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The Best Flush-Mount Ceiling Lights

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🕚 Updated June 2022

There are many different design and style options when choosing an overhead lighting system. If you have trouble choosing, you can't go wrong with a flush-mount ceiling light. Here are a few options we recommend.

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  Traditional Design Best Smart Light Best Bohemian Design Best Sleek Design Best Rectangle Light
  Designers Fountain
Decorative Flush-Mount Light
Smart Flush-Mount Ceiling Light
Bohemian Wood Beaded Flush-Mount Ceiling Light
Progress Lighting
Two-Light Flush Mount
LED Flat Panel Flush-Mount Lights
Our SummaryA classic glass and metal flush-mount ceiling light available in a wide range of sizes and colors.If you already have Alexa-controlled smart devices, this flush-mount ceiling light will fit in perfectly with your home.This unusual beaded flush-mount ceiling light will bring a unique decorative touch to your home.If you want a more understated ceiling light or one that gently diffuses light, this is the perfect model for you.This two-pack of flat, rectangular ceiling lights will illuminate more space than most smaller flush-mount ceiling lights.
ProsFits most rooms, good color and size variety, durable construction, compatible with multiple lightbulb types.Smart light, pairs with Alexa and smartphone, compatible with most junction boxes, colorful backlight, has timer, shockproof.Unique and decorative look, dimmable, compatible with most bulb types, easy installation and to change out bulbs.Inexpensive, dimmable, gently mutes light, two finishes, good compatibility.Extremely low profile, integrated lighting, highly dimmable, three color temperatures, nonglare, flicker-free.
ConsTricky installation, less clear instructions.Limited sizes, less durable make, requires WiFi.Bulbs partially visible, no alternate sizes or colors.One size only, delicate glass.Expensive, require more space, light leakage.
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The Best Flush-Mount Ceiling Lights

Round LED flush mounted light on the ceiling.

Buying Guide for Flush-Mount Ceiling Lights

Close-up of a white floral print flush mount ceiling lamp.

Overhead ceiling lights are the best option for fully illuminating an entire room, as they, on average, offer more and brighter light than most lamps. Many ceiling lights hang down or dangle to some degree, chandeliers being the most obvious and extreme example. But there are some rooms or interior designs where an overhead light that lies flush against the ceiling is a better choice, leaving little room between its fixture and the ceiling. If your home has low ceilings, a flush-mount ceiling light ensures that you’ll have more overhead clearance space. Even if you’re exceptionally tall, you’ll never have to worry about hitting your head on a flush-mount ceiling light. They’re also a handy choice for spaces like entryways or closets, as they’ll light up the entire area without getting in the way or taking up extra room in an already limited space. And some people prefer flush-mount ceiling lights if they want an overhead light that is cleaner, simpler, and more understated yet still provides a decorative element. A flush-mount ceiling light will suit your design choices better than an elaborate pendant light if you’re going for a more contemporary or minimalist look.

What should you look for in flush-mount ceiling lights?

  • Size: The sizing of flush-mount ceiling lights can vary quite a bit. Thirteen inches in width or diameter is average, but most will range between 12 and 24 inches wide. There are also many smaller models, which are usually better suited for more limited spaces like closets. If you’re uncertain of which size is right for you, consider the area where you’ll mount the light and how much space is available there. You may even want to measure the area if possible. And don’t forget to consider that a wider ceiling light means it’ll illuminate a wider area.
  • Material: There are many material options for the shades of flush-mount ceiling lights. Glass of varying opaqueness is the most common, which is the perfect understated yet expressive accent piece to suit many decor styles. Fabric is a good option if you want a more diffused, softer light or a more texture shade. Some may be decorated with tassels or beads for some extra rustic flair. Crystal models will add extra elegance and sophistication. The fixture of the lights may also be metal or wood in various colors, which will impact the appearance and style of the light as well.
  • Shape: Flush-mount ceiling lights are usually dome-shaped, but this is far from the only option for your overhead lighting if you want a different shape. There are plenty of circular, square, rectangular, octagonal, or trapezoid-shaped flush-mount ceiling lights. You may even be able to find some more unique and unusual options, like a flower or heart or a star-shaped model.

What is the difference between flush-mount ceiling lights and recessed lighting?

Both types of lighting are designed to provide plenty of overhead space for low ceilings, but there is a small but key difference between the two. Flush-mount lights lie primarily flat against the ceiling, while recessed lights are installed directly inside the ceiling itself. This means that flush-mount ceiling lights project a wider beam of light and thus light up the entire room, while recessed lights are better for more ambient, directional lighting.

Our Picks for the Best Flush-Mount Ceiling Lights

Traditional Design

Designers Fountain Decorative Flush-Mount Light

A classic glass and metal flush-mount ceiling light available in a wide range of sizes and colors.

Pros: A quintessential flush-mount ceiling light that will fit any area in your home, be it the living room, hallway, entryway, kitchen, bedroom, office, or anywhere else. The classic glass dome is mounted in sturdy steel for a strong, more durable construction, and the steel is available in six possible colors to better suit a wider range of design styles. There are also seven different sizes to better fit your needs and available space. This ceiling light fits two 60-watt bulbs (not included) and is compatible with various types of lightbulbs; you can equip it with incandescent, halogen, fluorescent, and LED bulbs alike.

