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The Best Floor Lamps

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🕚 Updated March 2022

Floor lamps are not only an efficient way to illuminate your space, but they are often an overlooked aspect of a room's decor. If you're in the market for a new floor lamp, here are a few we recommend.

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  Top Choice Best Versatile Option Best Industrial Design Best Tripod Design Best Halo Lamp
Modern Torchiere Floor Lamp
Sky Dome Torchiere Floor Lamp
Dimmable Floor Lamp
Wood Tripod Floor Lamp
Beige Linen Floor Lamp
Our SummaryThis easy-to-assemble floor lamp features a versatile modern style and multiple color settings.This space-efficient floor lamp features a three-way dimmer and two extra hanging bulbs perfect for reading.This floor lamp brings a unique, industrial-style look to whichever room in your home you plan to display it.This mid-century floor lamp is nice and sturdy thanks to its three-pronged, tripod base.The perfect option for the budget-conscious, this floor lamp will bring a warm, ambient light to your home.
ProsSeveral color choices, slender yet stable, multiple light colors, dimmable, tiltable head.Adjustable mother-daughter reading lamps, LED bulbs included, separate switches for all three bulbs.Unique vintage design, hanging lights for reading, fully dimmable, light bulbs included, durable and steady.Extra stable, longer than average cord, made of real wood and linen.Nice price, two size options, multiple lamp and light color options, bulb included.
ConsHard to find replacement bulbs, doesn't tilt downward.Flimsier shades, not as steady on carpet.Wire lampshades don't soften the light very well.Less durable foot switch, lampshade requires assembly.Shorter cord, flimsier shade.
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The Best Floor Lamps

Beautiful modern living room with grey sofa and floor lamp.
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Buying Guide for Floor Lamps

Grey sofa and floor lamp against brick wall in the room.
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Why buy a floor lamp?

Not every room in every home has an overhead light, so buying a floor lamp can be a great way to make up the difference and illuminate the room. Tabletop lamps or desk lamps are always an option, of course, but they take up room on your side table or nightstands, space you could use for other items. Floor lamps also offer more light than table lamps, especially if they have more than one bulb. There are also down bridge floor lamps, lamps where the neck curves down and thus points the light downwards instead of upwards. These make great reading lamps to stick beside your favorite armchair or in your reading nook.

What should you look for in a floor lamp?

  • Style: The decor and style of the room you plan on using a lamp is an important consideration. Whether you need a lamp that blends in with its surroundings or adds a touch of character to a room, it is essential to ensure it flows well with your existing decor in terms of both color and overall style.
  • Stability: An excellent floor lamp will be sturdy and stable when placed on the ground. This factor is significant for mischievous pets or children who are known to create chaos and tip over upright items. A sturdy lamp will also likely last longer, making it a wise investment compared to a model that is not built to last.
  • Height: The average floor lamp will be somewhere between five and six feet tall (60 to 72 inches). Unless you’re exceptionally tall or short, it’s likely the lamp’s shade, and bulb will be somewhere around your eye level when you’re standing. Some may be shorter, around four feet tall. Floor lamps meant for reading are usually shorter since they’re designed for the bulb and its shade to sit just above your shoulder while sitting for maximum efficiency. Floor lamps can be above six feet tall, as much as seven or even eight feet in height. If you want one of these extra-tall, oversized floor lamps, be sure that you have a room large enough for it, and the ceilings are high enough to accommodate properly.

What kind of bulbs should you use in a floor lamp?

A floor lamp’s bulb base will determine what light bulbs it will work with. While this might not sound too important, remember that some bulbs are cheaper to replace and more accessible to find than others. Thus, finding a floor lamp with the right bulbs can be a smart move to prevent future frustration. Different bulbs can offer different lighting, so if you want a fluorescent or warm light setting, consider which bulbs work best to give you what you want.

Our Picks for the Best Floor Lamps

Top Choice

JOOFO Modern Torchiere Floor Lamp

This easy-to-assemble floor lamp features a versatile modern style and multiple color settings.

Pros: Although this lamp is slender enough to squeeze into tight corners for welcoming lighting that warms the room, it is also very sturdy with a nice, stable base. This floor lamp also scores points for its handy remote control, which allows you to cycle between the three different light color options—warm white, natural white, and cool white—and dim or brighten the light without getting up from your seat. There’s also a subtle control panel on the lamp itself. The head rotates up to 350 degrees and can be between about 90 degrees and almost parallel with the floor. The lamp itself is available in several different finishes, so it’s easier to find a color that suits your home.

Cons: The tilting head doesn’t tilt downward, so this might not be the best choice for a reading lamp. Also, the multiple small LED bulbs inside the head are not standard lightbulbs, so finding new ones to replace them once their service life is over may be difficult.

Bottom Line: Featuring a clean, modern design that is versatile enough to complement a wide variety of living room decors, this floor lamp is an excellent pick for living rooms, nurseries, dens, bedrooms, and more. It won’t take up much in the way of floor space and offers several different options for light brightness, colors, and angles, making it easy to customize to your exact needs.


Best Versatile Option

Brightech Sky Dome Torchiere Floor Lamp

This space-efficient floor lamp features a three-way dimmer and two extra hanging bulbs perfect for reading.

