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The Best Floating Nightstands

🕚 Updated June 2023

If you're looking to add a new nightstand or two for your bedroom, consider upgrading to a floating nightstand instead of a traditional one. They come with benefits that regular nightstands don't provide. Below are a few of our favorites.

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  Top Choice Best with Open Shelving Best with Headboard Best with Shelf Drawer Also Consider
  Nathan James
Jackson Floating Bedroom Nightstand
South Shore
Sazena Floating Nightstand
Designer Floating Headboard with Nightstands
Loft and Main
Floating Nightstand with Drawer
Boulevard Café Hanging Nightstand
Our SummaryThis classic floating nightstand features both a cubby and drawer and will match just about any bedroom decor style.If you tend to leave a lot of different items scattered on your nightstand, this model features plenty of shelving space to better store and organize them all.You essentially get three pieces of furniture in one with this sleek headboard and its two built-in floating nightstands.This cute little floating nightstand is perfectly sized for those who don't have a ton of available space, while still providing a handy storage drawer for your belongings.This unusual, eye-catching nightstand not only makes for a great statement piece but provides you with a more versatile open lower shelf.
Pros✓ Drawer and cubby space
✓ Cable management hole
✓ Good weight capacity
✓ Suits most decor styles
✓ Lots of shelf space
✓ More color options
✓ Anchoring kit included
✓ Laminated
✓ Large drawers
✓ Wire management system
✓ Laminated finish
✓ Fits all bed sizes
✓ Affordable
✓ Slim and compact
✓ Strong for its size
✓ No assembly required
✓ Unique shape and design
✓ Extra sturdy and durable
✓ Versatile
✓ Pre-assembled
✓ Can hang items from it
Cons✗ Not real wood
✗ Less durable
✗ Pricier
✗ Particleboard material
✗ Expensive
✗ Tricky assembly
✗ Not real wood
✗ Engineered wood
✗ Less storage space
✗ Not much shelf space
✗ Limited weight capacity
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The Best Floating Nightstands

White bedroom interior, bed with grey linens and two pillows, floating nightstand with books and decoration, brown hardwood floor.

Buying Guide for Floating Nightstands

Bedroom with modern decor including large bed and floating nightstands.
Anne Richard/Shutterstock.com

Why buy a floating nightstand?

Unlike traditional nightstands, floating nightstands don’t have any sort of legs or base but are attached directly to the bedroom wall. This clears up some extra floor space underneath the nightstand that would usually be taken up by the stand’s legs, which is especially handy if you have a small bedroom where available space is at a premium. You’ll be able to fit a larger nightstand in the same room without it hogging more than its share of floor space. You won’t have to worry about stubbing your toes on a floating nightstand or moving the nightstand out of the way when you need to vacuum. They also allow you to choose how high or low the nightstand sits on the wall. Traditional nightstands are rarely height-adjustable, so you’re stuck with how tall or short they are, but you can mount a floating nightstand wherever you want, to whatever height is most convenient and comfortable for you.

What should you look for in a floating nightstand?

  • Mounting: Almost all floating nightstands are designed to be permanently mounted onto your wall next to the bed. Unless you have someone to help out or hire a professional, you’ll have to handle the installation yourself, so be sure to check out how difficult the mounting process will be. Some won’t require much work, just drilling a few holes in your wall; others might require a more involved process. Depending on the complexity of the nightstand itself, you may also have to assemble it yourself and ensure you have all the proper tools and hardware required if not provided with your purchase. Mounting may be a two-person job in some cases, too. If you’re renting or living in a dorm or don’t feel confident in your DIY skill set, there are some non-permanent models that can attach to your bed frame rather than the wall though these are far less common and are harder to find.
  • Size: Even though you won’t have to worry about finding a floating nightstand at the right height, you’ll still need to account for its other dimensions. Think about how much available space you have on the side of your bed. If possible, measure the available space so you have a better idea of the exact dimensions you have to work with and if a taller and thinner or shorter and wider floating nightstand will fit better. Also, consider how you intend to use the nightstand(s); if you want one only as a convenient place to rest your phone while it’s charging at night, you can get away with a smaller nightstand while you’ll need one with more surface area if you want to keep a reading lamp and display some decorations by your bedside. Don’t forget to consider its weight capacity along with its size—you don’t want your new nightstand(s) falling off the wall.
  • Design: Most are pretty modern-looking since they’re a fairly recent design innovation, but there are plenty of rustic, vintage, and bohemian-looking models. They can be eye-catching and bold or more subtle and understated, depending on if you want your new nightstand(s) to blend in or stand out. Wood or engineered wood is the most common material choice, but there are some wicker ones too, or those reinforced with metal, which will change the style and appearance. Many have a square or rectangular, boxy shape, but plenty of circular or asymmetrical models are carved into more unique shapes or added decorations and embellishments. Neutral and natural wood shades are the most common colors, but there are more color options too.

