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The Best Full-Over-Full Bunk Beds

🕚 Updated May 2022

If you have kids who share a bedroom or host a lot of guests, you can understand the convenient, space-saving appeal of bunk beds. These full-over-full bunk beds are winners in design, functionality, and versatility.

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  Top Choice With Stairs and Storage Best with Trundle Best Triple Level Best for Younger Kids
Miles Metal Bunk Bed
Harper & Bright Designs
Full Over Full Bunk Beds with Storage Drawers and Stairs
Full Over Full Bunk Bed for Kids with Trundle
Full-Over-Full-Over-Full Triple Bunk Bed with Slide
Harper & Bright Designs
Full Over Full House Bunk Bed with Roof
Our SummaryThis bunk bed maximizes space, even with low ceilings.Save space and maximize on storage with this full-over-full bunk bed with built-in shelves and drawers.This bunk bed and trundle set can sleep can grow with the kids.This triple sleeper is like a fun hotel for your children every day of the week.Create an extra-dreamy space with these bunk beds.
ProsGood head clearance for both beds, sturdy metal, slats for mattresses, head and foot rail for bottom bed, guard rails on all sides for top bed, easy assembly, four colors.Under-the-bed storage drawer, four open shelves, railing goes up the stairs, head and foot board on bottom bed, solid wood construction, beds can separate.Solid wood, beds can separate to become two individual beds with the trundle pairing with bottom bed still, available in 10 color and design options.Triple bunk, single bed plus a bunk bed, or three individual beds, two ladders and a slide, made of wood.Adorable playhouses on top bunk, made of solid wood, high weight limits, good head clearance for both sleepers.
ConsLadder is uncomfortable to climb.Difficult assembly, slight shifting when top sleeper moves, lower head clearance.Lower head clearance because of the trundle, challenging assembly.Long and complex assembly, not much head space for sitting up.Long assembly, beds don't separate.
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The Best Full-Over-Full Bunk Beds

A white wooden full-over-full bunk bed in a bedroom.

Buying Guide for Full-Over-Full Bunk Beds

A gray metal full-over-full bunk bed in a bedroom with matching pink and gray bedding.

Why do you need full-over-full bunk beds?

There are several different reasons why buying full-over-full bunk beds may make sense for you. Whether you have kids sharing a bedroom or need extra sleeping space for guests, this arrangement can help you maximize sleeping space and floor space. Full beds can provide enough room to sleep two people per bed or give one person more room to spread out. If you have teens sharing a room but want them to feel a little more grown-up, full-over-full bunks are a great choice.

What should you consider when shopping for full-over-full bunk beds?

  • Weight Limit: When you’re purchasing bunk beds, pay attention to weight limits more than if you were shopping for a standard bed. Some of these beds are specifically designed for younger children in mind, which means they have a smaller weight limit. If you plan for adults to sleep on these beds, be sure to choose one that can support the weight safely.
  • Head Clearance: The placement of the bottom bunk will be the biggest indicator of how much head clearance there will be for the sleepers. If the bunk bed has under-the-bed storage or a trundle, there will be less room between the two beds. This can be slightly uncomfortable for older kids but not as big of a deal for the smaller bunch. If you need something that could accommodate a teenager or adult when they’re sitting up, you will want to look for a bottom bunk that is close to the floor.
  • Longevity: Some bunk bed designs are able to separate into two individual full-sized beds. This can be especially helpful when kids grow older. Not all bunk beds are designed to do this, so it’s something to consider.

Do you need to purchase special mattresses for full-over-full bunk beds?

Many bunk beds will come with slat boards, meaning you won’t have to worry about a box spring. From there, some bunk beds will have suggestions for the depth of the mattress, which may range from 4 to 8 inches. Pay attention to what the manufacturer suggests for optimal safety with the guard rail height and weight limit.

Our Picks for the Best Full-Over-Full Bunk Beds

Top Choice

DHP Miles Metal Bunk Bed

This bunk bed maximizes space, even with low ceilings.

Pros: Even if your ceilings are lower, your sleepers can feel comfortable instead of cramped. Since the bottom bed comes only about an inch off the floor and requires a thinner mattress (6-8 inches), there’s plenty of room for both bed levels. Each mattress lies on metal slats for support. The bottom bunk features a top and bottom rail to prevent the mattress from sliding, and the top bunk features guard rails on all four sides, only opening up for access to the ladder. Assembly is easy, even for one person working alone. These bunk beds are available in four color options.

Cons: The rungs are pretty uncomfortable to climb. To help make the climb up the ladder more comfortable, some people suggest padding that can be purchased separately.

Bottom Line: These full-over-full bunk beds have a sleek industrial look. As great as they look, they’re even better at maximizing sleeping space. Their sturdy metal construction is easy to assemble but stays in place without any extra wiggle that you would expect from a bunk bed.


