The Best Food and Water Bowls for Your Reptile

a frilled  lizard in its terrarium by its bowl of food

Along with providing your pet reptile with the proper terrarium, you also want to make sure it’s fully nourished with food and water. Almost every reptile needs a food and water bowl in its cage. There are different sizes and designs of bowls you can get, so be sure to find one that fits your pet and its habitat well. Here are some options we recommend.

What to Consider in Reptile Feeding Bowls 

Be sure to consider these factors when shopping for feeding dishes for your reptile:

  • Size: As we’ve mentioned before, there are different sizes of food and water bowls to complement the size of your terrarium and your reptilian friend. Small cages inhabiting small lizards and other small animals need appropriately sized bowls, so consider different styles and shapes so that you can utilize the space well.
  • Style: Some feeding bowls are designed for corners in smaller terrariums. Others have ramps that are perfect for tortoises. There are also worm dishes. You can find very realistic rock-like bowls that are especially helpful to mimic a natural surrounding for your pet.
  • Material: When it comes to material, be sure to find a durable and easy-to-clean product. Ceramic and plastic are both reliable choices. Feeding dishes made from organic material and with fewer chemicals should be highly favored.

Now let’s take a look at some of the best reptile food and water bowls!

Best Overall: Fluker’s Food & Water Corner Bowl

A rock-like corner feeding dish for reptile terrariums.

Fluker’s corner bowl is quite possibly the best reptile food and water dish available. It comes in various packages, sizes, and colors, so it’s suitable for any sort of reptile. Since it’s a corner bowl, it fits flush against the corner of your terrarium, so it’s out of the way of the other designs and plants in your pet’s cage. Its strong, durable material is easy to clean and disinfect.

Best Overall

Fluker's Food / Water Reptile Corner Bowl, Medium

This nonporous food or water bowl fits directly in the corner of your terrarium.

Best Plastic: SLSON Plastic Reptile Dish

turtles enjoying some food from their plastic feeding dish.

The best plastic reptile feeder is from SLSON. This dish is ideal for lizards and other small reptiles, such as geckos, snakes, chameleons, and so on. It can be used for worms or water, and its green design simulates natural living spaces. The material is made of high-quality ABS plastic, so it’s durable and safe to use with no harm done to your pet. It’s not easy to break or tip over since it’s very slim and shallow. You can easily wash this reptile bowl with water or wipe it down with a rag.

Best Plastic

SLSON Reptile Feeder Terraium Bowl Plastic Shallow Reptile Feeder for Food and Water Feeding Dish for Lizard Gecko Bearded Dragon

This feeding dish sits close to the ground, so your pet will have a hard time knocking it over.

Best Natural Design: CalPalmy 2-Pack Reptile Food & Water Bowl

Great for lizards or other reptiles, this feeding dish offers a natural look.

Available in four different sizes and styles, this food and water bowl combo offers the best natural look compared to other feeding dishes. The unique and natural appearance is not only great for your pet reptile, but it can fit in with any terrarium, whether it has a desert, jungle, or tropical theme. It is made from 100% premium-quality composite plastic, so it’s odorless, easy to clean, and safe for your pet. The size makes them ideal feeding dishes for small-to-medium-sized reptiles and amphibians.

Best Natural Design

Best Ceramic: Orgrimmar 2-Pack Reptile Food & Water Bowl

A reptile eating from a white ceramic food bowl full of mealworms

If you’re looking for a more refined bowl for your terrarium, then try out this reptile food and water bowl from Orgrimmar. This feeding dish is made of high-quality ceramic that is stout and durable, and its tucked-in rim along the top makes this the perfect choice for keeping mealworms contained. It’s easy to clean, machine-washable, and it comes in a pack of two so that you can use one for worms and the other for water.

Best Ceramic

Orgrimmar 2 Pack Reptile Food Bowl Lizard Gecko Food Water Dish Bearded Dragon Feeding Dish, Ceramics Worm Dish for Lizard Anoles Bearded Dragons

This cool looking reptile feeder is great for any lizard or gecko and is designed with them in mind.

Best Size Options: Zoo Med Food & Water Dish

rock-like empty food dishes for lizards that stack

Zoo Med offers the best size options when searching for the right food and water dish. Since Zoo Med’s target audience ranges from bearded dragons to turtles, it’s no wonder that this product comes in four different sizes. You get a stackable feeding dish and water dish, so it’s easy to stow them away, and they’re made from durable materials that will hold up over time. Colors may vary, but they look like natural rocks.

Best Size Options

Zoo Med Repti Rock Reptile Food Water Dishes (Medium)

These reptile food and water dishes will not stain, absorb bacteria, or leak.

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