The Best Flex Bits for Electrical Work

three different flex bits side by side

Flex bits are long, flexible bits that come in handy when you need to drill through hard-to-reach materials, like through wood planks in ceilings or in walls. The long length of a flex bit enables you to drill a hole into spaced out pieces, like internal wall frames, and fish electrical wire through. If you’re looking for the best flex bits to use, here are some bits we recommend for you.

What to Look for in a Flex Bit

Here’s what to consider when buying flex bits:

  • Length: Especially when you need to drill into multiple pieces at a time, the length of your bit will matter.
  • Compatibility: Make sure your bit can connect to the drill you’re using.

Editor’s Choice: MAGBIT MAG 777 Fish Bit

long black flex bit

This flex bit from MAGBIT is a 72-inch drill bit, compatible with 1/2-inch drill chucks. This self-feeding bit comes with eye holes on each end for fishing the wire through your bit. Its eye holes are designed to minimally impact the material of your wall. If you need to pull your wires from your drywall, this is the tool to do it.

Top Choice

MAGBIT MAG 777 1/2 inch x 72 inch Fish Bit

This is a 1/2 inch by 72 inch flex bit with eye holes for wiring on each end.

Most Versatile: Eagle Tool Flexible Drill Bit

closeup of a dark brown flex bit

If you’re looking for a range of options in length and chuck compatibility, this bit from Eagle Tool offers different size and length options for you. It’s a self-feeding bit with wire holes at both ends. On the chuck end, it comes with a non-slip grip, while its drill end provides sharp threads that’ll go through tough woods and any blind areas.

Most Versatile

Flexible Drill Bit, 1/2In.Dia.X36In.L

This drill bit offers different lengths and sizes to best fit your needs.

Best Premium: Klein Tools Auger Flex Bit

closeup of a dark silvery flex bit

This bit from Klein Tools is a durable and reliable option if you don’t mind the higher price point. It comes with a variety of size and length combinations to choose from. There’s a 54-inch option and a 72-inch one. It’s a durable, spring steel shaft that’ll last. The bit is tapered back so you can take this bit out easily.

Best Premium

Klein Tools 53751 Flex Bit Auger 3/4-Inch by 72-Inch

This is a durable flex bit with two options for chuck compatibility and length.

Best Bit Extension: Eagle Tool Flex Shank Installer Bit

closeup of a black rounded flex bit

To add some extra length to your bit, this installer bit from Eagle Tool has 36-inch and 54-inch options. This extension bit is compatible with any 1/4-inch shank bit. It’s a steel shank with a non-slip grip, and it comes with wire holes as well.

Best Bit Extension

Eagle Tool US ETHX25054 has been replaced by a newer model, please see ETHX25052, 1/4 in.

This bit is an extension to your flex bit, providing extra length.

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