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The Best Fuel Pressure Regulators for Your Vehicle

Have you ever experienced gasoline or black smoke being emitted from your vehicle’s tailpipe? Is your car’s engine stalling or just not running smoothly anymore? If so, your vehicle might benefit from having its fuel pressure regulator replaced. Maintaining the perfect amount of fuel pressure in your vehicle can have many benefits, but finding a great regulator for your vehicle can be tricky. We made this guide to showcase the best fuel pressure regulators.

What to Look For When Shopping For a Fuel Pressure Regulator

There are plenty of factors to consider when shopping for a fuel pressure regulator. The type of vehicle you drive is very important, as this will determine the model of fuel pressure regulator that you can use. You can also call your local chain auto store and they should be able to tell you the exact type of regulator to purchase. Also, pay special attention to whether your vehicle utilizes one or more carburetors, or, alternatively, electronic fuel injection. Finally, you will want to take note of the number of outlets a regulator contains to ensure it is a proper match for your vehicle’s setup under the hood.

Best Universal Kit: Universal Adjustable EFI Aluminum Fuel Pressure Regulator Kit

The Universal Adjustable EFI Aluminum Fuel Pressure Regulator Kit features a fuel pressure regulator, seven hose end fittings, an NPT gauge port, a liquid-filled gauge, and a high-quality stainless steel-braided fuel hose. Designed to help ensure stable oil pressure and to add moderate fuel injection quantity without changing the computer oil supply mode, this pressure regulator kit is also built for durability and precision. It also works with a wide range of vehicles, making this product an excellent choice.

Best Universal Kit

Universal Adjustable EFI Aluminum Fuel Pressure Regulator Kit w/ 0-160 psi Gauge AN6-6AN Fuel Line Hose Fittings Black & Red

This universal fuel pressure regulator kit is perfect for those with vehicles featuring electronic fuel injection. It includes high-quality parts and supports high-power application.

Best With Carburetors: Mr. Gasket 9710 Fuel Pressure Regulator with Hardware

This Mr. Gasket Fuel Pressure Regulator features durable construction and a very simple installation process. This fuel pressure regulator adjusts fuel pressure from 1 to 5 lbs and includes all fittings, hoses, and clamps needed for the job. For a simple-to-use and inexpensive solution to regulate your vehicle’s fuel pressure, this is the product to consider.

Best With Carburetors

Mr. Gasket - 9710 Fuel Press Regultr W/Hdwr, Chrome

This fuel pressure regulator is durable and precise. It includes all of the accessories that are needed for installation, such as a hose, clamps, and fittings.

Best For EFI Vehicles: Aeromotive 13129 Regulator

The Aeromotive 13129 Regulator sports a base adjustable pressure of 30-70 psi and two input ports. This fuel pressure regulator is specially designed for vehicles with electronic fuel injection and is capable of supporting applications up to 1000 horsepower. For those with performance vehicles looking for a cleaner, lighter solution to fuel pressure regulation, the Aeromotive 13129 Regulator is a great pick.

Best For EFI Vehicles

Aeromotive 13129 Regulator, EFI Bypass, Adjustable (2) -6 inlets, (1) -6 bypass

This fuel pressure regulator features two input ports and is optimized for use with EFI vehicles. It supports applications up to 1000 horsepower.

Also Consider: Holley 12-803 Fuel Pressure Regulator

This Holley Fuel Pressure Regulator features adjustable fuel regulation from 4.5-9 psi and is designed to work with vehicles that utilize a carburetor. Perfect for vehicles facing flooding problems, this easy-to-use fuel pressure regulator comes pre-set at the factory so that installing the regulator creates no unnecessary guesswork. This model is also constructed durably and available at a low price, making it an excellent choice.

Also Consider

Holley 12-803 Reg, Fuel Pressure 4.5-9 Psi, Shiny

This fuel pressure regulator is durably constructed, features fuel regulation between 4.5-9 psi, and is very reasonably priced given its high quality.

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