tank, and by extension, can add color to a room. If you're looking for a way to spice up your fish tank, here are some of our favorites below.

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  Top Choice Best Rocks Best Greenery Best Lifelike Option Best Hideaway
Spongebob Squarepants Pineapple House Aquarium Ornament
Glow in the Dark Rocks for Fish Tanks
Artificial Aquatic Plants Fish Tank Decorations
Aquarium Glowing Jellyfish Decorations
Wizard’s Castle Aquarium Decoration
Our SummaryBring the fun of Spongebob home to your fish tank with this durable and safe ornament.An easy way to add a colorful, magical glow to your fish tank.A set of eleven different and vibrant artificial plants to entertain you and your fish.An amusing decoration, these whimsical, colorful jellyfish float and glow.A mysterious medieval castle with rocky passageways for your fish to explore.
ProsFor Spongebob Squarepants fans, resin hideout safe for fresh and saltwater aquariums, sturdy base prevents floating, sufficiently large for small and medium fish.Glow stones absorb and store color for up to ten hours, luminous powder and LED or solar light, nontoxic polyester resin, several colors available for mixing.Creates healthy habitat for fish, each has a ceramic base for stabilization, easy to clean.Appear to float, made of safe and easy-to-clean silicone.Gives fish plenty of hideouts, passageways, and colors to enjoy.
ConsHas sharp edges.Do not glow brightly.Quality is not durable.Jellyfish are large for a small tank.Arched doorways on the top level are too small for fish to swim in and out of.
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The Best Fish Tank Decorations

Small fish in front of wooden log in a tank.

Buying Guide for Fish Tank Decorations

Fish inside fish tank with stone decoration and plants.
Frantisek Czanner/Shutterstock.com

Why buy fish tank decorations?

You may have a soft spot for fish, and you may like the glowing color of a lit aquarium or the calming sound of bubbling water. To enhance the environment for your fish and the visual appeal of a fish tank, add a few decorations. Many ornaments are designed to keep your fish mentally and emotionally healthy, so they feel safe and provide them some form of play.

What should you look for in fish tank decorations?

  • Design: There are plants, glow rocks, hideouts, vivid sea plants, and free-floating jellyfish to consider. Each serves a purpose, whether decorative or protective for your fish. Also, because fish see color, you may want to add a multicolored decoration or two.
  • Salt or Freshwater: Many decorations are suitable for salt and freshwater aquariums, but not all. You will want to avoid putting real corals and shells in freshwater aquariums because they release calcium, which may increase the water’s pH and likely harm your fish. Also, be careful with metal, painted glass, and plastic, as well as one-use plastics like water bottles. After a time, they may leach toxic chemicals.
  • Size: Large decorations will crowd a small fish tank, obscure your view, and stress your fish. An overcrowded fish tank can make fish aggressive. On the other hand, a single tiny artificial plant in a large tank may look a bit sad from your standpoint and possibly bore your fish.

What are the benefits of using gravel to decorate your fish tank?

Your fish tank needs gravel substrate because the small spaces between gravel pieces allow water to flow through, which prevents bacteria and amoebas from accruing. Without gravel, these substances easily take over an aquarium leading to mold. Your fish will feel better with gravel to burrow in and even play with and will feel less stressed as gravel reduces reflection inside the tank. Gravel stone comes in many colors, making it an easy way to decorate your tank.

Our Picks for the Best Fish Tank Decorations

Top Choice

Penn-Plax Spongebob Squarepants Pineapple House Aquarium Ornament

Bring the fun of Spongebob home to your fish tank with this durable and safe ornament.

Pros This adorable pineapple fish hideout comes straight from the Spongebob Squarepants TV show and will transform your fish tank into the magical world of Bikini Bottom. The durable resin hideout is safe for both fresh and saltwater aquariums, and its sturdy base prevents it from floating once you’ve placed it in your aquarium. Spongebob’s pineapple measures about 3 x 6 inches—large enough for small and medium fish to swim in and out its several holes. Other Spongebob Squarepants aquarium figures are available by Penn-Plax, including Spongebob, Patrick, Krusty Krab, Gary, and more.

