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The Best Footbags

A basket filled with colorful footbags.

Often synonymous with the Hacky Sack brand, footbags are fun retro toys for kids, families, and kicking pros. If you’d like to revisit some childhood joy or extend it to the younger generation, here are some footbags we recommend.

There’s always been immense admiration for the simplicity of a game of Hacky Sack: kick it high, kick it low, kick it with friends, or kick it alone. And while you’re at it, you’ll have fun, get a great workout, and improve your coordination. Here, we’ll go into more detail about getting the most out of your footbag, and then we’ll dive into our top picks.

Buying Guide for Footbags

A foot balances a colorful footbag on it.
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Why buy footbags?

Playing with a footbag has several benefits, whether you are a seasoned ace or just starting to try the sport out. You’ll be in good company, too, since footbag is consistently gaining popularity in the U.S. and Canada, and the number of footbag players worldwide is also growing. Footbag is a fantastic cardiovascular workout. Your heart is strengthened by the kicking and leaping involved, which keeps your heart rate up. Your agility, physical strength, and even mental clarity can all be developed while practicing. If you play soccer, the juggling, balance, and control involved in playing Hacky Sack are similar and can enhance your soccer skills.

What should you look for in footbags?

  • Design Reinforcements: Footbags have undergone a bit of a design change since the ’70s. While their classic crocheted look is still a fan favorite, some see the possibility of its material fraying and bursting as a major downside. Recent renditions of the footbag have opted for multi-panel stitching and plastic bead filling rather than sand.
  • Bundling Options: Whether you’re buying for friends or to get the most bang for your buck, it’s a good idea to consider a bundle package. There are plenty of dependable single options, but there are also a variety of exciting multi-packs that vary in color options, sizing, and design.
  • Usage: You can also consider a footbag option that offers more than a few kicks in the air. Look to backyard games that revolve around offers and use multiple footbags to involve as many participants as you’d like to join in.

What kind of filling is used for footbags?

Footbag filling options can include plastic bits, sand, metal, rubber, foam, or a blend of these materials. Sand is a popular filler since it is extremely fine and remains evenly dispersed with each kick. Plastic beads are widely used because they are inexpensive, lightweight, and have excellent bounce. A sand and metal filling is often used in some quality footbags since the metal responds well to kicks.

Our Picks for the Best Footbags

Best for Beginners

World Footbag Dirtbag Hacky Sack Footbag

This footbag for new users offers reinforced stitching and a wide surface area for the best kicking sessions.

Pros: What makes this entry-level footbag such an ideal option for new users is a combination of valuable perks. This isn’t your standard knit-sand footbag. It’s made of a synthetic suede material that’s hand-sewn and stitched together across eight panels and four Rastafarian colors. Its suede and multi-stitch construction make for a solid kick. Moreover, its larger-than-average diameter of 2.5 inches allows users easy control while in motion.

Cons: The stitching on these hand-sewn footbags may not be uniformly secure. You may want to double-check the stitches and possibly reinforce any loosening before use.

Bottom Line: If you’re new to the sport of Hacky Sack, this soft and easy-to-control footbag may be just right for you to get started with. In addition to the blue and black option, this footbag comes in four other color combinations.


Best Value

Turtle Island Imports Set of 6 Hacky Sacks - Multicolor Design

This set of six footbags provides a classic look at one low cost.

Pros: While others look to panel-stitched footbags as the latest and greatest, crocheted versions from Turtle Island Imports are still a classic option. This variety pack offers users six different multicolored sacks that are filled with plastic beads rather than sand, allowing for much easier cleanup if a tear and spill occur. What you’d pay for a single footbag elsewhere is the total value with this bundle, so you’re practically paying peanuts for each toy.

Cons: A few users found that the weights of the footbags in this set were uneven. Some of the sacks were adequately filled, while others were underfilled.

Bottom Line: These footbags are a great choice for those who want to introduce the classic game to newbies. They are ideal for indoor or outdoor play, and with six in the set, everyone can have their own to practice with.


Best Hacky Sack Game

BULZiBUCKET Next Generation Cornhole - Hacky Sack/Bean Bag Game

A great alternative to heavy cornhole boards, this footbag game should provide easy backyard fun.

Pros: The footbag never really needed assistance in the entertainment department. It’s always been as simple as kick, kick higher, then pick it up off the floor and start over. However, The BULZiBUCKET Yard Game combines the simplicity of kicking around a sack with the competition of cornhole for a game that can be enjoyed almost anywhere, anytime. This twist on a backyard classic offers fans two goals that weigh a fraction of traditional cornhole boards. It also includes six color-coded sacks to form two teams, a carrying case, and instructions for three styles of play.

Cons: This game set is quite a bit more expensive than the other options.

Bottom Line: Whether camping, at the beach, or right on your lawn, this Next Generation Cornhole game can provide hours of excitement with the family or friends. It’s easy to set up, travels easily, and is suitable for all ages.


Largest Quantity

Mia Jewel Shop Multicolored Crochet Assorted Foot Bag

These beautiful handmade footbags come in sets from 3 to 24.

Pros: These durable, handmade footbags are beautifully crocheted with a colorful cotton exterior. The 2.5-ounce bags are tightly filled with plastic rubber pellets for maximum bounce. No worries if you’re in a large group or club of Hacky Sack players! These footbags from Mia Jewel Shop are available in sets from 3 to 24, so the more, the merrier.

Cons: Some of the footbags in this set may be a bit stiff. You may be able to break in any stiff bags by kneading them to make them more pliable.

Bottom Line: These footbags are a great option if you have a large group who wants to practice or play together. They are sturdy and durable, but if any in the set are stiff, take a few minutes to break them in, and they should be good to go.


Also Great

Turtle Island Imports Set of 3 Hacky Sacks, Assorted Colors

This value bundle offers players three distinctly colored sacks for an affordable price.

Pros: This footbag three-pack is designed for those who already have their footing. Each sack measures just 2.1 inches across and features the same multicolored cotton crocheted design as similar models from the brand. It’s another worthwhile value that may offer less than other bundles, but the price per sack and plastic bead filling is still hard to beat.

Cons: Some users mentioned that the filling of the footbags in this set was not uniform.

Bottom Line: These footbags are ideal for those who want to experience the nostalgia of playing with crocheted sacks that are so much like the originals. They are durable, pliable, and easy to keep an eye on during kicking.

Final Thoughts

A new generation is reaping the physical, mental, and even social benefits of playing the sport of Hacky Sack. Our footbag recommendations offer various designs, fills, set quantities, and game layouts, so you and your group can choose the sacks that appeal to you the most.

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