Pros: Featuring a dimmable central bulb and flexible, adjustable goosenecks on the two reading lamps, this slim, space-efficient product provides plenty of ways to customize your room’s lighting and ambiance. The tall, main central lamp is bright enough to light up the whole room at full capacity, and the two side mother-daughter lamps make excellent reading lamps. Additionally, the three lamps’ hands turn on and off with separate switches to ensure you only receive as much light as the occasion warrants. As a bonus, the long-lasting LED bulbs suitable for this lamp come included with your purchase, so you don’t have to spend additional time and money buying your own.

Cons: Note that the three lampshades are made of plastic, which is less durable than glass or metal ones. There is an increased risk of it tipping over if placed on carpeting.

Bottom Line: There’s a lot to love about this floor lamp, from its attractive yet casual, contemporary design to its great functionality. It’s an ideal lamp for reading due to the two goosenecked mother-daughter lamps, while the central light is excellent for brightening up the whole room. Thanks to the separate switches for each bulb, you get to control whether you want one, two, or three bulbs switched on at a time, in any possible combination.


Best Industrial Design

Nintiue Dimmable Floor Lamp

This floor lamp brings a unique, industrial-style look to whichever room in your home you plan to display it.

Pros: Its vintage look will suit classic, industrial, rustic, and even contemporary interior decor styles alike. The triple teardrop lights hang and thus point down, making this an ideal reading lamp. Those lights are also dimmable between 0% and 100% brightness, at the mere turn of a switch. Three energy-saving LED light bulbs, one for each slot, also come included with your purchase as a bonus. The entire lamp is very stable—it’s made entirely of metal, so the body is durable, and the heavy iron base keeps the lamp steady.

Cons: Since these shades aren’t solid, they don’t reduce the glare from the lightbulbs very well, so you may find them too bright to look directly at, even when dimmed.

Bottom Line: This elegant floor lamp is more than just eye-candy. Thanks to the metal body and iron base, it’s also easy to put together and extremely sturdy and stable once you do. The three hanging bulbs and slightly shorter height make this an especially good choice as a reading or desk side lamp, especially since the thin body should be able to fit in just about any nook or cranny.


Best Tripod Design

LEPOWER Wood Tripod Floor Lamp

This mid-century floor lamp is nice and sturdy thanks to its three-pronged, tripod base.

Pros: This floor lamp’s most significant selling pointis how strong and stable it is. The triple legs provide extra stability, leverage, and weight dispersal compared to most lamps, which tend only to have one. It also doesn’t hurt that this lamp is made of real rubberwood, which is stronger and more durable than engineered wood. These two factors combine for a lovely steady lamp that shouldn’t ever wobble. The lampshade is made of real linen, which provides an attractive flaxen look and pattern and softens the (sold separately) LED bulb’s light well. As a bonus, the lamp’s cord is nice and long. It measures in at 10.6 ft, giving you more flexibility about where you can place this lamp in your living room or den since it doesn’t have to be right next to an outlet.

Cons: This lamp’s on/off switch is a footswitch on the cord rather than on the lamp itself, and it’s made of plastic, which may not be as durable. The body of the lamp and the shade require assembly.

Bottom Line: The tripod-like legs of this model bring stability to a floor lamp. This makes it an ideal choice for high-traffic areas or homes with kids and pets.


Best Halo Lamp

addlon Beige Linen Floor Lamp

The perfect option for the budget-conscious, this floor lamp will bring a warm, ambient light to your home.

Pros: This floor lamp is quite affordable, and a good value deal for the budget-conscious, especially since a compatible light bulb is included at no extra cost. There are two possible size options, a 63-inch (5.25 feet) model for those who want something smaller or an option that is height adjustable anywhere between 60 and 73 inches (5 feet to just over 6 feet). There are eight possible combinations of lampshade and lamp body colors, two of which include a multicolored rainbow bulb. If you opt for a traditional white-colored light bulb, it can be adjusted to three color temperatures (cool, warm, and clear white).

Cons: The cord itself is shorter in length, and as is sometimes the case with less expensive floor lamps, the lampshade is on the flimsier side.

Bottom Line: Home furnishings, floor lamps included, can be a pricey investment. If you’re on a tight household budget or are trying to be more careful about spending money, this floor lamp is an ideal choice for you.


Best Shelf Lamp

addlon LED Modern Shelf Floor Lamp

This affordable floor lamp features extra shelf space to store your bedroom, office, or living room essentials.

Pros: This floor lamp is highly functional and practical, thanks to the three built-in shelves for books, plants, decorations, etc., able to support up to 50 pounds. Not only will it light up your home, but it  allows you to use otherwise empty space for storage and display. The built-in shelving also makes it a better value deal overall, since you essentially get two pieces of furniture in one. This lamp doesn’t skimp in terms of size and color variety either; you buy it with round or square shelving, plus an alternative taller model with an extra tier if you need more shelving space. It’s also available in seven color choices to match a great range of different decor styles. There’s even a rainbow bulb option if you want extra flair.

Cons: Keep in mind that this floor lamp will require more involved assembly compared to others, due to the built-in shelving. Also the base isn’t weighted, so it isn’t as stable.

Bottom Line: For those seeking a floor lamp that moonlights as an end table or possess shelf space, this highly functional lamp is an excellent pick. Featuring a sleek, modern style, this lamp and shelf combo will look equally great at the side of your bed or in the living room. If you are looking to add magnificent lighting while also decluttering your home, this lamp is your best bet.

Final Thoughts

Floor lamps can be a staple of home decor since they provide some source of light in a home. They can provide nearly as much light as an overhead light while providing a softer glow, and they save tabletop space in the process. Throw in the fact that they make great accent pieces as well, and you’ve got a household item that is both aesthetically pleasing and practical.

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