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The Best Flameless Candles

🕚 Updated January 2023

The ambiance of soft candlelight is unmatched, but open flames can be dangerous. If you have children or pets, flameless candles can set the mood without the risk. Check out our top picks.

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  Top Choice Best for Outdoor Use Most Unique Best with String Lights Rustic Design
Flameless Candles Set of 3
Flameless LED Candles
LED Flameless Candles with Remote
LED Flameless Candle with Embedded Starlight String
Flickering Candles
Our SummaryThese elegant candles are made of real wax and emit a flickering light that duplicates a natural flame.With 12 candles in three sizes, you can create a fun, romantic, or cozy atmosphere indoors or out.Add a touch of sparkle to your room or table setting with these eye-catching glittery flameless candles.This five-pack of pillar candles comes with a 10-function remote control for an optimal lighting experience.These three remote-controlled candles help you safely achieve the look of a natural flickering candle.
Pros✓ Made from real wax
✓ Remote control operation
✓ Various flickering, timing, and brightness options
✓ Set of three in various sizes
✓ Sun and weatherproof
✓ Emits a warm light
✓ Two remotes included
✓ Elegant sparkle
✓ Made of real wax
✓ Up to 72 hours of continuous use
✓ Adjustable brightness levels
✓ Five different sizes
✓ Realistic looking
✓ Multifunctional
✓ Emits soft cozy light
✓ Nice design
✓ Takes AAA batteries
Cons✗ Some users may not like occasional flickering sound✗ Candles may not always respond to the remote✗ No automatic on/off timer
✗ Glitter can come off
✗ Batteries not included✗ Short range remote
✗ Flickering effect isn't realistic
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The Best Flameless Candles

Plastic flameless electronic candle on a wooden background.

Buying Guide for Flameless Candles

Decorative golden LED candles on white wooden table.
New Africa/Shutterstock.com

Why buy flameless candles?

Flameless candles are a must-have if you want to create a soft, candlelit atmosphere without real fire. They look the part without the danger, either in your home or for all-day events. Also, you won’t have to worry about messy wax or eating through batteries since most are remote-operated or run on timers.

What should you consider in flameless candles?

  • Candle Size: Whether you prefer pillars or tea lights, you can find some beautiful flameless candles that fit the bill. Tea lights are great for decorating for holidays, filling intricate candle holders, and lining tables. Pillars are great for patios, date night dinners, and bookshelves.
  • Mode of Operation: Many flameless candles come with a switch directly on the candles. Others are remote-operated, while some may work with both a switch and a remote. If you tend to lose remotes, you may want to pick a set of flameless candles that work by switch only.
  • Battery Life: Every LED flameless candle has a different battery run time. Some offer timers so you can keep your battery longer. Check your battery run time to see how long it will be before you need to change your candles’ batteries or replace your candles.

Are there adjustable settings for the flicker and light in flameless candles?

Some may come with an adjustable flicker and light. More specifically, you’ll be able to adjust the rate at which the flicker comes and goes and the intensity or brightness of the light to set the mood. This can be particularly nice for special events where you may want to switch things up with flickering lights and then later set them to normal.

Our Picks for the Best Flameless Candles

Top Choice

YIWER Flameless Candles Set of 3

These elegant candles are made of real wax and emit a flickering light that duplicates a natural flame.

Pros: The three realistic-looking candles in this set are made from real wax, not plastic, and use LED technology to create the illusion of dancing flames. They come in three sizes: 4, 5, and 6 inches tall, and can be activated by remote control for easy operation. You can choose between static or flickering light options, as well as varying brightness levels. You’ll be able to set them on a timer for up to eight hours of continuous ambiance. The best part? No fire hazard, dripping wax, or smoke is involved!

Cons: Occasionally, one or more of the candles in the set may make a clicking noise when the flame is flickering. Whether or not this presents a problem depends on the user: some may feel that it adds to the realistic nature of a flickering candle, while others may find the sound distracting.

Bottom Line: This set of three flameless candles can provide just the right touch to your decor. They come in seven set options in the colors red or ivory. You can use them all year long—just add two AA batteries and enjoy the soothing aura. They make a lovely gift for any occasion.


Best for Outdoor Use

Enido Flameless LED Candles

With 12 candles in three sizes, you can create a fun, romantic, or cozy atmosphere indoors or out.

