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The Best Full-Length Floor Mirrors

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🕚 Updated February 2022

If you're looking to add a new mirror to your bedroom, living room, or bathroom, a full-length floor mirror could be just the thing you need. Here are a few we recommend for your home.

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  Best Freestanding Best with Easel Best Rectangle Cheval Mirror Best Oval Cheval Mirror Best with Storage
Full Length Floor Mirror
Gallery Solutions
Framed Full Length Mirror
Wooden Cheval Free Standing Floor Mirror
Roundhill Furniture
Queen Anna Cheval Mirror
Standing Mirror w/Storage Organizer Drawers
Our SummaryAvailable in an array of different colors and sizes, this versatile full-length mirror can be freestanding or mounted to the wall.Thanks to its built-in stand and neutral, understated look, this full-length floor mirror should fit well in just about any home.This attractive freestanding mirror easily tilts back and forth in a classic cheval style, allowing you to achieve the optimal angle.An elegant, classic cheval floor mirror that is equal parts functional and beautiful.This incredibly handy and versatile full-length floor mirror doubles as a lockable jewelry cabinet and makeup station.
ProsSturdy, excellent size variety and frame colors available, multiple mounting options, anti-rust aluminum frame.Good value, built-in stand, adjustable easel, sleek look.Tiltable and adjustable, wooden frame, easy assembly, all hardware included.Stylish, multiple color choices, inexpensive, adjustable, solid wood frame, minimal assembly.Internal storage and organizational space, makeup station, lockable, two colors, protects jewelry from tarnishing.
ConsExpensive, stand isn't as sturdy.No size or color variety, plastic frame.Smaller mirror, one size and color only.Thin and unpainted back, screws may need re-tightening.Expensive, internal shelves aren't deep enough or sturdy enough for bigger items.
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The Best Full-Length Floor Mirrors

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Mirrors are a true home decor staple. Pretty much every home comes with at least one mirror in the bathroom. However, these tend to be wall-mounted vanity mirrors (along with a secondary small medicine cabinet mirror, in some cases) that rarely show your full body. If you want to see your entire reflection from head to toe, a separate full-length floor mirror will come in handy.

Buying Guide for Full-Length Floor Mirrors

Full length dressing mirror with lamps in stylish room interior
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Why buy a full-length floor mirror?

Mirrors are a handy item since they allow you to check your reflection and see parts of your face and body that you wouldn’t be able to otherwise. You can use a mirror to check your hair, makeup, and outfit before going about your day, to examine cuts or scrapes, and much, much more. And since they reflect light, mirrors are great for brightening up a room and making it appear larger than it is; they help create an illusion of more open space. If you have a small studio apartment or bedroom, a strategically placed mirror may make you feel less cramped. Some mirrors also have very intricate or beautiful frames, so they bring a decorative element to the table as well.

Full-length floor mirrors, in particular, are great because they allow you to see your entire body. Your reflection won’t be cut off at the hips, waist, or shoulders like it is in a classic vanity or bathroom mirror. They’re also a superior choice for making your room appear brighter and roomier since they’re larger. Some people even find full-length floor mirrors useful for fitness and/or weight loss since they can track their body’s progress and check their form as they exercise.

What should you look for in a full-length floor mirror?

  • Size: Not all full-length floor mirrors are the exact same size. Most fall somewhere within a range of 43 by 13 inches and 68 by 32 inches. However, there are both larger and smaller options available. Consider where you want to place your full-length floor mirror and how much available space is in that room in order to determine the mirror size that is right for you, your home, and your height.
  • Design: Your design and style options for your full-length floor mirror and its frame are almost endless. They can be oval, rectangular, round, octagonal, or irregular in shape. Frames can be thin or thick, plain or intricate. They can be one solid color, multicolored, patterned, or metallic. Some frames may have rhinestones built-in. Styles can range from vintage to modern to rustic to industrial and everything in between. You don’t even have to have a mirror with a  frame if you don’t want one. Don’t be afraid to hold out for a full-length floor mirror that really complements and matches the rest of your home decor.
  • Mount: Despite the name, not all floor mirrors have to touch the ground. While there are certainly full-length floor mirrors meant to lean against a wall or similar surface, they aren’t your only option. There are plenty of full-length floor mirrors that are freestanding and thus come with a built-in stand, including cheval mirrors that are suspended within their frame and can be tilted or adjusted to different angles. Some options can be hung on a wall or over a door. Some mirrors may even give you the option to choose your preferred mounting method.

