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The Best Flag Football Sets for Weekend Pick-Up Games

Young kids playing flag football in a grassy field.

Flag football is a fun and exhilarating activity that allows you to spend plenty of time with friends and family members. It also gives you the chance to apply the fundamentals of professional football so that you can better understand the sport. Furthermore, flag football sets now come with every accessory you need so that a large group of people can participate in all the fun! Here are some great flag football sets we recommend,

Purchasing Flag Football Sets

Having a sturdy game set will ensure a quality game. Consider these key features when shopping for your next set:

  • Reliable Football Equipment: Most of the equipment is made of durable and heavy-duty material. This ensures that you will continuously get use out of your equipment without having to replace anything. This way, you don’t have to alter the way you play!
  • Compatibility: The beauty of flag football is that you can include young children in all the fun. This involves anyone who is 7-years-old or above in terms of age. Including your entire family will make the experience a lot more fun, so look for sets that have a large number of flags.
  • Simple Packaging: All of your flag football equipment comes in user-friendly packaging, which allows you to make use of everything immediately. This includes detachable flags and adjustable belts that are hassle-free and easy to use.

Best Overall: SKLZ Flag Football 10-Player Set

A flag football set with yellow and blue flags and adjustable Velcro belts.

This particular set comes with everything you need, including 10 Velcro belts with detachable flags, four goal line cones, and a bag to carry your equipment. Made of durable nylon material, you will have plenty of fun with your friends and family for years to come. This particular set is perfect for family gatherings and reunions!

Best Overall

SKLZ Flag Football 10-Player Set

This flag football set will provide you with hours upon hours of fun.

Runner Up: WYZworks 12 Player Flag Football Kit Set

A black drawstring bag with blue and red flags, matching belts, and cones.

This set is also ideal for both child and adult flag football leagues. Whether you are at the beach, a family gathering, or just leaving work, you will have all the necessary gear with you to get a game going. Furthermore, for the price you spend, you are receiving a lot of value with this set. It includes 12 belts, 36 flags, and six bonus cones.

Runner Up

WYZworks 12 Player Flag Football Kit Set

A flag football set that you can take with you to large gatherings.

Best for Kids: Franklin Sports Flag Football Set

Yellow and red flag belts shown below a football.
Franklin Sports

Flag football allows you to introduce the sport to young children who are learning how the game works. It is safe to use for kids who are as young as 7-years-old, and it comes with diagrams so that your children can learn the fundamentals of football. This is the safest and most fun way to introduce football to kids!

Best for Kids

Franklin Sports Flag Football Set

The entire set comes with every accessory you need for flag football.

Best for Large Groups: Adventure Animalz Flag Football Set

Red and yellow flags displayed on black belts.
Adventure Animalz

This flag football set can accommodate up to 14 players at a time, which is perfect for large groups of people. You can also use it for many different purposes, including pick-up games with your friends and offseason training for NFL athletes. This flag football set is also a great gift for birthdays and holiday celebrations.

Best for Large Groups

Adventure Animalz Flag Football Set

Play flag football with as many friends or family as you want.

Also Consider: Unlimited Potential Flag Football Set

Red and blue flags attached to black belts shown above a black drawstring bag.
Unlimited Potential

This flag football set comes with incredibly durable equipment, allowing you to play more vigorously. It includes five blue and five red flags and comes with a storage bag that you can use to travel with your flag football set. Now is the time to incorporate your family in fun activities and pick-up games on the weekends!

Also Consider

Unlimited Potential Flag Football Set

Bring the fun to family gatherings with this travel-friendly flag football set.

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