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The Best Fridge Organizers

🕚 Updated December 2022

If you hate going on what feels like a quest to find one ingredient in your fridge, it might be time to get some fridge organizers. With these fridge organizers, you can keep your food and drinks more accessible, plan your meals more efficiently, and even reduce waste.

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  Best for Bottles Best for Eggs Best for Bottles Best for Bottles Best Lazy Susan
Clear Plastic Refrigerator Organizer Bins
Totally Kitchen
Plastic Egg Holder
Plastic Refrigerator Storage Organizer for Water Bottles
2-Pack Soda Can Organizer
FridgeView Fridge Turntable
Our SummaryA large set of roomy multifunctional fridge bins to keep your shelves organized.Keeps smells and moisture away from your eggs and looks better in your shelves than the paper or styrofoam cartons.This organizer holds your favorite bottled beverages neatly inside your fridge.A convenient way to maximize fridge space with a side storage can holder that has an option for a lid.If you hate moving around bottles and jars to find what you need, check out this convenient lazy Susan fridge organizer.
Pros✓ Roomy containers
✓ Comes with eight bins
✓ BPA-free plastic construction
✓ Can hold up to 18 eggs
✓ Also accommodates jumbo size eggs
✓ Durable lid allows for stacking
✓ Roomy design accommodates bottles and cans
✓ Made from BPA-free plastic
✓ Raised front edge
✓ Option for lid version
✓ Can store up to nine cans per bin
✓ Stackable with lid
✓ Nonskid silicone mat
✓ Works well in a fridge or pantry
✓ Easy assembly
Cons✗ May not be ideal for larger items✗ Container is not dishwasher safe✗ May not work with irregular size bottles✗ May not accommodate irregular size cans✗ Doesn't hold a ton of weight
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The Best Fridge Organizers

The inside of a fridge with clear organizers holding different produce and products.

When your food is organized, meal prep and snack time become easier and less stressful, especially if you have a large family. Check out our list below for some fantastic fridge organizers to make your life easier.

Buying Guide for Fridge Organizers

A woman is turning a white lazy susan inside of a refrigerator.

Why buy a fridge organizer?

Fridge organizers make finding your ingredients efficient and straightforward. You won’t have to worry about the fridge door staying open while you sift through all your shelves to find your favorite block of cheese, nor will you end up throwing away leftovers and produce because they got shoved to the back and forgotten about. Plus, fridge organizers make your fridge look much cleaner and less cluttered.

What should you consider in a fridge organizer?

  • Measurements: Your fridge organizers should fit well without creating a bunch of unusable space. Before buying, be sure to pull out the old tape measure to create a convenient layout and double-check that the containers you have your eyes on will fit.
  • Food or Beverage Storage: Some fridge organizers are made specifically for cans or bottles, making it easy to grab your favorite drinks without tipping, dropping, or spilling them. Other bins are made to fit foods like fruits and veggies, snacks, eggs, or condiments.
  • Stackability: If you have a smaller refrigerator or want to make use of the vertical space in your fridge, stackable fridge organizers work well. You can ultimately fit more inside your fridge if you have stackable containers.

What is the best way to keep your fridge organizer clean?

Although most fridge organizers are made from plastic, not all are dishwasher safe, even on the top rack. To keep your organizers from warping, hand wash them with soap and water about every two weeks to keep them clean and fresh.

Our Picks for the Best Fridge Organizers

Best Overall

HOOJO Refrigerator Organizer Bins

A large set of roomy multifunctional fridge bins to keep your shelves organized.

Pros: If you crave order when you open your fridge doors, you’re going to like this versatile set of eight BPA-free plastic bins. While they’re designed for use in the refrigerator, you can use them to bring order to any chaotic corner of your home. Each bin measures 12.5 inches long by 6.3 inches wide. But there are other sizes and quantities available too.

Cons: If you’re trying to store oversized items, these bins might not be a good fit.

Bottom Line: If you’re tired of your fridge shelves looking disorganized, this eight-count set of storage bins can help you keep your food orderly.


Best for Eggs

Totally Kitchen Plastic Egg Holder

Keeps smells and moisture away from your eggs and looks better in your shelves than the paper or styrofoam cartons.

Pros: Sometimes, those egg cartons that are used to store your eggs in the store can be unsightly. While they’re semi-durable for the trip from the farm to the store, they’re ugly and can also break down. This clear BPA-free egg holder can store up to 18 eggs and has a dedicated slot for each egg. Better still, the sturdy lid means you can stack this pick, and it can accommodate jumbo eggs.

Cons: Although this facet won’t be a deal-breaker for everyone, some people may be dismayed to find that this container is not dishwasher safe.

Bottom Line: No matter what size eggs you buy, you’ll have durable storage for up to 18 of them, with a sturdy lid that allows you to stack items on top of this container without fear of breaking your eggs.


Best for Bottles

iDesign Plastic Refrigerator and Freezer Storage Organizer for Bottles

This organizer holds your favorite bottled beverages neatly inside your fridge.

Pros: Once again, if you’re looking to maximize space, being able to quickly stack items is always better than leaving them sitting free in your fridge. This bottle and drink holder is designed to allow you to store container beverages on their side to maximize space. This pick is BPA-free and can be used in other locations around your home beyond your refrigerator.

Cons: While most people found this pick to be incredibly convenient, it won’t work for irregularly sized bottles.

Bottom Line: As long as you’re using standard bottle or soda can sizes as found in the U.S., you should be able to organize your fridge easily with these containers.


Best for Cans

Homeries 2-Pack Soda Can Organizer for Pantry

A convenient way to maximize fridge space with a side storage can holder that has an option for a lid.

Pros: Soda can organizers aren’t exactly a new invention. But this deserves a mention because you have the option to order a version with lids. This means that if you prefer, you can double your storage in your fridge or pantry by stacking these containers. Each container can hold up to nine cans, for a total of 18 cans.

Cons: While the option for a lid is nice, you’ll sacrifice a bit of overhead space to accommodate a proper closure.

Bottom Line: Stop squeezing cans randomly into crevices around your pantry or fridge with this two-pack of BPA-free storage bins.


Best Lazy Susan

YouCopia FridgeView Fridge Turntable

If you hate moving around bottles and jars to find what you need, check out this convenient lazy Susan fridge organizer.

Pros: This lazy Susan is a fantastic option for storing those condiments cluttering up your fridge. Since it spins, you won’t have to pull three things out to get the one thing you’re looking for. The nonskid silicone mat on the bottom keeps it from slipping out of reach. It’s handy in a fridge or a pantry, and it’s very easy to take apart and put together for cleaning.

Cons: If you have a huge collection of condiments jarred items in your fridge, this lazy Susan might be smaller than you’d like.

Bottom Line: If you’re lacking in the fridge door space department and need a neat solution to hold your condiments and jars, this clever fridge organizer might be just what you’re looking for!

Final Thoughts

Getting organized can make your life so much easier, and the refrigerator can be an overlooked place. Our top picks for fridge organizers can help you keep track of your food and drinks in a prettier, cleaner, and less wasteful way.

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