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The Best Floor Mats for Your Garage

A man rolling out a garage floor mat, a car resting on another garage mat, and a person in boots standing on another mat
Armor All/Drymate/Rubber-Cal

A garage floor mat acts as a protective barrier between your garage floor and dirty boots, tires, and oil spills. So to help keep your garage clean, here are some mats that will withstand anything thrown at them!

There are numerous types of mat materials and designs, with some directed towards those who live in a snowy climate and others specifically made to absorb oil leaks. We’ve found some of our favorite mats that will help narrow down your choices when searching for the right one.

Picking the Right Garage Floor Mat

Here’s what you should consider on your search:

  • Purpose & Size: If you only want to protect your garage floor from oil spills, then consider purchasing a mat that can fit perfectly underneath your car or SUV. If you work in your garage a lot and are looking to cover it entirely, consider mats that offer a multitude of length options and that are made of soft rubber. The softer mats won’t hurt your knees or feet while you work on your car.
  • Material: Rubber, polyester, and polyvinyl are three popular materials for garage mats. Absorbent PVC material is great for snowy and rainy places where you’ll constantly leave snow and puddles of water in your garage. Carpet mats are also great for absorbing water and especially for oil spills.

Now, let’s take a look at the best garage floor mats on the market!

Best Overall: Rubber-Cal Diamond Plate Rubber Flooring

A rubber garage mat with a leaf blower sitting on top of it.

One of the best things about this Diamond-Plated rubber protector mat is that it’s sold in 13 different lengths. Its attractive yet soft design has a nonslip base, making it an ideal choice if you use your garage as a workshop and are constantly on your knees checking underneath your car or SUV. It can easily be installed with a double-sided adhesive, and since it’s made of high-quality synthetic rubber, it can also be used outdoors to cover slippery walkways and paths.

Best Overall

Rubber-Cal Diamond Plate Rubber Flooring

This strong, shock-absorbing mat isn't just great for garages but can be used for anything like a home gym.

Best Bang for Your Buck: Drymate XL Oil Spill Mat

A garage floor mat with a raised catcher for oil spills

For the best value option, we like the Drymate XL oil spill mat. This affordable mat traps and contains leaks and spills and wicks away moisture. Its slip-resistant backing helps to keep the oil mat securely in place and prevents it from moving around. The waterproof layer stops all sorts of liquids from getting through, from motor oil and brake fluid to gasoline and coolant. The durable polyester fiber is reusable and easy to clean as well.

Best Bang for Your Buck

Drymate XL Oil Spill Mat

This oil spill mat will protect your garage from getting cracks with its waterproof backing layer.

Best Carpet Mat: Armor All Garage Floor Mat

A carpet-like garage floor mat shown under a parked car and under a person's feet
Armor All

This polyester mat from the trusty folks at Armor All is super easy to install and comes in five different size options. The carpet-like look and feel make it soft to walk on and will help keep your garage floor clean with its waterproof backing and absorbent fabric. The material is also easy to cut and fit into any shape, so you can cover your entire garage floor. When you’re ready to clean the mat, simply vacuum and either hose it down or use a power washer with a mild detergent.

Best Carpet Mat

Armor All Garage Floor Mat

This polyester carpet mat rolls out for an easy installation.

Best Oil Spill Mat: KALASONEER Oil Spill Mat

A garage floor mat being washed.

The best mat to protect your garage from oil leaks comes from Kalasoneer. It’s made of compact and thick fabric that is more than capable of absorbing oil or any other liquid. The waterproof backing helps prevent the oil from seeping through and keeps the mat in place. This mat is easy to cut into any shape and can be washed by hand or by machine.

Best Oil Spill Mat

Kalasoneer Oil Spill Mat

This thick garage mat protects driveway surfaces and other areas from oil stains.

Best for Snowy Conditions: TruContain Containment Mat

A car parked on top of a garage floor mat.

If you live in a state where snow and construction are the only two seasons, and if you’re constantly bringing in water into the garage from melted snow, then you should consider this containment mat from TruContain. This mat traps moisture well and is perfect for protecting everything in your garage from mud, snow, and rain. The fabric is a lot heavier than others in this article, and it’s easy to install with no assembly required.

Best for Snowy Conditions

TruContain Containment Mat

This mat traps moisture well and is great if you live in a snowy area.

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