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The Best Floating Drink Holders

Alla Lla/Shutterstock.com
🕚 Updated May 2023

If a warm sunny day makes you want to head to the pool, grab your gear and make a whole day of it. Among that gear might be a pool float, but did you know they make smaller ones designed specifically to hold drinks instead of people? Check out these floating beverage holders for your next day at the pool.

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  Top Choice Best Floating Tray Best Card Table Best Value Cutest Design
Inflatable Pool and Hot Tub Drink Holders
Premium Floating Drink Holder
Polar Whale
Floating Poker Table Game Tray with Drink Holders
Green Vivid
Inflatable Drink Holder 12-Pack
Inflatable Rainbow Cloud Drink Holder
Our SummaryA fun way to keep your drink close when you're in the pool with friends.Consider it a charcuterie tray for your pool.When simply lounging in the pool won't do, you'll want to grab this two-in-one drink holder/card table.This assorted pack of cute, individual drink holders gives you great bang for your buck.For those who want their entire pool experience to be cute.
Pros✓ Multiple designs to choose from
✓ Three-pack
✓ Fits a wide range of cups
✓ Nice price
✓ Holds multiple drinks at once
✓ Dedicated slots for tablets, smartphones, and snacks
✓ Can serve more than one person at once
✓ Three colors
✓ Accommodates four to six people
✓ Space for snacks and drinks
✓ Comes with deck of waterproof cards
✓ No inflation necessary
✓ Variety of cute individual designs
✓ Double as pool toys for young kids
✓ Durable enough to withstand rough play
✓ Pump included
✓ Good value
✓ Adorable design
✓ Five cup holders
✓ Central compartment for ice to keep drinks cool
✓ Space for snacks
Cons✗ Not great for taller cans, cups, and bottles✗ Design may be boring for some people
✗ Frustrating nozzle
✗ Expensive
✗ Foam may rip or fade
✗ Potential water seepage
✗ Too small for larger drinks
✗ Occasional air leakage
✗ Slightly unbalanced
✗ Air may escape
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The Best Floating Drink Holders

Flamingo drink holder with aperol spritz in a pool party.
Alla Lla/Shutterstock.com

Buying Guide for Floating Drink Holders

Woman holding a glass of water with a slice of lemon, in an inflatable pineapple drinks holder in a swimming pool.
Josie Elias/Shutterstock.com

Why buy a floating drink holder?

The simplest answer is because it lets you keep your drink nearby. If you’re lounging in the pool, the last thing you want is to have to get out of the water every time you want a cool drink—which will likely be pretty often on a hot day. More importantly, since the float supports your drink, you can relax hands-free, allowing you to read or scroll. If you like throwing pool parties, a set of floating drink holders makes a fun yet functional addition to your decorations.

What should you consider when shopping for a floating drink holder?

  • Size: Do you want a floating drink holder that can just fit one cup or one that can hold multiple cups or cans at the same time? There’s no right or wrong answer. But if you plan on using these for large gatherings or like to spend the whole day drifting around in your pool, floats that can hold multiple drinks make more sense.
  • Design: This factor is purely about preference. But you can find a wide range of floating drink holders, from models that look more utilitarian to those that are made to look like flamingos, donuts, pineapples, and everything in between. A more decorative floating drink holder isn’t strictly necessary, but it can add some extra flair to your pool party or be a fun way to match or complement your pool or patio decor.
  • Durability: Floating drink holders won’t need to be as durable as a traditional pool float since they aren’t meant to hold as much weight. But you’ll still want something that’s fairly durable and won’t get easily punctured if it’s rubbed against the concrete. This is an especially important factor if you have any pets who like to swim or rowdy kids who enjoy splashing and playing in the pool.

Can you blow up a floating drink holder with a pump?

Yes, most floating drink holders will need to be inflated by a pump or by mouth. Obviously, it will be quicker as well as easier on your lungs to use a pump, though you’re better off using the one provided by the company (if your drink holder comes with one). If you forget to bring the pump or to inflate your holder before you head to the pool, feel free to put those lungs to work. Either way, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for inflating; this will provide guidelines on the appropriate pump to use and the recommended air pressure to ensure safe and proper inflation so you don’t over-inflate the drink holder and cause it to burst.

Our Picks for the Best Floating Drink Holders

Top Choice

GoFloats Inflatable Pool and Hot Tub Drink Holders

A fun way to keep your drink close when you're in the pool with friends.

Pros: If the idea of a multi-cup floating drink holder doesn’t appeal to you, you’ll appreciate this alternative single-cup solution. Available in a variety of cute designs, ranging from flamingos to dragons to palm trees, these individual drink rafts are designed to hold most standard cups, bottles, and cans. You get three floats per purchase for one nice reasonable price; you can easily buy multiples of the same set or mix and match designs as desired. Plus, they’re extra-buoyant to help prevent tipping.

Cons: While the listing says that these floats won’t tip over at all, if you put taller cans or bottles in them, the bottles tend to fall over. And depending on the design you pick, the colors may fade over time if you use them in direct sunlight.

Bottom Line: If you’re trying to create a collection of floating drink holders, this three-pack is a solid starter choice. However, stick to traditional cans and medium-height cups, as taller items might fall over.


