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The Best Folding Tables for Adding Extra Space

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From family gatherings to extra space in the shop to an additional place for crafting or baking, there is no shortage of uses for folding tables. They are great for adding just a little bit of extra space without needing bulky furniture. Folding tables are a piece that can be used again and again and simply put away when no longer needed. Below, we have gathered up the best folding tables for all sorts of uses.

What to Consider When Purchasing Folding Tables

To make sure you get the best folding table for you, consider these few key points:

  • Size: Folding tables are designed to help save space while giving you some extra surface area, so make sure the folding table will fit in the spot you plan on placing it. If you plan on leaving the table there, it should allow for easy movement around it and fit well.
  • Ease: The table should be easily set up without too much help, preferably without any help at all. Along the lines of storage, if you plan on using the table during camping or other travel activities, it should be easy to travel with. You may even opt for one that has a carry handle for increased grip.
  • Security: Once set up, the legs should lock in place, and the table should be sturdy enough for use. If you plan on arranging anything heavy on the table, make sure it is rated enough to hold that amount of weight.
  • Material: You want a durable material that is strong, typically scratch and stain-resistant, and even dent-proof. That makes the table able to last for a long time and be used over and over again. Polyethylene plastic is the most preferred tabletop material due to its strength. Powder-coated steel legs generally won’t rust, meaning the table can be used indoors or outdoors without any issues.

Best Overall: LIFETIME Height Adjustable Folding Table

A white folding table with black legs and a carrying handle.

Available as just a table or a table with a cover, this folding table is great for a range of uses, from camping to utilities to parties. Made of powder-coated steel and high-density polyethylene plastic, this table is durable and treated to hold up to 200 pounds. Equipped with an adjustable height setting, this table can easily seat four people. The folding legs make this product easy to store, while the convenient carry handle allows you to quickly transport the table.

Best Overall

LIFETIME Height Adjustable Folding Table

Features a convenient carrying handle, adjustable height, and durable construction.

Best Personal: Iceberg IndestrucTable Resin Personal Folding Table

A gray single person folding table with black legs.

This Iceberg table is lightweight and easy to transport, making it ideal for use around your home. The table is made to be both scratch and impact-resistant, so you can work on your most grueling projects without worry. It is made of high-density polyethylene that is easy to clean and great for both indoor or outdoor use as a party table, a serving table, or to use just for yourself. Available in two colors, this table also has powder-coated legs that fold into a recessed channel for even easier storage.

Best Personal

Iceberg IndestrucTable Resin Personal Folding Table

This table is scratch and dent-resistant, and easy to set up with its adjustable height.

Best Half Fold: CoscoProducts Deluxe Fold-in-Half Table

A long black middle folding table with black legs and carrying strap.

This table’s nifty design features a secure lock to keep it closed while transporting. There is also a comfortable handle to easily carry the table when folded as well as an all-season top, making this table great for both indoor and outdoor use. Weighing just over 25 pounds, this table is great for parties or gatherings with no marring leg tips and an easy-to-clean surface.

Best Half Fold

CoscoProducts Deluxe Fold-in-Half Table

Features an easy-to-clean all-season top with a convenient carrying handle.

Best Round: LIFETIME Light Commercial Round Table

A round white table with black legs and carrying strap.

Available in a double or single pack, this table is made of high-density polyethylene and can stand the weather with its built-in UV protection and rust resistance. Great for either indoor or outdoor use, this table is stain resistant and easy to clean, folds in half for easy storage, and offers a convenient carrying handle for easy transportation.

Best Round

LIFETIME Light Commercial Round Table

Great for indoor or outdoor use, thanks to a durable and rust-proof design.

Best Camping: MOVTOPOP Folding Camping Table

A two-layered black folding table with cup holders, cloth covered top, and gray metal legs.

This aluminum alloy table is durable, stable, and wrapped in Oxford cloth, making it easy to clean and scratch-resistant. The table weighs less than 3 pounds and easily folds to fit inside a convenient storage bag. Two layers of fabric provide plenty of extra space while outside and hold up to 55 pounds of items. This table offers convenient cup holders on the bottom level and is great for almost anything, from camping to the backyard to backpacking adventures.

Best Camping

MOVTOTOP Folding Camping Table

Fabric covered for stain resistance and durability, this folding table offers cup holders and a convenient carry bag.

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