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The Best Fortnite Toys

🕚 Updated December 2022

Available on most video gaming systems and even on computers and smart devices, Fortnite is an online game that's been growing in popularity since its introduction in 2017. Here are some Fortnite-themed toys to play with off-screen.

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  Best Nerf Gun Best Remote-Controlled Best Action Figure Set Best Board Game Best Funko Pop
Fortnite BASR-L Bolt Action, Clip Fed Blaster
Baller (RC) Vehicle
The Chapter 1 Collection Action Figures
Hasbro Gaming
Jenga: Fortnite Edition Game
Funko Pop!
Games: Fortnite
Our SummaryGet in on the action with this fun and safe blaster that comes with a six-dart clip and 12 foam darts.This cool RC vehicle speeds through the terrain with two AA batteries and comes with a 4-inch action figure included.This set of highly-detailed characters move and pose for hours of battle action fun.Scale the Jenga tower to defeat your enemies, but be careful not to topple it over!These playful figurines are fun to collect and display for kids and adults alike.
Pros✓ Close-to-accurate replica
✓ Well-loved toy manufacturer
✓ Extra darts included
✓ Collectible packaging
✓ Accurate figurine
✓ Easy to control
✓ Highly detailed
✓ Movable parts
✓ Officially licensed
✓ Like classic Jenga but more challenging
✓ Themed artwork on game pieces
✓ Great for kids ages 8 and up
✓ Pop culture favorite
✓ Fully licensed
✓ Giftable packaging
Cons✗ Scope isn't accurate✗ Only works on hard floors✗ More expensive option✗ Box is not very sturdy✗ Not a good option for younger children
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The Best Fortnite Toys

A red Fortnite action figure stands next to a remote controlled ball-shaped vehicle.

Fortnite is popular because players can build their own characters and enjoy the engaging worlds found within. Kids also thrive on the social component of Fortnite, playing with their friends and schoolmates.

Buying Guide for Fortnite Toys

A teenage boy wearing protective glasses holds a Fortnite-themed NERF gun and smiles.

Why buy Fortnite toys?

If you have a person in your life who loves Fortnite, consider buying them a Fortnite toy for their next birthday, holiday, or special occasion. Having Fortnite toys for your gamer also helps to pull them away from the screen and play out their Fortnite fantasies in real life.

What should you consider in Fortnite toys?

  • Safety: If you’re buying toys for younger children, it’s best practice to read the manufacturer’s recommendations, particularly if there are small parts involved. It’s also recommended when using a blaster that shoots projectiles to have protective eyewear available.
  • Featured Characters: When it comes to fantasy play, be sure you get the right featured characters that represent the best of Fortnite. Action figures, in particular, may come in sets that highlight particular characters that your child will love.
  • Games or Fantasy Play: While fantasy play may be a louder and more active game, board games, puzzles, or crafts may be a better choice for quiet play. Choose according to whether your child prefers active engagement or quiet time when indulging in their favorite toys.

Is Fortnite kid-appropriate?

While Fortnite games are rated “T” for teens, there are some younger players who become involved with the game and enjoy it. The game is recommended for ages 13 and up. As always, make choices for your family that suit you and discuss any concerns with your child.

Our Picks for the Best Fortnite Toys

Best Nerf Gun

Nerf Fortnite BASR-L Bolt Action, Clip Fed Blaster

Get in on the action with this fun and safe Nerf blaster that comes with a six-dart clip and 12 foam darts.

Pros: This ultra-cool, brand-name dart blaster is a close-to-accurate replica of the one used in Fortnite. It’s well-made and sturdy, made from quality materials and with durability in mind. And it’s fairly simple to use: it has a pump action that moves the darts forward through the clip, and it doesn’t require batteries. It also has a removable scope, so you can seek out your enemies from a distance. Plus, it comes with six darts for the clip and six extra darts for continual play.

Cons: The scope is not very accurate.

Bottom Line: Overall, this is a great fantasy shooter for ages 8 and up. It’s recommended to wear safety eyewear when using this blaster in a group play setting. But overall, this toy is built with safety and fun in mind.


Best Remote-Controlled

Fortnite Baller (RC) Vehicle

This cool RC vehicle speeds through the terrain with two AA batteries and comes with a 4-inch action figure included.

Pros: First, this toy set comes in durable, giftable, and even collectible packaging. Second, gamers love the accurate and well-made Hybrid figurine. It looks exactly like the character in the game, and superfans absolutely love it. The RC vehicle is also really fun to play with since it has 360 degrees of total control. And it comes with an easy-to-use and accurate remote, so kids of all ages can enjoy the fun.

Cons: The baller only rolls on hard floors.

Bottom Line: While other remote-controlled vehicles are great, this Fortnite baller comes with 360-degree control for the ultimate RC experience. It comes with a Hybrid figurine, but it’s compatible with all 4-inch Fortnite figurines. Best of all, this toy is an official Fortnite product, perfect for collectors.


Best Action Figure Set

Fortnite The Chapter 1 Collection Action Figures

A set of highly-detailed characters to move and pose for hours of battle action fun.

Pros: Attention super fans! This pack of 10 Fortnite 4-inch figurines is highly detailed, with over 25 points of articulation in their joints, so you can move them, pose them, and create journeys, stories, and epic battles. This pack includes popular players such as Fortnite Outfits Recruit (Jonesy), Black Knight, Rust Lord, The Visitor, Drift, DJ Yonder, Ice King (Gold), Peely, Rox, and Eternal Voyager. And this pack even includes a 14-inch poster of the map from Chapter 1’s Season X. The characters are true to form, and this toy is an officially licensed product of Fortnite.

Cons: This Fortnite toy is on the more expensive side.

Bottom Line: Figurine collectors will adore this 10-pack of Fortnite favorites. They’re perfect for playtime or for resting on a shelf. And they come with a map from the game for authenticity.


Best Board Game

Hasbro Gaming Jenga: Fortnite Edition Game

Scale the Jenga tower to defeat your enemies, but be careful not to topple it over!

Pros: Just like classic Jenga, you’ll be stacking sturdy wooden blocks and trying not to knock down the tower. Unlike the classic game, this version comes with artwork, themes, and characters inspired by the popular Fortnite video game. This version asks each player to spin, stack, and climb, moving pegs up and up as they go. It’s a battle to the top! This game is both fun and challenging, a great family game night game for kids and adults ages 8 and up.

Cons: The box is not very sturdy.

Bottom Line: For those who want to mix it up on game night, this game is a big hit with Fortnite fans. It adds an extra challenge to the original game. Plus, it’s designed with unique Fortnite artwork.


Best Funko Pop

Funko Pop! Games: Fortnite

These playful figurines are fun to collect and display for kids and adults alike.

Pros: These pop culture figurines have been collector’s favorites for the past few years. There are four popular Fortnite characters to choose from, including Frozen Raven, Giddy UP, Fishstick, and Wild Card. Each is licensed and well-made with high-tech vinyl by Funko, who has been delivering collectible toys for decades. Each figurine also comes in collectible, giftable packaging.

Cons: This doesn’t make a great gift for younger or more active children since it’s more of a collector’s figurine.

Bottom Line: If you have a collector in your life, they’ll likely love these Fortnite Funko figurines. They’re perfectly stylized to look just like your favorite characters. This option is best for older kids or adults.

Final Thoughts

Fortnite is a popular series of battle-style games that also provide a space to get creative. Because of its continued popularity, it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. So if your kid (or favorite adult) loves Fortnite, there are some fun toys and cool collectibles available for your next round of gifts.

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