Can full-length floor mirrors come with extra features?

They’re much rarer than standard floor mirrors, but it is possible to find some full-length floor mirrors that come with bonus features or functions. Probably the most common extra features are lights built into the frame or bordering the mirror itself. These are great for those who want to keep their mirror in their closets, especially if your closet doesn’t have an overhead light of its own. They’re also ideal for applying makeup, skincare routines, and taking pictures since they provide extra light.

Another useful bonus feature you can sometimes find in full-length floor mirrors is storage space. Some models come with deeper frames that open up to reveal bonus shelving or drawers or both; essentially, they’re armoires as well as mirrors. These types of full-length mirrors are a great way to add bonus storage to your home without taking up extra space.

Our Picks for the Best Full-Length Floor Mirrors

Best Freestanding

NeuType Full-Length Floor Mirror

Available in an array of different colors and sizes, this versatile full-length mirror can be freestanding or mounted to the wall.

Pros: This full-length floor mirror will spoil you with a wealth of choices. It offers a truly impressive array of both sizes and frame colors from which to choose; it’s available in 10 different sizes and 32 different frame colors, including an LED-lit option. You also have multiple mounting options. This mirror can be freestanding thanks to the built-in stand, leaned against the wall, or mounted either vertically or horizontally thanks to the pre-attached gourd hooks. The frame is made of aluminum that’s been treated to prevent rusting, offering the durability of metal without adding too much extra weight. And the high-definition glass itself is plenty strong. It’s shatter-, burst-, and explosion-proof, providing greater durability and safety.

Cons: Good quality comes at a literal price, and this mirror is no exception. And as handy as the built-in stand is if you want a freestanding mirror, some users noted that it isn’t quite as stable as it could be, and you may be better off leaning or mounting this mirror.

Bottom Line: This is a high-quality and versatile full-length floor mirror that works equally great for fitness or getting dressed in the morning. It’s nice and strong and safe, and thanks to the wide variety of sizes and frame colors available, you should have no trouble finding a version of this mirror that perfectly suits your home.


Best with Easel

Gallery Solutions Framed Full-Length Mirror

Thanks to its built-in stand and neutral, understated look, this full-length floor mirror should fit well in just about any home.

Pros: Full-length floor mirrors can be a pricey investment, but this particular model costs below the average price for such a mirror. Yet it’s not short of useful features, giving you a good bang for your buck. It comes with a frame that has a built-in stand, so you have the option of either leaning the mirror against the wall or having it stand on its own. Also part of the frame is a built-in easel, which allows you to tilt the mirror to different angles even when it’s freestanding. And the sharp yet understated white frame will bring a sleek, contemporary look to your home.

Cons: Keep in mind that the frame is made of plastic. This means it’s more lightweight but less durable and won’t hold up as well as metal or wood frames do. And while the white frame should match most home decor color schemes, it is the only color option for this mirror. There isn’t any size variety either; the 57 by 16-inch dimensions are your only choice.

Bottom Line: If you want a freestanding floor mirror, this model is a great option. It’s not crazy expensive and can be tilted and adjusted in a way that a lot of non-cheval mirrors don’t offer. And the sleek, understated design will provide a nice contemporary accent piece to whichever room you use it in.


Best Rectangle Cheval Mirror

RAAMZO Wooden Cheval Freestanding Floor Mirror

This attractive freestanding mirror easily tilts back and forth in a classic cheval style, allowing you to achieve the optimal angle.

