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The Best Fox Toys You Can Buy

two babies with fox toys; one is a teething toy, and one is a plush toy

With cunning personalities and cuddly physiques, it is no wonder that the friendly fox has become a model for a wide variety of children’s toys and games. Whether you are looking for a board game, a plush toy, or a creative craft, you will have no trouble finding a fox-inspired toy that suits you and your child. Here are some fox toys that we highly recommend.

Buying a Fox Toy

The main thing to consider is the material your toy is made from:

  • Materials: Your child’s safety is the first thing to consider when buying any toy. When buying a plush toy, make sure that the plush is crafted with soft, kid-friendly materials such as corduroy, cotton, or other natural materials. Button eyes and noses should be sewn on tightly in order to prevent them from being pulled off and becoming choking hazards. Craft kits should come with lead-free, nontoxic paint that is safe to get on small hands. Look for teething toys that are made with food-grade silicone that have no small, breakable parts as these can easily become choking hazards.

Best Plush Toy: Manhattan Toy Folksy Foresters Stuffed Fox

This plush fox toy will make the cutest cuddle buddy for you or your child. The plush is crafted with irresistibly soft corduroy and comes with a bean-filled bottom, hands, feet, and a bushy tail that gives the fox extra weight and stability. The fox’s facial features have been hand-embroidered and heat-sealed in order to make sure that the toy is durable enough to last through every playtime. If you are looking to encourage your child’s imagination and creativity, this friendly fox plush is ready to accompany your child on all of their wild adventures.

Best Plush Toy

Manhattan Toy Folksy Foresters Fox Stuffed Animal

With hand-embroidered and heat-sealed facial features, this fox plush is designed to last through every playtime.

Best Craft: Creative Roots Paint Your Own Fox Kit

Is your kid a craft connoisseur? This paint kit comes with everything your child needs to design their own creatively colorful fox: a 3D ceramic fox, six paint pots, and a paintbrush. If you are looking to push your child to think outside of the box, this kit will encourage them to discover new colors by mixing the provided paint pots in order to create their own unique color palette. This ceramic fox paint kit truly provides a blank canvas for your child to explore the depths of their imagination.

Best Craft

Creative Roots Paint Your Own Fox by Horizon Group USA

This paint kit is designed to encourage children to think outside of the box by mixing paints to create their own unique colors.

Best Teething Toy: Pandamelon Fox Teether

Are you looking for a safe way to soothe your teething baby? This fox teething toy is made from lead-free, food-grade silicone that is safe for newborns. The teether features a textured surface that is designed to massage and relieve sore gums; it is also freezer-safe, so you can cool it down for an extra-soothing touch. With a unique fox design and petite shape, the teether is perfect for small hands to grab onto. It comes with a silicone pacifier clip that not only allows your child easy access to the teether but also helps to prevent you from losing it.

Best Teething Toy

Best Board Game: Gamewright Outfoxed! A Cooperative Whodunit Board Game

Are you smart enough to outwit a fox? In this board game, you and your friends are tasked with helping Mrs. Plumpert figure out which fox stole her prized pot pie. As you move around the game board, you’ll discover clues and use the special evidence scanner to rule out suspects. Your team must work together quickly to figure out the culprit before the fiendish fox gets away! The game can be played by up to four players and is a great choice for ages 5 and up. This cooperative board game is a great way to develop your child’s intuition and collaborative skills.

Best Board Game

Gamewright Outfoxed! A Cooperative Whodunit Board Game for Kids 5+, Multi-colored, Standard, Model Number: 418

In this board game, you and your team must discover clues in order to help Mrs. Plumpert figure out who stole her prized pot pie!

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