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The Best Fishbowls for Your Home

a goldfish in a clear, round fishbowl with a small plant and gravel resting on a table
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Fishbowls are great to use around the home as decorations, terrariums, storage jars, and, of course, homes for your beloved fish. Here are some of the best fishbowls we recommend for use in your home—whether you have a pet fish or not.

Shopping for a Fishbowl

First, you may want to consider the material. Glass bowls will likely feature better clarity and heft than plastic ones. Still, some people may prefer plastic bowls since they are harder to break while mimicking the visual appeal of glass bowls. Size is also important and should be based on your own unique needs. Finally, the shape can be an important consideration, too, since a bowl’s shape will significantly add to its visual appeal.

Best Glass: CYS EXCEL Glass Bubble Bowl

The CYS EXCEL Glass Bubble Bowl features five sizing options and is made from thick, hand-blown crystal glass. It is great for all types of uses, from a small aquarium to a lush terrarium and even a unique centerpiece for your next dinner party. Compared to most plastic fish bowls, this glass one has excellent clarity while bending the light that shines upon it. For a high-quality fishbowl that is as versatile as it is visually appealing, this is not an item to pass up.

Best Glass

CYS EXCEL Glass Bubble Bowl (H-4.5" W-5.5", Approx. 1/4 Gal.) | Multiple Size Choices Fish Bowl Vase | Glass Round Bowl Terrarium | Globe Flower Vase Centerpiece

This bowl is made from quality, crystal-clear glass and serves as an elegant centerpiece container or a classic home for your swimming pet.

Best Plastic: Koller Products 1.5-Gallon Fish Bowl

The Koller Products 1.5-Gallon Fish Bowl is made of break-resistant plastic but looks just like a glass fishbowl thanks to its impressive clarity. Its one-piece construction provides great strength and durability, so you will not have to worry about it shattering or breaking if dropped. The Koller Products Fish Bowl works great as a fish tank or a vessel for your next creative project, making it a great choice at a low price.

Best Plastic

Koller Products 1.5-Gallon Fish Bowl

This fishbowl features excellent clarity for a fish bowl that is made from break-resistant plastic.

Best for Terrariums: KNIKGLASS Clear Glass Slant Cut Bubble Bowl

For those looking to create an amazing terrarium, the KNIKGLASS Clear Glass Slant Cut Bubble Bowl is a must-have. This minimalistic yet uniquely designed fishbowl is cut diagonally to make it easier to add or replace the contents of your terrarium and to give viewers a unique perspective. This fishbowl is made with heat-resistant high boron silicon glass, making it a very durable option for those seeking a unique glass fishbowl.

Best Hanging: Mkono 2-Pack Wall Hanging Glass Planter

For a fun, modern touch, the Mkono Wall Hanging Glass Planter is a great pick for your new hanging fishbowl. These clear glass fish bowls feature a unique hexagonal shape and are great for displaying plants in your office or home. The bowls sport a small hole in the back for easy and secure attachment, making them an excellent buy.

Best Hanging

Mkono 2 Pack Wall Hanging Plant Terrarium Glass Planter for Home Office Christmas Decor, Hexagon Shape, Medium

These hanging planter bowls feature a unique hexagonal shape and are made of high quality, heat-resistant glass.

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