Are there different types of floating nightstands?

Though largely similar in most ways, three main types of floating nightstands bring a little something different to the table (pun intended), both stylistically and functionally. Most common are shelf or cubby-style, essentially floating shelves for your bedside. These are great because they come in various styles and offer plenty of storage space, especially cubby-style ones, since you can store items both inside and on top, and they may have helpful features like a built-in USB charging port. Floating nightstands with built-in drawers are also common and popular, as they further increase the nightstand’s space efficiency. Less common are floating nightstand headboards, which are, as the name suggests, bed headboards with a floating nightstand built-in on either side. They’re a great way to save space, ensure your nightstands will match your bed, and may not require permanent wall mounting.

Our Picks for the Best Floating Nightstands

Top Choice

Nathan James Jackson Floating Bedroom Nightstand

This classic floating nightstand features both a cubby and drawer and will match just about any bedroom decor style.

Pros: You don’t have to choose between a cubby shelf-style floating nightstand and a drawer floating nightstand with this model—it contains both in the same piece. There’s plenty of room to display decorations, stash away items like chargers or night masks, and keep books, beverages, and electronics right at hand, all on the same nightstand—especially since it has a nice 33-pound weight capacity on the top shelf and 11 pounds in the drawer. The simple yet functional style will match most bedroom decor, especially since two lighter shades are available (pale oak and matte white). There’s a cable management hole along the back so you can easily thread multiple chargers through for your electronics without worrying about them getting tangled.

Cons: This floating nightstand is made from engineered composite wood rather than the real thing, which means that it will not be as durable as a real wood nightstand.

Bottom Line: You can’t go wrong with the classics, including floating nightstands. This one offers plenty of storage space and gives you room to display decorations and pictures while also giving you a convenient place to stash items like eyeglasses and electronics.


Best with Open Shelving

South Shore Sazena Floating Nightstand

If you tend to leave a lot of different items scattered on your nightstand, this model features plenty of shelving space to better store and organize them all.

Pros: If you prefer open cubbies and shelving to make your belongings easier to grab, this floating shelf is well worth a look. Besides the cubby and top of the nightstand itself, it has an extra built-in open-sided shelf attached underneath, an ideal spot to place a phone charging overnight. Though you’ll want an extra set of helping hands, assembly and installation should be an easy process, and a handy anchoring kit comes included with your purchase. This not only streamlines the mounting process but provides some extra stability. From an aesthetic standpoint, this floating nightstand has a few more color options than most and is finished with a laminate to make it look smoother and sleeker without ruining the attractive wood-grained look.

Cons: This particular floating nightstand is a bit pricier than many non-headboard models, especially when you consider that it’s made of less durable particleboard rather than real wood.

Bottom Line: One of the main draws of the floating nightstand is their space-saving quality, and this model aptly lives up to that expectation. It has more shelf space than many similar models in its size, and the bottom bonus shelf provides easier access to your belongings to boot.


Best with Headboard

Prepac Designer Floating Headboard with Nightstands

You essentially get three pieces of furniture in one with this sleek headboard and its two built-in floating nightstands.

