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The Best Games to Play at a Baby Shower

a stack of baby shower card games on a table with a baby sonogram and baby socks nearby

Baby showers are meant to be fun celebrations of soon-to-be new members of the family! And since everyone wants to have fun and there will likely be guests meeting for the first time, it’s a great idea to have some laugh-worthy games ready to go to help encourage a good time and break the ice. Below, we’ve rounded up the best games out there for almost any baby shower.

Purchasing a Baby Shower Game

It’s important to make sure baby shower games are right for the occasion, so take these few points into consideration:

  • Humor: If the mother-to-be has a good sense of humor (and the rest of the party does as well), then opt for a few games that offer extra humor for some extra laughs.
  • Gender Reveal: If the new parents want a chance to reveal their baby’s gender at the party, there are plenty of games for that, too!
  • Inclusive: There may be guests of a range of ages, from teenage cousins to grandmas and everyone in between, so make sure the games can be fun for just about anyone.
  • What’s Included: While purchasing pens or a few other items is not that big of a deal, make sure a majority (or all) of what will be needed to play the game is included in the purchase.

Most Popular: ADJOY Pin the Pacifier on the Baby Game

baby pacifier game displayed with all pieces

Want to play a fun spin on the classic “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” game? This time, you’re trying to get the pacifier in the baby’s mouth! Included with each game are an eye mask and soft blindfold, 54 pacifier stickers, double-sided tape, and a cute baby poster. The stickers are removable and reusable and are designed so that everyone can write their name on them (no more arguing over who got the closest).

Most Popular

ADJOY Pin the Pacifier on the Baby Game - Baby Shower Party Favors and Game - Pin the Dummy on the Baby Game

A fun baby-inspired twist to the classic pin the tail on the donkey game!

Best Guessing Game: Babble Gabber Mommy or Daddy Guess Who Game

manicured hand holding guess who game on brown paper

Designed with gorgeous neutral colors, this baby shower game is ideal for both boy, girl, or gender-neutral baby showers. Printed on thick cardstock paper, this game is sure to get the guests guessing with questions like: “Who will change the first diaper?” and “Who wants the most babies?” The cardstock also makes it easy for guests to write the answers, and the print makes them compatible with multiple themes, from woodland to rustic to safari to floral and greenery.

Best Multi-Game Bundle: Your Main Event Prints Baby Shower Games

four stacks of baby shower games with matching floral designs

This set is sure to keep all the guests busy and laughing with four fun games (and 25 sheets for each game). These games are sure to generate chatter without any extra hassle or fuss or planning, and the cards are easy to write on and have cute matching floral designs at the top. The games include Bingo, Guest Quest, Who Knows Mommy Best?, and Price is Right.

Best Ice Breaker: Party Hearty Baby Shower Poopie Emoji Scratch Off Lottery Tickets

scratch off baby lottery game cards with losing phrases revealed

“Who got poopie?” Three of your thirty guests will! This fun set is sure to generate laughter; it includes three winner cards (they got the poopie) and 30 loser cards (that have five funny phrases). It’s ideal for livening up a baby shower with a hilarious game that is both cute and gender-neutral to fit into almost any theme. The game is printed on thick matte cardstock that makes them easy to scratch off and find the winners. To play, simply open the box, hand out the cards, and get scratching!

Best Funny: Hadley Designs Rustic Beer Belly or Pregnant Bump Fun Baby Shower Game

two cards with pictures of pregnant bellies and beer bellies with lines under them

Start guessing! These sheets are sure to not only get the guests thinking but laughing as they try to distinguish the difference between the beer bellies and pregnant bellies! Including 25 cards (as well as the answers), they are high-quality cardstock and are easy to write on with different pens—no more smudging, only fun and laughter!

Best Gender Reveal: Wasatch Goods – Gender Reveal Party Supplies Game Pack

gender reveal game with black balloon and confetti

This game gives the new parents an easy, fun, and unique way to tell their guests what the baby’s gender will be! Simply pump up the correct amount of balloons depending on the gender of the baby, and hang them on the printed tapestry with the included safety pins. Let the guests throw the darts (or the expecting parents can) to begin popping the balloons. Once three blue or three pink confetti balloons have been popped, everyone will know the gender!

The set includes everything you need for this memorable game: one tapestry (with high-quality ink and sublimation printing), 12 black balloons, four pink confetti-filled balloons, four blue confetti-filled balloons, one dart, 20 safety pins, and one balloon pump. To set it up, inflate 11 black balloons, three confetti-filled ballons in the color corresponding to the gender, and two in the other color for a total of 16 balloons.

Best Gender Reveal

Rool Gender Reveal IdeasParty Supplies Game Pack Gender Reveal Dart Board Game, Balloon for Girl or Boy, Decoration Balloons Confetti, Pink, Blue and Black Gender Reveal Balloons

Play this game with a large crowd or a small group of friends to reveal what the gender of your baby will be in a memorable way.

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