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The Best Fresh Cut Roses for That Special Someone

Sending someone a bouquet of roses is a time-honored way to show you love and appreciate them, whether for a special occasion, or a way to bring some beauty and cheer to your home. Nowadays it’s easier than ever to order a bouquet of fresh-cut roses and have them sent right to a loved one’s door. Here are a few we recommend.

Roses are one of the most recognizable and popular flowers. Associated with love and romance, they’re known for their beauty, large size, and rich colors. While roses naturally come in shades of red, white, pink, yellow, and orange, thanks to artificial coloring they’re available in plenty of other colors as well, even multicolored and rainbow hues.

What Should You Consider in Fresh Cut Roses?

Here are a few things to think about before buying fresh cut roses:

  • Quantity: How many roses do you want to buy? Traditionally roses are sold by the dozen, and finding a bouquet that’s fewer than one dozen can be a tricky task. Larger quantities are more readily available. Not only can you buy several dozen roses at a time but there are bouquets consisting of 50 or even 100 roses at once if you feel like splurging or are purchasing for a major celebration or event like a wedding.
  • Color: When it comes to buying roses, you have a choice between traditional, natural colors and more unique, dyed hues. Rainbow, dark blue, green, and teal roses, among others, are all fairly common options. You can also buy bouquets of assorted colored roses, such as a bouquet that is one-third red roses, one-third white roses, and one-third pink roses. Think of who or what you’re buying the roses for and pick your color or colors accordingly.
  • Extras: When buying bouquets of fresh-cut roses, there are several bonus perks you can sometimes find with your purchase. Quite a few options will come with their own complimentary vases or specialty display boxes. There are gift box options for many of these too if you’re buying for a loved one. The vases or boxes may be adorned with, or the roses may be tied with, ribbons or other decorations. Some companies will throw in a packet of flower food to put in the water and keep the roses alive for longer. Many places will deliver the roses in bud form so they fully blossom a few days after arrival in order to be enjoyed longer. Some companies deliver faster than others, so keep an eye on these last two factors if your order is time-sensitive.

Best Classic Bouquet: Benchmark Bouquets Red Roses

Few flowers or bouquets are as classic, even iconic, as a few dozen red roses. If you’re looking to buy yourself or a loved one some of these beautiful and traditional flowers, consider this bouquet from Benchmark Bouquets. They’re shipped in bud form, fully opening after two or three days, in order to ensure you or the recipient gets to enjoy them for as long as possible. They also travel better as buds than full flowers, less likely to lose petals. Each bouquet is carefully arranged to protect the buds during travel so they retain their quality during travel and upon arrival. Overnight shipping and next day delivery are available most days of the week, and you have the option of sending them as a gift and writing a personal message at checkout. This bouquet can be ordered with or without a round glass vase.

Best Classic Bouquet

Benchmark Bouquets 2 Dozen Red Roses, With Vase (Fresh Cut Flowers)

Two dozen fresh cut red roses, available with or without a glass vase, for a timeless, elegant look.

Best Selection: GlobalRose Assorted Roses

If you’re not completely sure how many or what color roses you want, this assorted bouquet gives you quite a few purchasing options to choose between. You can buy a single bouquet of 50 roses, a single bouquet of 50 roses, or two bouquets of 25 roses (50 total). There are quite a few color selections too, an assorted multicolored bouquet (white, orange, yellow, and pink), assorted pink roses, or all red or all white bouquets. Each rose has a 16-inch to 18-inch stem. Next day delivery is available, as is the option to order a personalized gift note.

Best Selection

50 Assorted Roses- Two Beautiful Colors- Fresh Cut Flowers Next Day Delivery

An assorted bouquet of roses with multiple purchasing and color options.

Best Pink Roses: Dozen Pink Roses by Arabella Bouquets

Aside from red roses, pink roses are arguably the most popular and well-known colors of roses. They’re gentler than classic red roses and are used to symbolize grace, joy, and sweetness. If you’re looking to buy a bouquet of pink roses, you can’t go wrong with this one. They’re eco-friendly, as they’re bought from certified rainforest alliance farms, and their packaging is recyclable. The included hand blown glass vase is made entirely from recycled material as well. The vase is narrow and cylindrical in shape and comes with a dozen pale pink roses. They’re delivered in bud form and you get complimentary free two-day shipping upon purchase. Gift messaging is available if desired.

Best Pink Roses

Best For Budget: From You Flowers One Dozen Rainbow Roses

A bouquet of roses can run on the pricey side, especially depending on the time of year. If you want to buy yourself or a loved one a bunch of roses without paying through the nose, consider this bouquet. You’ll receive a dozen fresh cut roses in various colors, including red, orange, yellow, pink, and lavender roses. A round, complimentary glasses vase comes with your purchase as well. The blooms come wrapped and secured in the vase so you or the recipient doesn’t have to arrange them for themselves. The flowers are delivered in bud form and will bloom to full capacity within two or three days. Allow for one business day to process your order, and then your flowers with be shipped overnight.

Best For Budget

From You Flowers - One Dozen Rainbow Roses with Free Vase (Fresh Flowers)

A dozen multicolored roses that are delivered wrapped and in the complimentary glass vase.

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