Pros: This set of floating nightstands comes attached to a bed headboard, so even though it’s all one piece, you get a 3-in-1 set; two nightstands with built-in drawers and a headboard to lean back against when watching TV or reading in bed. Unlike many headboard nightstands, this one is height-adjustable to a degree as well. The drawers are nice and large, providing greater storage capacity. Both stands have a wire management system, giving you a place to thread charging cables through so you can more easily charge your phone or tablet at night while keeping it close at hand. Both colors have a protective laminated finish that makes the headboard and nightstands look incredibly sleek and modern. Since the entire piece will require wall mounting, it can fit with any sized bed due to the headboard not needing to be directly attached to the bed’s frame.

Cons: Be prepared for a lengthy, in-depth assembly process, especially since this headboard will require mounting to the wall rather than being attached to your bed frame. It’s also made of engineered wood, so it’s not as durable and is prone to nicks and scratches.

Bottom Line: If you need a new headboard and nightstands or don’t have a headboard on your bed, to begin with, why not upgrade to this headboard floating nightstand? You essentially get three highly functional pieces of furniture in one purchase.


Best with Shelf Drawer

Loft and Main Floating Nightstand with Drawer

This cute little floating nightstand is perfectly sized for those who don't have a ton of available space, while still providing a handy storage drawer for your belongings.

Pros: Not everyone wants or has room for an oversized floating nightstand will several shelves, which is where this model comes in handy. Slim and compact, it’ll take up minimal space while still providing a convenient bedside drawer and tabletop-like spot to place your phone, glasses, books, and the like. Despite its small size, it has a good weight capacity that can support up to 33 pounds at a time. Even better, the shelf and drawer come fully assembled, so that’s less work and time for you—you can skip right ahead to mounting it on the wall with all the necessary hardware. It’s lower-priced than most floating nightstands to boot.

Cons: The small, narrow size of this floating nightstand, while great for tight spaces, does mean that this floating nightstand doesn’t have as much storage space to offer. It’s made of engineered wood, so it isn’t the most durable model.

Bottom Line: If you have a smaller bedroom or limited bedside room available, this is the perfect floating nightstand. It’s small enough to fit in almost any space while still providing a handy shelf and drawer. The price also makes it a more budget-friendly option than most.


Also Consider

Sauder Boulevard Café Hanging Nightstand

This unusual, eye-catching nightstand not only makes for a great statement piece but provides you with a more versatile open lower shelf.

Pros: If you’re looking for a unique accent piece that draws the eye and a practical bedside nightstand, this floating nightstand will be right up your alley. The ice cream cone-like shape stands out from the usual square and rectangular models but is just as practical and functional. Perhaps even more so, as the unique design lends itself to greater versatility. The top shelf can flip down to create a more table-like effect, making more room, and when folded up, it creates a more closed-in shelf that holds your items in place. The lower open shelf is perfect for nestling books, magazines, and tablets inside. With its rung-like build, you can even hang small items of clothing or dangling decorations from it—a feature you won’t see in many other floating nightstands. Don’t be intimidated by the shape in terms of assembly, either; the shelf comes pre-assembled, so all you have to do is mount it to your desired height. Since this model is reinforced with powder-coated metal, it’s sturdier and more stable.

Cons: This isn’t a particularly large or deep floating nightstand, and it doesn’t offer much in the way of standard shelf space. Thus the amount and type of items you can store on it are limited, especially since the weight capacity isn’t very high.

Bottom Line: Nightstands can be excellent decorative pieces and functional ones, floating nightstands included. This uniquely-shaped, eye-catching model is the perfect blend of both and is much more versatile than a standard floating nightstand.

Final Thoughts

Between their functionality and the near-endless array of styles available, floating nightstands are one of those pieces of furniture that is the perfect blend of practical and decorative. The options may seem endless, but as long as you pick a nightstand or two that fit your personal preferences and the space that you have available, you’ll be enjoying your new nightstands for years to come.

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