Pros: This attractive little cheval mirror is simple but has a lot going for it. The included frame allows the mirror to stand on its own and is a blend of hardwood and MDF. You get the durability of real wood without all the extra weight of pure hardwood. Like other cheval mirrors, you can turn, tilt, and rotate this mirror to your desired angle. And while some assembly is required, it should be a quick and easy task.

Cons: This is another mirror where you don’t have alternative colors or sizes to choose from; the white frame will suit most rooms, but it is the only option. And this mirror, while definitely a full-length mirror, is a bit on the smaller side. It’s really better suited for children or smaller teens and adults.

Bottom Line: Cheval mirrors are a popular choice since they’re incredibly easy to tilt or adjust to a new angle with ease; you don’t have to pick up and move the whole mirror and thus risk dropping and shattering it. If you prefer a rectangular cheval mirror or are looking to add a mirror to your child’s room, this full-length mirror is worth a good long look.


Best Oval Cheval Mirror

Roundhill Furniture Queen Anna Cheval Mirror

An elegant, classic cheval floor mirror that is equal parts functional and beautiful.

Pros: Round and oval mirrors are often associated with elegance, and this cheval-style oval full-length floor mirror shows why. Not only are the shape and frame lovely to look at on their own, but the frame is available in eight different colors. In true cheval fashion, it can be swiveled and tilted to different angles at your convenience, and the frame is made from solid wood, so you know it’s strong and long-lasting. Some assembly is required, but it’s very simple and quick; you only have four screws to insert. And to top it all off, the price is quite low for a full-length mirror.

Cons: Lovely as this mirror is, you’ll either want to put it in a corner where the back won’t be on display or else be willing to do some work on it; the back of the mirror is rather thin and flimsy compared to the rest, and it isn’t painted like the rest of the frame. Keep an eye on the screws as they might need retightening over time.

Bottom Line: If decoration is just as important to you as functionality in a mirror, this will be the perfect full-length mirror for you since it offers both in spades. The oval shape, carved legs, and shimmery colorful body provide an aesthetically pleasing look, while the solid wood frame and cheval adjustability make it durable and easy to angle. Just be aware that you may need to do a little upkeep on it every now and then.


Best with Storage

LUXFURNI Standing Mirror w/Storage Organizer Drawers

This incredibly handy and versatile full-length floor mirror doubles as a lockable jewelry cabinet and makeup station.

Pros: There’s a lot to love about this full-length mirror, not the least of which is that it doubles as a storage cabinet for jewelry, makeup, hair accessories, and other similar small items. This internal space is also very well organized; it features drawers, a removable bag, hanging hooks, shelving, and earring slots. There’s even a little makeup station inside that features optional LED lights and a small facial mirror. The inside is lined with velvet for a more luxurious look and feel that will also cushion your items and prevent your silver jewelry from tarnishing. This mirror comes with a lock and key to better secure your belongings, and if the elegant brown color doesn’t match the rest of your furniture, this mirror cabinet is also available in white.

Cons: Due to this mirror’s convenience and additional features, it’s the most expensive item on this list. The cabinet portion isn’t super deep or heavy-duty, so you won’t be able to fit larger or heavier items inside.

Bottom Line: There’s a lot to love about this full-length floor mirror. Since it doubles as a jewelry armoire, you essentially get two pieces of furniture for the price of one. Not only does it take up very minimal floor space, but it allows you to use space for storage that you couldn’t utilize otherwise. This makes it a worthy addition to just about any home, especially those short on space.

Final Thoughts

Mirrors are a staple piece of home decor, and your wall-mounted or vanity bathroom mirror alone might not cut it. If you want to be able to see your entire reflection, a full-length floor mirror is the way to go. However tall or short you might be or large or small your home, there’s a full-length floor mirror that’s the right size and design for pretty much everyone.

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