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The Best Freestanding Toilet Paper Holders

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🕚 Updated November 2022

You probably don't think about your toilet paper holder very often, but if it's not doing the job the way you want it to, try one of these nifty freestanding toilet paper holders. They'll keep your TP easily accessible while adding a decorative touch.

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  Top Choice Best Minimalist Design Best with Shelf Best Modern Design
Toilet Paper Storage Holder
Classic Toilet Paper Holder
Toilet Paper Storage Holder
Gold Toilet Paper Holder
Our SummaryThis reliable toilet paper holder can store up to four rolls at a time.A simple, functional, and sleek freestanding toilet paper holder.Keep your phone or a pack of wipes on the built-in shelf of this freestanding toilet paper holder.This stylish toilet paper holder features a handcrafted marble base.
Pros✓ Durable and sturdy
✓ Beautiful chrome finish
✓ Great for most bathrooms
✓ Ideal for most bathrooms
✓ Shiny metal finish
✓ Modern-looking
✓ Stores extra toilet paper
✓ Convenient shelf for holding personal items
✓ Strong and sturdy
✓ Anti-corrosive and rustproof
✓ Unique and eye-catching style
Cons✗ Can be wobbly✗ Doesn't have storage✗ The shelf can get in the way✗ Issues with the adhesive pads on the bottom
✗ No storage
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The Best Freestanding Toilet Paper Holders

A bathroom with a rose gold freestanding toilet paper holder and a matching small wastebasket.
New Africa/Shutterstock.com

Buying Guide for Freestanding Toilet Paper Holders

A toilet with a standing silver toilet paper dispenser and a table with towels and soap on it.

Why buy a freestanding toilet paper holder? 

It all comes down to accessibility and convenience. A freestanding holder makes it much easier to place in the ideal location of your bathroom where you have quick and easy access to your toilet paper. You can often store extra rolls of toilet paper in a freestanding holder as well. You won’t have to mount a freestanding holder, making it a great option for renters or easy damage-free and tool-free bathroom upgrades.

What should you look for in a freestanding toilet paper holder?

  • Size and Capacity: Many freestanding toilet paper holders can store extra rolls, so look for one of these models if that’s important to you. Think about how large your bathroom is and pick a model that won’t take up too much floor space.
  • Style: There are plenty of different style options to choose from. For example, if your bathroom has a more modern appearance, you can opt for a freestanding holder made of stainless steel or one that’s painted black.

Do you have to assemble your freestanding toilet paper holder?

Sometimes, you’ll have to assemble the freestanding units after they arrive, but the process is typically straightforward and quick. The manufacturer should provide detailed instructions on how to assemble your toilet paper holder on your own, and you won’t have to drill it into the wall or cabinet like mounted models.

Our Picks for the Best Toilet Paper Holders

Top Choice

SimpleHouseware Toilet Tissue Storage Holder

This reliable toilet paper holder can store up to four rolls at a time.

Pros: Made of steel alloy material, this freestanding paper holder is incredibly sturdy. It can hold three standard rolls of toilet paper on the bottom and hang one for dispensing. It features a beautiful chrome finish to complement the decor of many bathrooms.

Cons: It’s a little unstable and wobbles if the base isn’t weighed down enough.

Bottom Line: This is a fantastic freestanding toilet paper holder that’s suitable for many bathrooms. It’s a reliable model that should serve you well for a small price.


Best Minimalist Design

SunnyPoint Freestanding Toilet Paper Holder

A simple, functional, and sleek freestanding toilet paper holder.

Pros: This freestanding holder has a simple design yet offers incredible sturdiness and durability. Its shiny chrome finish will fit in many bathrooms. Furthermore, the round weighted base of the holder provides optimal support.

Cons: You can’t use this freestanding unit to store multiple rolls of toilet paper at once. You will have to be diligent at replacing the one roll it holds and dispenses.

Bottom Line: The simplicity of design in this toilet paper holder is why so many people buy it. It won’t get in the way, but it will do its job reliably.


Best with Shelf

SunnyPoint Storage Holder with Shelf

Keep your phone or a pack of wipes on the built-in shelf of this freestanding toilet paper holder.

Pros: This heavy-duty toilet paper holder from SunnyPoint is a nice size. It can store a few extra rolls, but it isn’t as bulky as some other models. With the freestanding design, you can place it where you need it. Perhaps the best feature is its built-in shelf where you can store small items like an air freshener, wipes, or your phone while you’re sitting.

Cons: Although the shelf is one of the main selling points of this toilet paper holder, it can get in the way when you go to grab your toilet paper.

Bottom Line: The little shelf on top of this freestanding toilet paper holder makes it an excellent choice for most homeowners. With its space reserved for spare rolls, you won’t have to worry about searching for toilet paper at an inconvenient time.


Best Modern Design

KES Gold Toilet Paper Holder

This stylish toilet paper holder features a handcrafted marble base.

Pros: This freestanding toilet paper holder has a simple yet elegant and modern design, and it’s available in multiple colors (brass, matte black, and silver). The stainless steel material is durable, rustproof, and suitable for humid bathrooms. It comes with adhesive anti-slip pads that keep your freestanding holder securely in place where you decide to keep it.

Cons: The adhesive used to secure the holder isn’t compatible with every bathroom and might cause damage to the floor when moved.

Bottom Line: If you want a freestanding unit with plenty of style and charm, then look no further. This toilet paper holder elevates bathroom decor beautifully.

Final Thoughts

Having a freestanding toilet paper holder inside your bathroom can make your life much easier. They often provide extra storage, a customizable placement, and a sleek look. If you want to upgrade your bathroom, make a small but impactful change with one of these freestanding toilet paper holders.

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