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The Best Frisbees for Outdoor Fun

a young woman throwing a frisbee outside
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It all started when university students and customers of Connecticut’s Frisbie Pie Company popularized the throw-and-catch game with the empty pie tins. In 1957, the Wham-O toy company began manufacturing the types of frisbees we know and love now. Enthusiasm for the toy hasn’t waned, and for good reason. Tossing a frisbee with friends and family is seriously fun!

Ready to Buy a Frisbee?

First, consider the following:

  • Who: For whom are you buying a frisbee? It’s not a silly question, as frisbee toy makers market to multiple specific audiences. Is this toy for your dog, child, best friend, or yourself?
  • Why: It’s a given that frisbees are fun toys, but the game is also professionally played. If you’re looking to advance or start a sport, you’ll want to look for discs designed for serious players. And there’s always a frisbee suitable for a casual day at the beach.
  • Style: You may be surprised by the enormous variety. There are floatable, LED-lit, and colorful frisbees. Some are inspired by trends, and others have that classic look from your parents’ childhood.

Best for Dogs: Chuckit! Paraflight Flyer Dog Toy

a dog fetching a blue frisbee from water

Finally! A toy that makes outdoor time equally fun for you and your dog. Toss this frisbee and watch it soar far into the sky. Your dog will be racing to catch it as it slowly makes its way down. The multilayered nylon interior and rubber edge design make the frisbee durable and easy on your dog’s teeth as they clamp down to catch it. Have fun playing in the park or pool.

Best for Dogs

ChuckIt! Paraflight Flying Disc Dog Toy, Small (6.75"), Orange And Blue

Have fun with your furry bestie. This frisbee is designed to fly high and far and is perfect for an active dog.

Best for Distance: Aerobie Pro Ring

Three people playing with green frisbee in a grassy park

Looking for a new outdoor hobby? Maybe something you can geek out on? Well, check out this ingeniously designed frisbee. It’s been known to travel far, like, really far. Needless to say, you don’t need to compete to have fun and improve your skills. The frisbee is 13 inches in diameter and has an open center and soft rubber edges—all features that make the Aerobie exceptionally easy to handle.

Best for Distance

Aerobie Pro Ring Outdoor Kids Toy for Boys and Girls, All Ages, Colors may Vary

Take your frisbee game to the next level with this record-setting flyer.

Best Glow-in-the-Dark: Nite Ize LED Flying Disc

a man throwing an LED frisbee at dusk
Nite Ize

There are few things quite like the feeling of making a great frisbee toss. The Nite Ize LED puts a fun twist on an already fun activity. The disc’s fiber-optic material amplifies the LED effect, making this a novelty frisbee for fun in the dark. Importantly, these bonus features do not detract from the disc’s high-caliber status. It was designed by a professional and makes for great competition and fun.

Best Glow-in-the-Dark

Nite Ize Flashflight LED Light Up Flying Disc, Glow in The Dark for Night Games

This disc maximizes on its glow-in-the-dark magic via the patented design. It can be used for serious games, too.

Best for Kids: Activ Life Kid’s Flying Rings

Two kid's flying discs--one yellow, one blue.
Activ Life

A publically renowned fun flying disc for kids, the Activ Flyer flies straight and is lightweight and gentle on hands and feet. It’s also lightweight and buoyant. What more can you ask for in a perfect kid’s frisbee? Well, there is more. The Activ Flyer makes frisbee-throwing so much fun that kids may be willing to get outside, away from their favorite video games and shows. What’s more, this disc is not exclusive to kids! Get outside with the whole family, friends, and neighbors.

Best for Beach: Innova Big Kahuna Heavyweight

a big, blue frisbee with a rainbow, shiny stamp on front

The name gives it away. The Big Kahuna frisbee captures the essence of the Hawaiian beach experience. It weighs nearly half a pound and measures 9 inches. That’s one big and heavy frisbee, a truly Big Kahuna disc that you won’t lose sight of in the sky or water. So take off those shoes and prepare to be transported to an idyllic beach vacation.

Best for Beach

INNOVA Big Kahuna 200g Ultimate Catch Disc - Dude - Blue

Designed to withstand unpredictable beach weather, this frisbee also sets a relaxed, tropical mood.

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