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The Best Foot Masks

🕚 Updated February 2023

Your lovely tootsies support you all day, so why not give them a little self-care? If yours are in need of some TLC, revamp them with one of our favorite foot masks.

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  LV Lavinso
Foot Peel Mask for Dry Cracked Feet
Foot Peel Mask
Hydrating Foot Mask
Foot Peel Mask
Baby Foot
Original Foot Peel Mask
Our SummaryThis at-home foot peel addresses all your major concerns without spending hours in a pedicure chair.Enjoy a spa-like experience, including the luxurious scents, in the comfort and privacy of your own home.Give your feet intense hydration with high-quality ingredients without the DIY mess.Add this foot peel to your self-care routine without breaking your budget.This original foot peel mask has been taking self-care to the next level for years.
Pros✓ 90-minute foot peel to soften feet from cracks and dryness
✓ Fruit acids and extracts for pain-free exfoliation
✓ Comes in four different scents
✓ 60-minute soak
✓ Fruit extracts and paraben-free exfoliation
✓ Available in 12 scents
✓ 20-minute application time
✓ 100% vegan natural moisturizers
✓ Socks are easy to tightly close
✓ No rinsing required
✓ 50- to 90- minute application
✓ Can wear regular socks over the booties
✓ Natural ingredients and botanicals for exfoliation
✓ More affordable than other options
✓ 60-minute application
✓ 16 natural extracts for effective exfoliation
Cons✗ Tape that's included is not very effective✗ May have to soak feet longer than the recommended hour to see results✗ These will not provide long-lasting results✗ May be too harsh for those with sensitive skin✗ More expensive than other options
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The Best Foot Masks

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Buying Guide for Foot Masks

Green foot mask.

Why should you buy a foot mask?

If you’ve ever tried to care for your feet at home, you’ve used sanders, either manual or electric, pumice stones, and other nail tools. Oftentimes, this results in some minor improvement that needs to be regularly repeated to achieve smooth and healthy skin on your feet. A foot mask provides a much easier way to achieve what you’re looking for while staying in the comfort of your own home. Whether your feet are cracked, dry, or have calluses, a foot mask can help you care for your feet at home so they can keep taking care of you.

What should you consider when shopping for a foot mask?

  • Ingredients: When it comes to self-care for your feet, you may come across various ingredients. If you think about a salon, you may think about harsh chemicals. There are a lot of options that use fruit extracts for exfoliation that are safe and will likely not cause any pain or irritation. Other options may focus more on hydration, using nature’s luxurious moisturizers for smooth soles.
  • Application Time: Some peels require a 90-minute application time, while other options, like hydrating socks, suggest 20 minutes. Depending on the self-care you want to give your feet, you’ll have to consider the application times and your busy schedule.
  • Maintenance Routine: Some options on this list suggest certain maintenance routines get the best results. While these may very well be worth the time and effort, be sure to consider if you can commit to the routine to achieve the results you want.

How often do you have to use a foot mask?

While it’s best to check the box for instructions, several masks suggest using the exfoliating peels no more than once a month. Since most peels take about two weeks to see complete results, you might be able to spread out the usage (and your dollars) even further.

Our Picks for the Best Foot Masks

Top Choice

LV Lavinso Foot Peel Mask for Dry Cracked Feet

This at-home foot peel addresses all your major concerns without spending hours in a pedicure chair.

Pros: If your feet fall victim to the top complaints of calluses, dry skin, cracking, or peeling, this foot peel could help. Wear the foot mask socks for 90 minutes, then wash, and the peeling will happen on its own, without you having to do any sanding or scraping. The foot pads are made with a combination of fruit acids and extracts that help remove dead skin cells. These foot peels come in four different scents. The foot mask was tested and received the Dermatologically Approved seal, which means it’s safe and does not cause pain or irritation.

Cons: Use your own tape or rubber bands, as the tape included isineffectivee.

Bottom Line: A much more affordable solution than several pedicures, this foot mask can help those with the most common foot complaints. After using both pairs included in the box, you can expect a noticeable improvement in the touch and the sight.


Most Scent Options

DERMORA Foot Peel Mask

Enjoy a spa-like experience, including the luxurious scents, in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Pros: Get rid of your feet’s calluses, dry skin, and cracking with these foot masks. After an hour of wearing the disposable booties and washin themg, your feet will begin peeling to reveal softer skin. The peels are made of fruit extracts for natural exfoliation, and the formulas are paraben-free. You can choose between two sizes and 12 scents for the most luxurious and enjoyable experience.

Cons: Some may not notice desired results after only one hour of wearing the foot mask booties.

Bottom Line: After an hour (or more) of soaking in these paraben-free foot mask booties, you can see your feet shed dry skin, cracks, or calluses in a matter of days. These effective foot masks are available in 12 luxurious scents for those who want to customize and enjoy their at-home spa-like experience.


Most Hydrating

Epielle Hydrating Foot Mask

Give your feet intense hydration with high-quality ingredients without the DIY mess.

Pros: Wear these hydrating socks for 20 minutes to reveal softer, smoother feet. The hydrating socks contain shea butter, jojoba oil, and vitamin E, and they’re also 100% vegan and cruelty-free. The creamy lotion is also enriched with essential oils and botanical extracts, so your feet feel relief from dry, cracking skin. The socks feature a secure tab to keep them from slipping off, even while you move with them. After your 20 minutes, just toss away the socks and rub in the remaining lotion. Rinsing isn’t necessary.

Cons: They do not provide a long-term solution as foot peels do.

Bottom Line: These hydrating socks are perfect for a low-maintenance routine to soften and moisturize your feet. While they won’t provide long-term improvement for cracked, dry, or callused skin, they will add intense hydration, making your feet noticeably softer.


Best for Budget

Aliver Foot Peel Mask

Add this foot peel to your self-care routine without breaking your budget.

Pros: Designed to improve dry, rough, and cracked skin, these foot masks use lavender and all-natural ingredients and botanical extracts, keeping it safe and comfortable. Wearing these masks is easy since you can wear regular socks over the foot masks. This will keep the mask close to the skin and will also aid with walking during the 50- to 90-minute application time.

Cons: It can be too harsh and irritating, especially for those with sensitive skin.

Bottom Line: Wearing a foot mask, especially for a long period of time, can be inconvenient, but these masks are easier to wear. If your skin is more resilient, this pack of three is highly affordable and effective for softening your feet.


Also Great

Baby Foot Original Foot Peel Mask

This original foot peel mask has been taking self-care to the next level for years.

Pros: If you have dry, cracked feet, this foot peel mask with 16 natural extracts will help soften your feet without effort and pain. The booties tape shut and stay in place while you let your feet soak for an hour. After the time is up, simply wash off with soapy water.

Cons: This option is more expensive than others, and it only comes with one pair.

Bottom Line: As the original foot peel mask, this one also promises to soften your dry, cracked feet with the help of 16 natural extracts. After an hour of application and quick wash, you can expect to see results progress over a couple of weeks.

Final Thoughts

Show your feet the love and care they show you each day. Soften and rejuvenate them with any one of these foot masks. Whether you’re looking to peel away dry and cracked skin or add extra hydration, there’s a foot mask that can work for you.

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