Best Floating Tray

DiveBlast: Premium Floating Drink Holder

Consider it a charcuterie tray for your pool.

Pros: When you’re ready to elevate your pool style or want a pool drink holder that can support multiple beverages at once, this fun floating tray is a great upgrade. It’s designed with dedicated slots not only for bottles, cans, and glasses, but for snacks and even your tablet, so you can listen to music, read, or even watch your favorite shows and movies without getting out of the pool. And it’s available in three colors. Overall, this floating tray is a great way to impress everyone the next time you head to the pool or host a pool party.

Cons: While not a deal-breaker, some people might find the design a bit boring compared to more colorful or cute pool floats, even with the three different color options. The nozzle can be frustrating, as it doesn’t prevent air from flowing out after you inflate, meaning you have to work quickly to close the nozzle.

Bottom Line: Classy pool-goers will appreciate the elevated experience this floating pool tray can offer, especially when hosting guests or the whole family is enjoying the pool. Just make sure to be quick when you inflate it to avoid any air escaping.


Best Card Table

Polar Whale Floating Poker Table Game Tray with Drink Holders

When simply lounging in the pool won't do, you'll want to grab this two-in-one drink holder and card table.

Pros: Lounging in the pool is nice. But if you want to up the ante (no pun intended), then there’s no reason you have to head inside just because you want to play a hand of cards. This floating card table and drink holder combo can accommodate four people and has plenty of space to hold your cards, snacks, and, of course, drinks. The drink slots can hold bottles, cans, and cups alike, and a larger six-person model is also available if you want to be able to accommodate more people. This pick also comes with a set of waterproof playing cards, so you don’t have to purchase your own or worry about your standard cardboard deck getting wet and crumbling. Better still, you won’t ever need to inflate this model, which means it’s not at risk of popping or bursting like many floating drink holders.

Cons: This multifunctional model is on the pricey side, much more so than your average floating drink holder, especially if you spring for the six-person model. And even though it’s not inflatable, there’s still a chance that the foam make might rip over time or fade in the sunlight. There’s also a chance water may seep over the edges if too much weight is placed on the tray.

Bottom Line: While this upgrade doesn’t come cheap, if you want to do more than lay out in the pool, this four- to six-person card table is a great way to make your time in the water more enjoyable and entertaining.


Best Value

Green Vivid Inflatable Drink Holder 12-Pack

This assorted pack of cute, individual drink holders gives you a great bang for your buck.

Pros: These cute and visually appealing designs are the perfect addition to your pool, lake, or beach experience. Not only are they incredibly cute, but no two floats are alike; whether you opt for the 12- or 17-pack, you get a whole array of unique designs, ranging from various animals to pineapples and more. None of your family or guests will get their drinks mixed up when you use these holders. Their adorable design also allows them to double as pool toys for young kids. Crafted with durability in mind, these drink holders are made to withstand rough play and multiple uses. They’re easy to inflate and deflate and come with a hand pump to fill them. Additionally, while individual size varies slightly from float to float, they’re all a compact size overall, making them a breeze to store and transport, ensuring hassle-free convenience wherever your summer adventures take you. Best of all, these floating drink holders provide great value for your money since you get so many with your purchase. Enjoy all their fun, functionality, and style without breaking the bank.

Cons: Due to their compact size, these holders have limited drink stability and size limitations, especially when using larger or heavier drink containers. This can result in the mini floats tipping or struggling to provide a secure hold. There’s also a chance of occasional leakage from the anti-leak function on the valves.

Bottom Line: Don’t miss out on the opportunity to add these adorable floating drink holders to your summer gear. Grab yours today and make a splash with the perfect combination of practicality and cuteness.


Cutest Design

Jasonwell Inflatable Rainbow Cloud Drink Holder

For those who want their entire pool experience to be cute.

Pros: There’s nothing wrong with wanting a bit of cuteness when you’re having a pool party. And this adorable rainbow pool float drink holder is the perfect solution. With its vibrant and eye-catching design, this adorable float is the perfect mix of visually appealing and highly functional. It features five built-in cup holders, allowing your family or guests to easily keep their drinks within reach while they relax in the water. This float also has a spacious central compartment that can double as an ice chest. Fill it with ice to keep your favorite beverages cool for longer, and there’s room in the compartment for snacks as well. It’s a convenient and stylish way to ensure that everyone stays hydrated and happy while enjoying the pool.

Cons: Some buyers noted that this float isn’t as balanced as it could be, meaning that there’s a chance it might tip when in the water, so be careful about where you place your drinks, snacks, and ice. It also struggles to hold air at times, so deflation is a risk as well.

Bottom Line: If you’re on the hunt for an adorable pool float drink holder, you can’t go wrong with this pick with five cup holders and space for ice. You might want to try to balance it when you load it up so that it stays straight in the water.

Final Thoughts

Pool floats have gone micro with these smart floating solutions for keeping drinks and snacks nearby and ensuring that you don’t have to get out of the pool unless you really want to. Whether you want something more practical or adorable, there’s a floating drink holder with your name on it.

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