With Stairs and Storage

Harper & Bright Designs Full-Over-Full Bunk Beds with Storage Drawers and Stairs

Save space and maximize on storage with this full-over-full bunk bed with built-in shelves and drawers.

Pros: This full-over-full bunk bed does more than sleep multiple people comfortably. Under-bed drawers provide useful storage, and the staircase to the top bunk has built-in shelving, making this bunk bed a multipurpose piece of furniture. Each bed has a slat kit included. The bottom bunk has a headboard and footboard, and the top bed has a 12-inch guard rail along all four sides with an opening at the foot of the bed to access the stairs. The stairs leading up to the top bunk have a railing for safety. The timeless look of the bunk beds can fit in a young kids’ room or a tween’s room. The legs and framing are made of wood, making it a strong piece of furniture that will last. If your kids decide they don’t want bunks anymore, the beds can stand on their own as individual full beds. The top bunk has a weight limit of 200 pounds, while the bottom bunk can hold 300 pounds safely.

Cons: The bunk beds are a challenge to assemble, and better instructions would have made it a much easier process. While the wood is sturdy, there is some slight shifting when the sleeper on the top bunk moves.

Bottom Line: Timeless design meets functional storage to maximize the benefit of this full-over-full bunk bed. Put toys, books, or clothes in the convenient drawers and shelves.


Best with Trundle

Meritline Full Over Full Bunk Bed for Kids with Trundle

This bunk bed and trundle set can grow with the kids.

Pros: The bunk bed frame and structure are made from solid wood for sturdiness and durability, meaning these beds can be used throughout a child’s upbringing. The beds can be separated and the trundle can function with the original bottom bed. This is especially helpful as kids grow up and may want to change sleeping arrangements. The bunk bed and trundle set comes in 10 other options with slightly different designs and colors.

Cons: There is not much space between the beds, so the sleeper on the bottom bunk could hit their head on the support beam. The assembly instructions are only pictures, so it would be better if they included worded instructions as well.

Bottom Line: The top bunk can support 150 pounds, the bottom bunk can support 200 pounds, and the twin trundle is good for 175 pounds, making this a very accommodating set of beds for kids and tweens. The timeless design makes it work for kids of any age, and the ability to separate the beds is a useful accommodation.


Best Triple Level

COODENKEY Full-Over-Full-Over-Full Triple Bunk Bed with Slide

This triple sleeper with a slide is like a fun hotel for your children every day of the week.

Pros: This piece of furniture can be adjusted to fit whatever your needs may be. It can be a triple bunk bed, a bunk bed for two plus one individual bed, or three individual full-size beds. It comes with two ladders, plus a slide to add to the fun. The slide and the small ladder can go on either side, making it a very customizable setup to fit your needs. Pinewood creates the frame while plywood makes up the bed slats, making this “hotel-like” bunk bed a sturdy and durable piece. The weight limits are some of the highest: 250 pounds for the top bunk, 280 pounds for the middle, and 300 pounds for the bottom bunk.

Cons: There is a lot to assemble for this piece of furniture, and with so much customization possible, you will need to be decisive in your plans before you begin to assemble. There is less head clearance between each bed since you fit three.

Bottom Line: If you have lots of guests or sleepovers, this is a great option for maximizing sleeping space. If you have three kids close together in age, this is also a parent’s dream for a bedroom that doesn’t feel overtaken by beds. The ability to customize the layout and function of this bed is very attractive. Higher weight limits also provide peace of mind for the safety of guests or your children as they grow.


Best for Younger Kids

Harper & Bright Designs Full Over Full House Bunk Bed with Roof

Create an extra-dreamy space with these cute bunk beds.

Pros: Add an exciting element to your kids’ bedroom with this bunk bed that features playhouse design elements. A pitched roof and picket fence guard rails adorn the top bunk, making it a cozy and safe space to sleep and a fun spot to play. Since the bottom bunk is close to the floor, this sleeper has plenty of head clearance to sit up comfortably. A ladder goes right down the middle, so it won’t block anyone’s view. The weight limits for these beds are great, with 300 pounds on the top bunk and 400 pounds on the bottom bunk.

Cons: There’s a lot to assemble for these bunk beds, and the instructions aren’t as clear as they could be. These beds can’t be separated to be individual full beds, so your kids may outgrow them faster than other bunk bed options.

Bottom Line: These sturdy full-over-full bunk beds are solid and supportive. Each level has a lot of head clearance, allowing greater comfort for kids of all ages. The ladder fits securely, so it doesn’t wobble during the climb. The adorable design is cozy and exciting at the same time but could be outgrown faster than you might like.

Final Thoughts

If you have kids sharing a room or host lots of sleepovers, full-over-full bunk beds are a sensible and super fun solution. With so many styles to choose from, you can pick between ones that celebrate the imagination of childhood and the practicality of growing up.

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