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The Best Frozen Toys

🕚 Updated December 2022

Over the past decade, the story and characters of Disney's Frozen have enchanted children. Kids can enjoy Arendelle even more with toys that bring Elsa, Anna, and Olaf to life. Here are some fantastic Frozen toys we recommend.

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  Best Elsa Doll Best Anna Doll Best Olaf Best Playset Best Costume Best Jewelry Kit
  Disney Frozen
Musical Adventure Elsa Singing Doll
Disney Frozen Anna Pillow Buddy
Olaf Plush
Fisher Price
Elsa's Ice Palace
Party Chili
Princess Costumes Birthday Party Dress Up
Tara Toys
Frozen 2 Necklace Activity Set
Our SummaryYour child can play with this singing Elsa doll right away and enjoy hours of fun.Your child will enjoy cuddling up for bedtime with this ultra-soft and plush Anna doll.This authentic Olaf plush toy offers warm hugs and cuddles that your kiddo will love.With cute characters, lights, and sounds this ice palace is perfect for little Frozen fans who love imaginative play.With the double-layered skirt and sparkling accessories, your child will feel like they have Elsa's ice powers.With colorful beads and character charms, this adorable necklace set inspires hours of creativity.
Pros✓ Beautifully detailed
✓ Giftable packaging
✓ Batteries included
✓ Officially licensed
✓ Vivid colors
✓ Soft and lightweight
✓ Safe for bedtime
✓ Officially licensed
✓ Quality detailing
✓ Easy to clean
✓ Lights and music
✓ Easy to use
✓ Includes furniture and two characters
✓ Elastic closure
✓ No messy glitter
✓ Accessories included
✓ Reusable
✓ Easy carry case
✓ Keeps small pieces organized
Cons✗ Only sings part of one song✗ Not machine washable✗ Buttons may come off causing choking hazard✗ Stickers may peel off✗ Only fits slimmer frames✗ Weak clasps
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The Best Frozen Toys

A young girl plays with a LEGO Frozen ice castle

Buying Guide for Frozen Toys

A little girl's finger is pushing a button on an Elsa doll's chest.

Why buy Frozen toys?

The world of Arendelle’s magic has inspired children worldwide to sing and play as if they had their own magical powers, just like Elsa or Anna’s adventurous spirit. Whether your child loves dolls, figurines, or playing dress-up, and they love Frozen, you may want to consider buying them a Frozen toy for their next birthday or the next big celebration in their lives.

What should you consider in Frozen toys?

  • Age: Consider the age of the child you’re buying for in order to choose an appropriate toy for them. For example, plastic dolls can have outfit pieces that are choking hazards for young children. These changeable dolls are best for kids above toddler age as they understand not to put them in their mouths. Soft dolls are appropriate for toddlers as they don’t feature hard items that can be swallowed or cause harm.
  • Price: Dolls with special features like extra outfits, brushable hair, or talking will be more expensive than the classic doll but provide for more interaction between your child and the doll. Playsets with multiple pieces or moving elements will be more costly, so look for toys with quality plastic material and special design details.
  • Characters: If your child has a favorite Frozen character they adore, opt for a doll replica or costume so that they can roleplay as that figure and recreate the movie’s adventures. Children who enjoy the movie and all its quirky characters will enjoy full playsets that allow them to give life to all of the Disney characters.

Why is Frozen so popular?

The two Frozen movies showcase magical adventures, quirky characters, and loving friendships. Elsa’s ice powers are something that young children can’t get enough of and want to imitate, and Anna’s courage is second to none. Olaf, Christoff, and Sven make children and adults laugh, and the whole cast of characters has a ton of heart. The music is brilliant, and the happy ending is everything you could hope for.

Our Picks for the Best Frozen Toys

Best Elsa Doll

Disney Frozen Musical Adventure Elsa Singing Doll

Your child can play with this singing Elsa doll right away and enjoy hours of fun since the batteries are included.

Pros: True and authentic to the movies, this Elsa doll is beautifully detailed. The design of the clothing is intricate and closely imitates Elsa’s dress in the second Frozen movie. The hair is flowing, and the little shoes are intricate and fit perfectly on her feet. This doll comes in a beautiful, giftable package, so you don’t have to worry about re-boxing it for a gift. Best of all, this is a high-quality doll. Her appendages and all the bits and pieces are made from sturdy materials.

Cons: This Elsa doll only sings one part of one song.