Cons: The pineapple house has sharp edges.

Bottom Line: Either you’re already a Spongebob fan and want to share the love with your fish, or you’re looking for a colorful fish hideout, and this pineapple has caught your eye. Maybe the pineapple will be your gateway to the beloved cartoon if you’re the latter.


Best Rocks

Oubest Glow in the Dark Rocks for Fish Tanks

An easy way to add a colorful, magical glow to your fish tank.

Pros: These glow-in-the-dark fish tank rocks bring color to your fish tank and the room it’s in. Also called glow stones, they’re made of long afterglow luminous powder and polystyrene resin, both of which are nontoxic and free of radioactive elements. They emanate light because they’re able to absorb and store it. They begin to dim after two to three hours; the afterglow can last up to ten hours. Add some glow stones to your fish tank and enjoy the interplay between the colors of your other decorations, even your colorful fish. You can mix glow stone colors too. They come in blue, multicolor, green, and multicolored starfish.

Cons: The rocks may not glow as brightly as expected.

Bottom Line: If you’re a fan of glow in the dark, these phosphorescent rocks are a fun option for you and your fish. Keep your fish friends entertained with these bright and colorful stones in their home.


Best Greenery

CousDUoBe Artificial Aquatic Plants Fish Tank Decorations

A set of eleven different and vibrant artificial plants to entertain you and your fish.

Pros: These plastic aquatic plants are more than entertaining neon toys. They simulate the underwater home of fish, big and small. It’s even better if you have a bubbler or air pump, as the moving water will sway the plants, making the environment even more natural and comfortable for your fish. Each plant is stabilized with a ceramic base. You get eleven plants from ferns to flowers and kelp in various vivid colors. They’re easy to clean and safe for your fish.

Cons: The plastic quality is not durable.

Bottom Line: This set of 11 plants gives you a variety of plant types, colors, and sizes from 12 to 16 centimeters. It’s an inexpensive way to brighten up an aquarium.


Best Lifelike Option

Uniclife Aquarium Glowing Jellyfish Decorations

An amusing decoration, these whimsical, colorful jellyfish float and glow.

Pros: What a wonderful under-the-sea color extravaganza you can create with this pack of six silicone jellyfish. Your fish will be fooled, and your family members entertained by the spectacle. The jellyfish float freely like live jellyfish, but each is anchored with a suction cup and fine string. It would help if you had actinic LED lighting to achieve the glowing effect of the jellyfish. Uniclife recommends blue or purple light. The six jellyfish are made of silicone material and are easy to clean. Each jellyfish measures 2 x 5 inches.

Cons: The jellyfish take up too much room if you have a small tank.

Bottom Line: These fun, glowing jellyfish come in blue, purple, orange, green, yellow, and pink. Arrange them in your fish tank as you see fit and enjoy the show.


Best Hideaway

Penn-Plax Wizard's Castle Aquarium Decoration

A mysterious medieval castle with rocky passageways for your fish to explore.

Pros: Maybe it’s time to replace the standard bubbling treasure chest with something more intriguing to you and your fish.  This colorful, hand-painted wizard’s castle is worth your consideration. The figurine base features a rocky, steep mount with a portion of the castle’s arched foundation exposed. Atop the hill is the medieval castle with turrets, small archways, and fine detail. The piece is made of safe, durable resin, measures 10 x 7.25 x 5.5 inches, and is ideal for a larger fish tank.

Cons: The arched doorways on the top level are too small for fish to swim in and out of.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a novel fish tank decoration that’s both engaging for you and your fish, take a second to consider its potential. The figure is safe for both salt and freshwater aquariums.

Final Thoughts

Whether big or small, every fish deserves a happy, colorful, and safe environment. Fish tank decorations are an essential part of creating that space. Adding colorful ornaments to your fish tank may improve the aesthetics of your home, too.

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