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The Best Full Bed Frames

🕚 Updated September 2022

Not too big, not too small---full beds are just right if you sleep alone and want more space than a tiny twin. If you want to upgrade your frame or keep things simple, there are plenty of options here to keep you covered. 

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  Best Overall Best with Storage Best Wooden Frame Best Metal Frame Also Great
Upholstered Platform Bed Frame
Upholstered Full Platform Bed Frame
Naturalista Solid Wood Platform Bed
SmartBase Metal Bed Frame
Upholstered Platform Bed
Our SummaryThis reliable full bed frame offers you optimal support and comfort.This premium bed frame offers multiple storage options to organize your belongings.This wooden bed frame has a classic look with an innovative design.This metal bed frame is incredibly sturdy and provides extra space for storage.This full platform bed frame with a headboard will add style, comfort, and stability to your bedroom.
ProsDurable and sturdy design, ideal weight capacity, doesn't require box spring.Linen upholstery with button-tufted and square-stitched design, adjustable headboard, four storage drawers.Modern and elegant styles, easy to assemble, made of solid wood for greater durability.Easy to assemble and disassemble, supports up to 750 pounds of weight, noise-free.Comfortable padded faux leather, metal side rails for better stability.
ConsRequires two people to assemble.Not ideal for those who prefer the bounce of a box spring mattress.Sits low to the ground.Heavier frame, not easy to move around.Heavy and large option.
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The Best Full Bed Frames

A white full bed frame with natural colors.

Buying Guide for Full Bed Frames

Wooden bed frame.

Why buy a full bed frame?

Full mattresses measure 53 inches wide by 75 inches long, so full-sized bed frames are sized accordingly to fit them. While they’re not necessarily a great choice for couples who want to share a bed or people with pets or kids who like to snuggle up in bed with them, there are plenty of scenarios where a full bed is the right choice. They make great “starter beds” for college students or young adults striking out on their own for the first time, especially since full beds are more budget-friendly than queen or king models, plus they’re lighter and easier to pack when moving. Many prefer to put full bed frames and mattresses in their guest rooms. Some parents buy their children or teenagers a full bed frame rather than a twin one to ensure it can better accommodate their growth.

What should you look for in a full bed frame?

  • Design: The look and design of your full-sized bed frame are worth considering, as you’ll likely want it to complement the rest of your bedroom furniture and decor. Note that not all frames will have headboards, footboards, or both. These will likely be easier to assemble but not as decorative. For models with a headboard and footboard, the corners can be rounded or sharp or even come in wavy, scalloped, or other more unique designs. They may also be open or solid. Most frames will come in neutral shades like black, white, gray, beige, or some shade of brown, but if you opt for an upholstered frame, you’ll have a broader range of colors from which to choose. Look for bed frames with storage drawers for an easy way to declutter.
  • Material: Most modern bed frames are made from wood, metal, upholstery, or leather (real or faux). Full bed frames are no exception. Wooden bed frames are strong and steady; however, they’re also heavy and hard to move and may form holes or cracks over time. Metal bed frames are the strongest and more durable choice and are easy to care for and clean. Upholstered bed frames are great for those who like to sit up and read in bed, but they aren’t as sturdy or durable as metal or wood and tend to attract dust and pet hair. Faux leather tends to be more practical and low maintenance than genuine leather. However, they might not be hypoallergenic and offer a more limited range of color and design choices.
  • Appearance: Design and material go hand-in-hand with the look. Wood frames offer a classic, timeless look and can be carved and shaped into various designs. Metal frames can give off an austere, industrial, sleek appearance, or all of the above. Consider an upholstered design if you want to add a touch of softness and comfort to a bedroom. Many come in various colors, making it an easy way to alter or complement the existing decor. And don’t forget the luxury of leather for its manifold looks—rustic, sophisticated, modern, and more.

Do full bed frames provide enough storage space for your belongings?

Fortunately, some full bed frames allow you to use the space beneath the frame for storage. Platform beds or elevated or raised frames are great for storing items like boxes and other short, wide storage bins underneath. Some also have built-in storage drawers or dressers, which are incredibly space-efficient. While rarer in full models, some bed frames also have bookcase headboards. You may even be able to find a frame that has some combination of these features.

Our Picks for the Best Full Bed Frames

Best Overall

ZINUS Upholstered Platform Bed Frame

This reliable full bed frame provides you with optimal support and comfort.

