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The Best Fondue Pots

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🕚 Updated October 2022

If you love cheese or chocolate, you need a fondue pot in your life. Break it out for parties, date nights, or just a delicious treat for yourself. Here are some of the best fondue pots we recommend.

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  Top Choice Best Value Best Ceramic Model Best for Parties Best Classic Pot
Electric Fondue Pot
Stainless Steel Electric Fondue Pot
Fondue Pot
Good Cooking
Deluxe Electric Fondue Maker Set
Klee Utensils
Cast Iron Fondue Set
Our SummaryThis functional fondue pot has a 3-quart capacity and is dishwasher safe.With cool touch handles and temperature control, this fondue pot is great for singles or small gatherings.For fondue that cooks quickly, opt for this titanium-infused ceramic pot.This electric fondue pot has both heating and melting settings, perfect for cheese or chocolate.Make fondue in the most authentic yet convenient way with this sleek pot.
Pros✓ Electric
✓ Dishwasher safe
✓ Temperature probe
✓ Stainless steel
✓ Dishwasher safe
✓ Includes forks
✓ Nonstick ceramic pot
✓ Removable & adjustable temperature controls
✓ Magnetic breakaway cord
✓ Includes tray & forks
✓ Great for sharing
✓ 2 Heating settings
✓ All inclusive set
✓ Classic fondue making
✓ Powered by fuel
Cons✗ Short electric cord
✗ May burn food
✗ No lid
✗ May get super hot
✗ Takes up a lot of space
✗ Not dishwasher safe
✗ Short cord
✗ Temperature fluctuates
✗ Bowl may chip
✗ Slow to heat up
✗ No instructions
✗ Must purchase fuel separately
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The Best Fondue Pots

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Buying Guide for Fondue Pots

Chocolate fondue with fruits on a white table.
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Why buy a fondue pot?

A fondue pot makes melting cheese and chocolate super easy and tidy. You can go savory with gooey cheese and dip veggies, bread, crackers, meats, and more inside to enjoy. Or you can go sweet with warm chocolate to coat fruits, pretzels, nuts, marshmallows, and the like. The pot will evenly heat your cheese or chocolate and keep it at the temperature throughout your feast. Fondue pots also make a fantastic gift for the cheese or chocolate lovers in your life.

What should you look for in a fondue pot?

  • Size: Think about how many people you’re planning to feed. A good guideline to follow is to plan for about 200 grams or 7 ounces of cheese fondue per person and 60 grams or 2 ounces of chocolate fondue per person. So, if you’re planning on only using a pot for chocolate fondue, you can likely go for a smaller-sized pot. If you know you’ll use the pot for parties or your whole family, go for a larger fondue pot. Most are sized around 1 to 3 quarts.
  • Material: You may want to factor in whether the pot is hand wash only or dishwasher safe. Ceramic, stainless steel, and cast iron are typically good sturdy materials to look for.
  • Electric: Some fondue pots will be plugged into outlets to power them, whereas others may have a burner and flame like a little camp stove. Electric ones are likely safer and easier for families with kiddos, but the ones with flames can really set the mood. Also, consider if the pots have temperature controls that you can adjust to your personal preference.

What else will you need for fondue night?

You’ll need something to lower your piece of bread into the cheese. While a regular fork can work, there are specially designed skewer-like utensils that will make dipping super easy and keep your hands away from messy or hot pot edges. Some fondue pots will also have special bowls around the center pot of cheese or chocolate to hold the food you’re dipping. Other useful add-ons or features to look for include pot lids, storage containers, and flame snuffers.

Our Picks for the Best Fondue Pots

Top Choice

Cuisinart Electric Fondue Pot

This functional fondue pot has a three-quart capacity and is dishwasher safe.

Pros: This functional, elegant, brushed stainless steel fondue pot has a 3-quart capacity and is suitable for chocolate, cheese, broth, and oil, so you can even use it for a hot pot meal. For those who like an easy cleanup, this pot’s non-stick interior and dishwasher-safe build make it easy to put away after warming up your favorite foods. The set includes a base, bowl, temperature probe, eight fondue forks, and a fork rack for the full fondue experience. The instructions for use are included as well as a recipe booklet.

Cons: The electric cord is short, so you will need to have an outlet that is easily accessible on a countertop for effective use. Some reviewers mention making sure you watch the food as it cooks in order not to burn it.

Bottom Line: The best feature of this 1,000-watt electric fondue set is the adjustable temperature probe, which has eight settings and is adjustable for various recipes. For a fondue pot from a trusted brand, this is a solid pick.


Best Value

Nostalgia Stainless Steel Electric Fondue Pot

With cool touch handles and temperature control, this fondue pot is great for singles or small gatherings.

Pros: Make your favorite fondue for any special event or a night at home with this 1.5-quart fondue pot. This temperature-controlled device can melt 3 pounds of your favorite cheese, sauces, or dips. The stainless steel construction is sleek and durable, and the detachable parts are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. The handles have cool-touch sides for safe and easy handling. The set includes six color-coded forks and notches in the rim of the pot to hold each fork in place.

Cons: This fondue set does take up a bit of space, so it is best for those with enough room for it in their kitchen for use and storage. Some reviewers caution on how hot the pot gets.

Bottom Line: This set is a solid pick for smaller gatherings. It’s priced well and has great features.


Best Ceramic Model

Oster Fondue Pot

For fondue that cooks quickly, opt for this titanium-infused ceramic pot.

Pros: This set includes a fondue pot with titanium-infused DuraCeramic non-stick coating, eight fondue forks, and a fork stand. It cooks up to 30% faster to save energy and time and includes removable and adjustable temperature control. A great feature of this fondue pot is its magnetic breakaway cord for added safety. The pot is great for cheeses, sauces, chocolate, and dips.

Cons: This fondue pot is not dishwasher safe. Some reviewers mentioned the cord is a bit short.

Bottom Line: With this complete fondue set, you’ll be able to serve fun and lively meals to friends and family.


Best for Parties

Good Cooking Deluxe Electric Fondue Maker Se

This electric fondue pot has both heating and melting settings, perfect for cheese or chocolate.

Pros: This premium quality fondue maker features a removable bowl and tray, which makes it easy to share your favorite fondue with friends and family. The set comes with four color-coordinated skewers to easily dip your snacks into the fondue. There are two settings, one for heating and one for melting, allowing you to have constant melted cheeses, chocolates, or dips.

Cons: This fondue pot only has two heating settings, making it slower to warm up initially. Several reviewers remarked that the bowl scratches easily.

Bottom Line: This fondue set is great for throwing parties centered around chocolate or cheese! It also makes a fantastic gift for those who love entertaining.


Best Classic Pot

Klee Utensils Cast Iron Fondue Set

Make fondue in the most authentic yet convenient way with this sleek pot.

Pros: This pot brings back the original way of making fondue, but in the most convenient manner. The cast iron pot rests over a burner to warm the contents on the inside. Its super sleek design allows you to create a centerpiece for your guests, too. You get a 3-quart capacity red fondue pot and lid, six stainless steel dipping forks, a fondue pot base, an adjustable burner, a fondue stand, and a flame snuffer. The pot has an enamel cast iron construction, which has great heat retention and melts fondue evenly.

Cons: The fuel for this fondue pot must be purchased separately. It might not be the safest option for homes with little ones.

Bottom Line: This set is a great option for a classic fondue experience. It’s perfect for gifting and using to create decadent dinners or desserts.

Final Thoughts

Fondue pots can be used for more than cheese and chocolate—heat some dip, broth, or oil in there too. Overall, these fondue pots can make your kitchen more complete and ready for entertaining.

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