Bottom Line: Does your child love the most magical character in Frozen? Then this Elsa doll might make the best gift! This doll is a fair price, particularly for its quality. And this is an official Disney product.


Best Anna Doll

Franco Disney Frozen Anna Pillow Buddy

Your child will enjoy cuddling up for bedtime with this ultra-soft and plush Anna doll.

Pros: Your child will love the bright, true-to-life colors of this officially licensed Anna plush. It’s soft, cuddly, and big enough to make a statement. The colors won’t fade if you spot-clean any stains with gentle soap and water. Also, the material is nice and soft on the outside, and it won’t become rough or scratchy. It’s lightweight enough for a toddler to drag around at playtime or bedtime. And because of its size and quality, it makes an impressive gift.

Cons: This Anna plush is not machine washable.

Bottom Line: This beautiful Anna plush makes a fantastic addition to a Frozen-themed bedroom. When compared to similar products, this plush comes with a fair price tag. And it’s great to take to sleepovers or overnight camp.


Best Olaf

Disney Olaf Plush

This authentic Olaf plush toy offers warm hugs and cuddles that your kiddo will love.

Pros: This officially licensed plush Olaf toy is designed to match Olaf’s look in Frozen II. Olaf is intricately detailed with embroidery, a satin tooth, soft felt twig arms, and a beautifully detailed carrot nose. He’s also covered in sparkles and snowflake details to match his permafrost in the second Frozen movie. He’s lightweight and perfect for kiddos ages 3 and up to cuddle, play with, or fall asleep alongside. And he’s easy to clean using a cloth with warm water and mild soap.

Cons: Olaf’s buttons could come off over time, which can be a choking hazard for young children.

Bottom Line: Who doesn’t need a warm hug? Olaf is a wonderful, cheerful pal for children of all ages. And this plush delivers softness and high-quality detailing that children will love.


Best Playset

Fisher Price Elsa's Ice Palace

With cute characters, lights, and sounds, this ice palace is perfect for little Frozen fans who love imaginative play.

Pros: Children love Elsa’s elaborate ice palace in the first Frozen movie. This playset mimics the majestic details and colors of the ice castle–without the sharp edges. The palace playset lights up and plays the hit song “Let it Go.” The buttons on the toy activate the lights and moving parts, like the spinning snowflake and the bright staircase. It also comes with little furniture and miniature Elsa and Olaf Little People characters. This set is also compatible with other Fisher-Price Little People products.

Cons: The stickers may peel off over time.

Bottom Line: If your little one loves Little People and Frozen, this may be the perfect toy for them. It’s a great gift for busy little ones who love to play pretend with their favorite characters.


Best Costume

Party Chili Princess Costumes Birthday Party Dress Up

With the double-layered skirt and sparkling accessories, your child will feel like they have Elsa's ice powers.

Pros: One thing that’s great about this dress-up dress is the elastic closure. Kids won’t have to fuss with zippers or buttons to get in and out of their new favorite dress-up costume. Also, it comes with so many fun accessories, including a hairpiece and a cape. The quality of this dress is great. It’s one of few glittery dresses where the glitter doesn’t shed everywhere. And when you need to clean it up, it’s easy to wash in the gentle cycle or hand wash.

Cons: Unfortunately, this dress only fits a slimmer frame.

Bottom Line: For dress-up occasions like sleepovers or birthday parties, this dress-up dress with included accessories is a fantastic find. And it’s a good fit for taller kids.


Best Jewelry Kit

Tara Toys Frozen 2 Necklace Activity Set

With colorful beads and character charms, this adorable necklace set inspires hours of creativity.

Pros: This cute and creative necklace set makes five necklaces, but your kids can create fun designs with them over and over again. The kit includes all your favorite characters from the second Frozen movie. Plus, for parents who like to keep things neat and organized, this kit is a winner. Everything has its own cubby. It’s also easy for kids to carry, so they can take it to a friend’s house for hours of fun crafting.

Cons: The necklace clasps aren’t very strong.

Bottom Line: This is a great craft kit for any kid, particularly since it includes both male and female (plus reindeer and snowman) characters. It’s appropriate for kids ages 3 and up. And there are a variety of colorful beads to add to each necklace.

Final Thoughts

Frozen is such a huge cultural phenomenon that it seems it will never go out of style. That’s why there’s such a wide variety of Frozen-themed toys to choose from. If your child loves Frozen, consider one of these toys to give to them as a gift.

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