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The Best Fishing Gloves You Can Buy

man wearing fishing gloves holds a fish he caught for the camera

When it comes to fishing, we’d all really love to tie a hook to a string and get to casting. Of course, this simply isn’t the case. You’ll need an assortment of items, one of which can go unnoticed: your fishing gloves. The right pair of fishing gloves should offer you an assortment of perks, from protecting from the sun’s harmful UV rays to providing heated insulation on days that are almost too cold to bear. If you’re in the market for a new pair of fishing gloves, here are a few options that we recommend.

What Your Gloves Should Do for You

Consider these factors when buying a new pair of gloves:

  • Efficient Hold: What matters most when buying a new pair of gloves is that they still allow you to grip your fishing gear with ease. Textured gloves are designed for maximum grip efficiency, whether they’re thick or thin.
  • Cold and Warm Temperatures: A good set of gloves should also accommodate you in the specific environment you’re fishing in. That isn’t to say there aren’t pairs that can work equally well in a hot and cold setting; you just may feel more inclined to buy a pair that does one job as well as it can.
  • Protection: When you’re fishing, you’re often dealing in some pretty nasty business: sharp hooks, excess water, unsanitary conditions. That’s why finding some decent protection for your hands should be at the forefront of your choosing. Consider a pair that offers you perks like durable, tear-proof coatings and thin or thick insulation.

Best Grip Power: Big Worm Fishing Textured Gloves

black fishing gloves, one holding a worm in its palm and the other holding a hook

Every pair of gloves on this list will satisfy your fishing needs, but only this pair from Big Worm was designed to specifically handle every facet of fishing life, from its one-size-fits-most design to its textured grip that’s stretched out across its palm and fingers. This textured surface adds immense grip for your reel, but moreover, for handling your fish during the catch and cleaning process. With this pair, you can keep your hands clean and protected when needing to fish, filet, shuck, and unhook.

Best Waterproof: Wells Lamont Leather Work Gloves

navy blue and yellow fishing gloves

Available in four sizes, ranging from M to XXL, this pair of gloves from Wells Lamont may not be fishing-forward, but its sturdy design is perfect for handling choppy waters. Strong spandex across the back of the glove forms to each user’s hand to create a flexible fit when casting and reeling. Rather than simply sliding into place, this glove features an adjustable wrist to control how loose or tight it holds. The biggest appeal to owning this pair of gloves is its water-resistant HydraHyde leather and canvas surface, which keeps moisture away and ensures dryness even when water beads began to collect.

Best Waterproof

Best for Cold Weather: G & F Products Winter Gloves

orange and black fishing gloves

Combining a thick waterproof coating with 100% Acrylic Terry, this pair of gloves from G & F is perfect for those days when the wind cuts right down to the bone. Capable of keeping your hands warm even at temperatures as low as 58 degrees below zero, freezing waters are no match for these mitts. The glove’s 15-gauge nylon and 7-gauge acrylic terry interior liner also handle the cool breeze just as well as cool waters. Across the fingers, palms, and the back of each hand, this glove is double coated to keep your hands warm throughout the worst season.

Best for Cold Weather

Also Great: KastKing Sol Armis Sun Gloves

tipless black and gray fishing gloves with an orange logo on the back of the hand

On the flip side of those freezing days, you should also have an option that combats those long days under the unforgiving sun. This pair of Sol Armis Gloves from KastKing, the manufacturer behind highly efficient fishing rods and reels, is an equally notable addition to your fishing gear. This pair features both SPF and UPF 50 protection, so you’re getting a comfortable fit that’s also capable of protecting your hands from the sun’s UV rays. Its four-way, poly-spandex fabric keeps you cool, while its fingerless glove design makes them easy to remove when necessary.

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