Pros: This pack of pillar candles is a must for outdoor events. They’re made with waterproof materials, so they won’t get ruined by the sun or inclement weather conditions. The LEDs provide significant light while still looking soft and real. The light is warm and yellow, perfect for early-evening or late-night events. Because of their thin nature, they can also fit into many different candle holders. Last but not least, they come with two easy-to-use remote controls, each working up to 20 feet away.

Cons: Some candles may have trouble responding to the remote controls.

Bottom Line: With many candles and different timer settings, you can customize your candle scape with these lovely thin pillars. While these may be too thin for some settings, especially in high winds where they may get knocked over, at least you don’t have to worry about burning down the house.


Most Unique

FURORA LIGHTING LED Flameless Candles with Remote

Add a touch of sparkle to your room or table setting with these eye-catching glittery flameless candles.

Pros: These glittery candles create a delightfully unique aesthetic in your home, office, or anywhere else. They’re made of real wax and last up to 72 hours of continuous use. Set the brightness levels for the look you want with remote control buttons. These flameless accent pieces look and feel just like traditional candles with none of the risks. Just place them on your table or mantlepiece to add instant sparkly elegance.

Cons: Some users may be accustomed to candles that can be set to turn off and on automatically at a certain time each day; these candles don’t have this feature. Also, as with many products that feature glitter, there is a chance that the glitter can come off and transfer to other objects. 

Bottom Line: Consider these candles if you want to step out of the ordinary and create a festive mood in your space. They are available in 27 glittery and non-glittery color options.


Best with String Lights

danip LED Flameless Candle with Embedded Starlight String

This five-pack of pillar candles comes with a 10-function remote control for an optimal lighting experience.

Pros: With five different-sized pillars, you can create a beautiful table setting with these flameless candles. They have a realistic appearance and would look lovely in an empty fireplace or on a table setting since the outer layer is covered in real wax. There are four different timer settings for battery savings and optimal decorative appeal. They’re wrapped in fairy lights, giving them an extra-special glow beyond the flickering wick. Plus, they come with a remote control with many functions, so you can control the amount of light, the timer, and even the fairy lights.

Cons: The batteries are not included.

Bottom Line: If you love the look of pillar candles and want something extra special, these fairy light-wrapped flameless pillars may be just what you need. They come in a three-pack or a five-pack with multiple color choices to match your decor.


Rustic Design

Comenzar Flickering Candles

These three remote-controlled candles help you safely achieve the look of natural flickering candles.

Pros: These flameless pillar candles are perfect for a touch of soft, cozy light. They have a soft birch tree design that looks beautiful in a country cabin or cold-weather setting. The brightness levels are adjustable, so you can enjoy soft or bright light from your new favorite decorations. They also have a timer, so you won’t be wasting batteries unnecessarily. These candles take standard AAA batteries that last up to 30 hours, so they should be easy to replace.

Cons: The remote control for these candles has a short range. Also, these candles don’t have a super realistic flickering effect.

Bottom Line: This set of candles may be just what you need for a natural-looking candle that works inside and outside. The pretty birch pattern adds a natural touch to your decor, and the short range on the remote can be a good thing if you’re trying to adjust each candle separately.


Best Tea Lights

Homemory Flameless Tea-Light Candles

Compact and bright, these flameless tea lights are perfect for tabletops and seasonal decorations.

Pros: Small yet radiant, these tea lights are ideal for centerpieces, intricate decorations, wall sconces, and small candle holders. They are also an excellent substitution for traditional night lights, especially when placed in a lovely fixture or artistic vessel. The flame light flickers for a realistic candlelit glow, so they create an ambient atmosphere. Also, this set of tea lights comes with batteries included. If you remember to turn them off when you’re done, the batteries should last you up to 100 hours.

Cons: These candles may present a choking hazard, so please keep them away from small children. Also, they have a seam on one side that renders their appearance more artificial than others.

Bottom Line: These tea lights come in a convenient and affordable pack of 12, giving you plenty of opportunities to use them for a romantic occasion or as simple decoration when it gets dark. Apart from their small size, which could be hazardous for small children, they’re a versatile option and will keep cool to the touch.

Final Thoughts

Flameless candles take away the dangerous element of enjoying the setting and mood of where you are. With candles in your control, you’ll have hassle- and mess-free decoration without worry. Enjoy your living space or outdoor event with the convenience and beauty of a flameless candle.

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