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The Best Football Party Decorations

Arina P Habich/Shutterstock.com
🕚 Updated April 2023

Getting a crowd together for the big game is always a good time. Add these fun football decorations to your party to score extra points!

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  Best Set Best Tablecloth Best Balloons Best Plate and Napkin Set Best Hanging Decorations Best for Buffets
Football Party Supplies and Decorations Set
Football Tablecloth, 2 Pack
Football Balloons, 12 pack
Super Bowl Party Supplies
Anor Wishlife
American Football Hanging Swirl Decorations
True Zoo
Inflatable Football Field Cooler Bar
Our SummaryGet everything you need for your party to make it even more festive.Fun decor that also helps make cleaning up easy.Add some decorative dimension to your football party with these balloons.For a Super Bowl specific party, these decorations add extra cheer and make cleanup easier.Bring your party to new heights with this fun set of football theme decorations.Keep your food and drinks cold and fresh in this buffet-friendly, football-themed cooler.
Pros✓ Set includes two sizes of plates, cutlery, two tablecloths, napkins, cups
✓ Serves 24
✓ Includes balloons, ribbons, a banner and hanging decorations
✓ Set is non-toxic, food grade and BPA-free
✓ Includes two tablecloths
✓ High-quality plastic
✓ Easy to clean
✓ Can be reusable or disposable
✓ Includes 12 balloons
✓ High-quality, non-toxic aluminum foil
✓ Can be filled with air or hydrogen
✓ Set comes with two plate sizes, napkins, one tablecloth
✓ Serves 24
✓ Specific to Super Bowl
✓ 30 pieces of fun football themed hanging decorations
✓ Wide assortment
✓ Could be reused if handled carefully
✓ Inflatable cooler to set on the table
✓ Perfect for serving buffet food and drinks
✓ Football theme for all ages
✓ Reusable
Cons✗ Banner requires assembly✗ More expensive than other disposable tablecloths✗ Can tear easily during inflating if not done carefully✗ Only comes with one tablecloth✗ Need to be handled carefully or they may rip✗ Can be difficult to inflate
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The Best Football Party Decorations

Game day football party table with beer, chips and salsa, and decorations.
Arina P Habich/Shutterstock.com

From party essentials to serving accessories, you can carry your football theme throughout your party with ease. These are a few of our favorites that will not only help you decorate your football party but can make serving the lively crowd easier so you can enjoy the game, food, and atmosphere.

Buying Guide for Football Party Decorations

inflatable football cooler bar with snacks and drinks at a party
True Zoo

Why should you buy football party decorations?

The Super Bowl only comes once a year, so why not get festive? Getting a few decorations to watch the big game can add extra spirit and excitement to your party. Plus, there are a lot of other games throughout the season that you can grab these decorations for. Or maybe you have a child that wants a football-themed birthday party, and these party decorations are perfect. Also, some of the options in our list can even make party cleanup easier.

What should you consider when shopping for football party decorations?

  • Types of Food: The type of food you’re serving may help you determine which type of decorations or supplies you should buy. Hot food may require thick plates, while appetizers and desserts can fit well on a smaller size. If you want to serve chilled food like veggies and dips, there’s a fun inflatable cooler tray option to check out too.
  • Size of Crowd: Some of the packs listed in this roundup have serving counts, so pay attention to the size of your guest list and how supplies come in each pack.
  • Age of Guests: Certain decorations may speak more to a children’s crowd rather than adults. On the other hand, if you choose to get decorations and wish you reuse them, you may want to be careful hanging them around a rambunctious crowd.

How much should you pay for football decorations?

When it comes to the big game, your party should focus on the teams playing, the delicious food and drinks, and the awesome crowd you’ve invited. Keep the decorations simple to assemble, easy to clean up, and affordable. All decorations in this list are either bundled to make your dollar go further or specialized to score extra points for the football theme without “unnecessary roughness” on your budget.

Our Picks for the Best Football Party Decorations

Best Set

Esjay Football Party Supplies and Decorations Set - Serves 24

Get everything you need for your party to make it even more festive.