Pros: The interior framework of this bed frame is made of steel with dense foam padding and diamond-stitched upholstery, so you’ll have a soft, comfortable headboard to lean against when reading or watching TV but also enjoy the durable, long-lasting benefits of a steel frame. The maximum weight capacity is 700 pounds, while the built-in, well-spaced wooden slats cradle your mattress without the bother of a box spring. The fabric upholstery is available in three different colors, and you have the option of buying this same frame with built-in USB ports or a mattress included (at extra cost).

Cons: Although it comes with easy-to-read instructions and a set of tools, you’ll need to assemble the bed with the help of at least one other person. The assembly usually takes about an hour to complete.

Bottom Line: This full-sized bed frame combines the aesthetics of fabric upholstery with the strength of steel. It looks beautiful and offers you a calm and comfortable sleeping experience.


Best with Storage

Allewie Upholstered Full Platform Bed Frame

This upholstered bed frame offers multiple storage options to organize your belongings.

Pros: This linen-upholstered platform bed frame features an adjustable headboard, four built-in drawers, and wooden-slated mattress support. The attractive, square-stitched, and button-tufted upholstery completely covers the metal bedframe. Designed for efficiency with heavy-duty wheels drawer slides smoothly in and out. They won’t slip out entirely, though, thanks to a well-aligned screw. The four drawers are split between either side of the bed; each can store approximately 15 to 20 garments. Of course, they’re not beholden to clothes only. Store whatever makes sense to you in your effort to declutter.

Cons: Those who prefer the bounce of a box spring mattress may want to look elsewhere.  

Bottom Line: Ultimately, you won’t find a better full platform bed frame in attractiveness and useful storage options. Choose between light gray, dark gray, and gray upholstery to add the neutral tone that best suits your bedroom décor.


Best Wooden Frame

Mellow Naturalista Solid Wood Platform Bed

This wooden bed frame has a classic look with an innovative design.

Pros: This bed frame is made of solid wood and is available in a cherry or pine wood finish or solid black or espresso brown. It’s a full platform bed, 12 inches tall, to provide some storage space underneath. If you want more room, an identical 14-inch tall model is available in all four colors. This frame has a wooden slat mattress foundation, so you don’t need a box spring to sleep on it, and it can support up to 1,500 pounds. It’s also made with noise-free construction for more restful sleep and has nonslip tape on the wooden slats for a little extra stability. Assembly is a quick and easy task.

Cons: This model sits somewhat low to the ground. If you prefer a bed frame that’s a little more elevated, then we advise that you continue to search for something else.

Bottom Line: Wooden bed frames like this are a worthwhile investment since they’re durable, match almost any bedroom design, and don’t go out of style.


Best Metal Frame

ZINUS SmartBase Metal Bed Frame

This metal bed frame is incredibly sturdy and provides extra space for storage underneath.

Pros: This full bed frame doesn’t require a box spring, so feel free to place your full mattress right on top of it. Don’t let its slender, minimalist look fool you, either. The frame is heavy steel and has an impressive maximum capacity of 1,500 pounds. Each foot has a plastic cap that protects your floors from scratches and other damage. This bed frame leaves room for boxes about 13 inches tall to slide underneath when fully assembled, so you’ll have room for storage bins, drawers, and luggage filled with various odds and ends as needed. A deluxe version is also available for purchase.

Cons: The frame is somewhat heavy, making it difficult to transport when rearranging or moving out of your home. 

Bottom Line: This simple yet strong bed frame is ideal for those with minimal space, those who prefer an understated look, or those who already own a separate headboard. It requires minimal assembly, so you can start using your new bed frame now.


Also Great

DHP Upholstered Platform Bed

This full platform bed frame with a headboard will add style, comfort, and stability to your bedroom.

Pros: This upholstered bed frame features padded faux leather and unique detailing that establishes a uniquely beautiful appearance. It has metal side rails for better durability and a center rail for extra structural support. It can support up to 450 pounds of weight and has a wood-slated platform that provides you with the right amount of comfort and stability while sleeping.

Cons: Unlike most other bed frames mentioned in the article, this model comes with a headboard. This will add a lot more weight to your bed frame, making it more challenging to move around and transport.

Bottom Line: This full-sized bed frame will get the job done and provide enough support to achieve a full night’s rest. With a stable platform and soft headboard, the entire frame ensures that you will fall asleep easily. Ultimately, this frame is incredibly reliable and will get the job done.

Final Thoughts

Searching for a full bed frame can be a real task, but hopefully, our recommendations can help you narrow down your options. Think about your bedroom’s dimensions and budget before making a decision. Ultimately, you’ll probably be happier with a durable, attractive, and comfortable bed frame. 

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