Cons: You may find this ceiling light a bit tricky to install. The instructions aren’t especially clear, and you may have trouble following them.

Bottom Line: This is a very traditional, attractive-looking flush-mount ceiling light that you’ve probably seen similar versions of in hotel lobbies, apartment hallways, and other such locations. No matter your home or office’s interior design style, there’s a size and color version of this ceiling light that should match it perfectly.


Best Smart Light

Taloya Smart Ceiling Flush-Mount Light

If you already have Alexa-controlled smart devices, this flush-mount ceiling light will fit in perfectly with your home.

Pros: This is a smart flush-mount ceiling light that can be connected to both Alexa devices and smartphone apps, both iPhone and Android. As a result, it has lots of extra features and functions that most regular ceiling lights lack, but they can be accessed and controlled through your Alexa or smartphone. Features include a timer, scheduled lighting, dimmable brightness, and a warm white or colorful backlight. The plastic body is shockproof and fire-resistant and will fit with most junction boxes to boot. The installation process can be found on YouTube to help make the process easier.

Cons: There are only two available size options for this ceiling light, and it requires both a WiFi connection and a standard on/off toggle switch to work. While safe against fire and electrical shocks, the plastic body is also less sturdy than a wooden or metal light fixture.

Bottom Line: Smart homes and their associated devices have become more popular in recent years, including lighting. If you have an Alexa that controls your home devices or are trying to build up a smart home, this ceiling light will suit your needs perfectly.


Best Bohemian Design

VILUXY Bohemian Wood Beaded Flush-Mount Ceiling Light

This unusual beaded flush-mount ceiling light will bring a unique decorative touch to your home.

Pros: This is a more unique bohemian-style flush-mount ceiling light that is more eye-catching and decorative than most. It features both strings of beads (which come pre-installed, so you don’t have to do it yourself) and a rustic tassel for a cute, unusual design that will look great in bedrooms, nurseries, and lobbies alike. This ceiling light is as practical as it is beautiful, too. All the mounting hardware and instructions come included, making installation a quicker, easier process. The dangling bead strings also make it easier to clean, access, and change the lightbulbs inside; you won’t have to unscrew the entire shade or dome. The lightbulbs can also be dimmed if desired, and you can use them with almost any three 60-watt bulbs. This light is compatible with LED, incandescent, compact fluorescent, and halogen bulbs.

Cons: Unlike most flush-mount ceiling lights, the bulbs will be partially visible at all times due to the strings of beads making up the outside rather than a dome or shade.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a ceiling light with more flair and decoration than most or a unique design, you’ll love this bohemian, rustic-style ceiling light. It creates an almost chandelier-like look without the low-hanging, dangling lights that generally come with such fixtures.


Best Sleek Design

Progress Lighting Two-Light Flush Mount

If you want a more understated ceiling light or one that gently diffuses light, this is the perfect model for you.

Pros: If you’re on a tight household budget, this will be an ideal flush-mount ceiling light as it’s pretty easy on the wallet compared to most. That’s not the only benefit it brings to the table, either. The off-white linen not only matches many color schemes and interior designs, but it comes in two possible metal finish colors and gently diffuses the bright light of the bulbs inside. This light is also dimmable, as long as you install dimmable bulbs. And you’ll have your selection of two 60-watt bulbs to install inside this ceiling light. It’s compatible with LED, CFL, halogen, or incandescent lightbulbs.

Cons: Hopefully, the size of this ceiling light fits your space, as there aren’t any larger or smaller size options available. During installation, you’ll also want to be careful with the frosted glass section as it’s quite delicate and breaks easily.

Bottom Line: Flush-mount ceiling lights are known for their bright illumination, but if you want something a little gentler or more muted, this model will be right up your alley. The shade not only allows for more ambiance lighting but also provides a nice, clean, mid-century look.


Best Rectangle Light

hykolity LED Flat Panel Flush-Mount Lights

This two-pack of flat, rectangular ceiling lights will illuminate more space than most smaller flush-mount ceiling lights.

Pros: No matter how low your ceilings might be, you won’t have to worry about hitting your head on one or both of these lights. They’re ever more low-profile than most flush-mount ceiling lights at only one-inch deep. It is even more convenient that they come with integrated LED lighting rather than require bulbs, so you’ll never have to worry about lightbulb compatibility or going through the hassle of replacing bulbs. The built-in lights are nonglare and flicker-free, and they can be dimmed anywhere between 5% and 100% (as long as you have a household TRIAC LED dimmer in your home). You can also choose between two fixture colors, and the lights themselves have three color temperature options.

Cons: Even though these lights are low-profile, they are much longer than most flush-mount ceiling lights, so they will require a lot more room than most models. You may also notice some light leaking out around the base of the fixture.

Bottom Line: If you have a larger area or room that needs some extra light to be fully illuminated, this pair of long, flat LED lights should suit your space perfectly. Though not ideal for smaller spaces like closets, they’re perfect for garages, kitchens, living rooms, and basements.

Final Thoughts

Flush-mount ceiling lights are an excellent option when choosing an overhead light. Whether you want to illuminate a kitchen or bathroom, hallway or closet, entryway or living room, a flush-mount ceiling light will suit just about any room or living space.

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