Pros: This set can accommodate 24 people, complete with cutlery, two sizes of plates, cups, and fun napkins. It also comes with two disposable tablecloths, balloons, a banner, and hanging swirl decorations. The products are durable, sturdy, and non-toxic. The tableware set is food-grade and BPA-free. If you’re looking for a great set of supplies and decorations for your football party, this will very likely have everything you need.

Cons: The banner requires assembly, so leave time in your preparation for that.

Bottom Line: This complete set makes your football party decor and supplies a one-stop shop so you can focus on other important details like the food. Some items do require assembly, so it will take some time to set up.


Best Tablecloth

Esjay Football Tablecloth, 2 Pack

Fun decor that also helps make cleaning up easy.

Pros: This package contains two plastic football table covers, each measuring 54 x 72 inches. The material is high-quality and will not tear. It’s also easy to clean up with just a wipe for spills. Best of all, at the end of the party, you can just toss it away with the rest of your trash. However, if you want, it can be wiped clean and reused since the plastic is very durable.

Cons: Given the higher quality, these are more expensive than other disposable tablecloths.

Bottom Line: The tablecloths add vibrant color and fun football vibes to your party without much effort. The durable plastic is easy to clean if you want to reuse it or just toss it away with other trash for easy cleanup.


Best Balloons

Skylety Football Balloons, 12 pack

Add some decorative dimension to your football party with these balloons.

Pros: Take your decorations to higher ground with this pack of football balloons. Made of durable aluminum material, which is also non-toxic, these football balloons can stand up to the excitement of watching a high-stakes game with avid fans. You can fill them with air or hydrogen for whatever makes sense for your party.

Cons: You have to be careful when inflating them so that you don’t rip or pop them by accident.

Bottom Line: Add the fun of football balloons to your party. The balloons can be blown up with air or hydrogen. Just be careful when inflating them so they can last for your whole party and beyond!


Best Plate and Napkin Set

Vadeture Super Bowl Party Supplies

For a Super Bowl party, these decorations add extra cheer and make cleanup easier.

Pros: This Super Bowl party kit includes 24 plates in 7- and 9-inch sizes, napkins, and a tablecloth. The tablecloth measures 54 x 108 inches. With football field decorations and game phrases, the football theme is carried throughout your party supplies. The set serves 24 and will help make cleanup easy so you can focus on having fun.

Cons: This set only comes with one tablecloth, while most sets with tablecloths come with two.

Bottom Line: Keep your Super Bowl party on theme with this set of party supplies. The set can serve 24 people but only comes with one tablecloth.


Best Hanging Decorations

Anor Wishlife 30Ct American Football Hanging Swirl Decorations

Bring your party to new heights with this fun set of football theme decorations.

Pros: When you want to add more decorations than just at your table, this is a great set to consider. With 30 pieces of football theme decor, you can add fun variety throughout the party area. Football helmets, foam fan fingers, goal posts, footballs, and pennants are all included in the pack and since it’s not specific to any game or team, you can reuse them throughout the season.

Cons: While they can be reused for several occasions, they need to be handled carefully as they are somewhat flimsy.

Bottom Line: As long as you handle these carefully when taking them out of the packing and hanging them up, you should be able to enjoy these for at least a few football parties. The variety pack has enough decorations to keep your party festive far beyond the serving table.


Best for Buffets

True Zoo Inflatable Football Field Cooler Bar

Keep your food and drinks cold and fresh in this buffet-friendly, football-themed cooler.

Pros: A traditional cooler isn’t very accommodating for a gathering. A football party’s spread of dips, cheese and meats, appetizers, and other finger food that’s meant to stay chilled but still easy to reach needs this inflatable cooler tray. This football-themed serving accessory measures 52 x 28 inches and can fit nicely on a table to hold a variety of game-day food that’s easy to enjoy. Since it’s made of quality PVC, it is reusable.

Cons: It can be a little bit difficult to inflate.

Bottom Line: This football-themed serving cooler makes your buffet of chilled drinks and snacks easy to serve on a table so guests can reach everything easier. It can be reused for several occasions.

Final Thoughts

Hosting a football party is already a fun time. Adding football decorations to your delicious food only kicks your party up a notch. Consider adding these easy decorations to your gathering so you can focus on the food, the game, and your guests!

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