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The Best Floor Cushions for Your Home

three different floor cushion products; round colorful thin ones for kids; a square printed one in a living room; a woman sitting on a round one to meditate

When buying furniture or home décor items, it’s easy to overlook the value of a floor cushion. They come in an abundance of shapes and sizes, and there are just as many ways to use them, whether you or your child wants to curl up with a book, play a video game, meditate, watch a movie, pluck away at a ukelele, or snack at the coffee table, a floor cushion can answer the call quite comfortably. If you’re looking for a floor cushion for your living space, here are some we recommend.

How to Find the Ideal Floor Cushion

Take the following points into consideration:

  • Use: It’s advantageous to know for what purpose you’ll be using a floor cushion. Certainly, many are multipurpose. But if you need a meditation cushion, get something simple but comfortable. If you want a cushion with the support of a floor chair but also want to feel like you’re being hugged, look into beanbag chairs.
  • Type: Back to meditation cushions—some are made specifically for that activity, while others are hybrid cushions great for sitting meditation and lying around with a book. On the same token, some floor chairs can be adjusted and used to lie flat or set up at an angle for movie-watching or gaming.
  • Appearance: It’s nice to have a floor cushion that you like to look at! Naturally, ergonomics and function are important aspects to look for, but so is style. Maybe look for a floor cushion that would complement your current décor. There are so many possibilities! And don’t forget to check if the floor cushion you like comes in other colors.

Best for Storytime: KinderMat Story Time Cushions

six colored round floor cushions for kids; they're stacked and placed in a circle in a classroom

The cute and colorfulness of these storytime floor cushions may evoke nostalgia of childhood for adult customers. Some of us didn’t even have this sort of artsy meets utility in kindergarten. All that aside, the cushions are helpful in mitigating chaos in the classroom. Each child can be assigned one color for the full day if you use assigned seating. They’re made of vinyl and are easy to clean.

Best for Meditation: Lotuscrafts Round Meditation Cushion Round

a round padded meditation floor cushion

Seasoned meditators will likely recognize the Lotuscraft as a smartly designed, enviable cushion. A major failure with many meditation cushions is poor ergonomic comfort. The Lotuscraft comes 15 centimeters high but can be easily adjusted to fit your body by removing a portion of the buckwheat filling. The material is washable 100 % organic cotton that’s ecologically dyed.

Best for Meditation

Best Boho Floor Cushion: HIGOGOGO Square Floor Cushion

a boho printed square floor cushion on a living room floor and shown with a woman sitting on it to meditate at the beach

Bohemian style is back if ever it left. This square floor cushion is about 3.15-3.94 inches thick and is made of quality cotton linen and cotton fabric filling. While marketed as a meditation pillow, the HIGOGOGO cushion is multifunctional. Use it for a cozy hour of reading or watching your favorite show. Kids love it, too.

Best Boho Floor Cushion

Best Chair Floor Cushion: BIRDROCK HOME Memory Foam

Girl sitting in floor chair holding game console

This adjustable foam floor chair offers a great solution for the physical ailments that come with sitting for long periods. You can adjust it into 14 different positions so you can nap, read, or play games and color with your kids. Choose from several colors!

Best Chair Floor Cushion

BIRDROCK HOME Adjustable 14-Position Memory Foam Floor Chair for Kids | 22.5" H x 19" W. 5.5" Thick Cushion | Grey | Comfy Back Support | Reading Game Meditating | Foldable Banana Rocker Chairs

Pull up a seat and make yourself comfortable, even on the floor! This supports your back and head and can be adjusted to different angles.

Best Bean Bag: Sofa Sack Ultra-Soft Bean Bag Chair

Woman sitting in red bean bag chair, cross-legged and holding a tablet
Sofa Sack

Don’t mess with a good thing, right? While that’s good advice, some creative designers can take a good thing—like a bean bag chair—and make it even better! The people at Sofa Sack have done just that. For one thing, these beanbag chairs are sans beans! Instead, they used memory foam to give the chair more support, which means better comfort and longevity. And in place of the typical vinyl covering, Sofa Sack uses a velvety suede material. This product comes in numerous colors, so don’t forget to check out the options!

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