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The Best Gaming Chairs

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🕚 Updated November 2022

Gaming chairs are a great way to take your gaming experience to the next level. With all sorts of features and plenty of support, these chairs can help you stay comfortable while you get lost in your favorite game.

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  Top Choice Best Floor Chair Most Compact Best with Footrest Best Rocker
Ergonomic Gaming Chair
Easy Comfort Floor Chair
Best Choice Products
Swivel Gaming Chair
RSP-900 Racing Style and Reclining Gaming Chair
X Rocker
Gaming Chair
Our SummaryA gaming chair with the neck and back support you need to stay comfortable for hours of gameplay.A great floor chair for gaming that provides plenty of support for your lower back.A compact gaming chair with ideal versatility.A spacious gaming chair with a footrest and the ability to fully recline.An immersive gaming chair with a classic style and built-in speakers.
Pros✓ Comfortable
✓ Rolls and swivels
✓ Highly adjustable
✓ Footrest option available
✓ Supportive backing
✓ Flexible
✓ Five different locking positions
✓ Adjustable position
✓ Great for watching TV
✓ Swivels
✓ Supportive headrest
✓ Side pouch
✓ Swivel capability
✓ Comes with four speakers
✓ Vibration motor
✓ Compatible with all gaming systems
Cons✗ May not properly fit taller people✗ Cushions wear down✗ Wears down pretty quickly✗ Difficult to assemble
✗ Not the most comfortable
✗ Takes up more space
✗ Not ideal for taller people
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The Best Gaming Chairs

A red and black gaming chair in front of a desk with a monitor and headphones on it.
Potashev Aleksandr/Shutterstock.com

Buying Guide for Gaming Chairs

A gaming setup in an office room with a large gaming chair, a monitor, headphones, speakers, a keyboard, and a mouse in a dim room..

Why buy a gaming chair?

Sitting in the same position in front of a computer for hours can be uncomfortable, and sometimes, your preferred gaming spot may not let you see all the angles. A gaming chair is a simple and effective way to improve your gaming experience. It can help you play for longer while giving you the support you need to stay comfortable. It also looks really cool and can make you feel ready to play your best.

What should you consider in a gaming chair?

  • Support: Most gamers like to play for hours at a time. Gaming chairs will support that. They’ll help you stay comfortable and prevent back and neck pain. Just make sure you find one that feels comfortable to you and supports your entire body as you focus on the game.
  • Assembly: A lot of gaming chairs may not arrive pre-assembled. If you’re worried about having to figure out how to put it together, get one that doesn’t have too many steps.
  • Quality: If you plan to spend hours gaming, get a chair that won’t start to wear down when you sit in it. Some chairs have cushions that show signs of wear and tear after a short amount of time. Choose a chair with materials that will last you a long time.

What else should you consider in a gaming chair?

While you may love gaming, you may want a chair that’s great for other things, too. Some chairs will also be great for watching TV and movies, working at your desk, or just lounging. Get a chair that will work for your whole lifestyle.

Our Picks for the Best Gaming Chairs

Top Choice

AutoFull Ergonomic Gaming Chair

A gaming chair with the neck and back support you need to stay comfortable for hours of gameplay.

Pros: The AutoFull Gaming Chair with Headrest and Lumbar Support includes comfortable and resilient PU leather with an extra thick backrest and seat pillow on a sturdy metal frame. With a headrest and footrest included, you’ll have comfort and support from head to toe. (This chair can also be bought without the footrest if you prefer.) You’ll be able to roll around your gaming area quietly and quickly. This chair also provides a 360-degree swivel and plenty of load capacity. As a bonus, it’s also highly adjustable, from the lumbar pillow and headrest to the armrest and even the angle it leans back to.

Cons: This isn’t the best chair for people who are taller than average. Though the headrest is height adjustable, if you’re tall enough, it probably won’t extend enough to support your neck.

Bottom Line: Overall, this chair is a great product that will keep you comfortable while you game and offer plenty of back support.


Best Floor Chair

bonVIVO Easy Comfort Floor Chair

A great floor chair for gaming that provides plenty of support for your lower back.

Pros: The bonVIVO Easy Comfort Floor Chair gives you a supportive backrest with an adjustable feature that keeps your posture strong. With a number of materials used as filler, you really do get supportive comfort for however you want to use this gaming chair. Best of all, this chair is super flexible. You can lay it down flat or choose from five different locking positions depending on how high up you want to be. There’s even a cool modern flair to this chair that will look great in your home.

Cons: The cushions will start to show some wear and tear after use.

Bottom Line: Most people find this chair a comfortable and supportive option. It’s flexible and convenient, giving you a modern spot to game in all day.


Most Compact

Best Choice Products Swivel Gaming Chair

A compact gaming chair with ideal versatility.

Pros: The Best Choice Products Swivel Gaming Chair comes with adjustable positions so that you can find the best fit for your gaming style. It’s great for more than just gaming: watch TV, read, or just relax in this comfy chair with padded armrests and seats. Best of all, you get 360-degree swivel capability for easy movement.

Cons: This chair will start to show some signs of wear and tear pretty quickly.

Bottom Line: This chair gives you plenty of positioning options and supportive points. If you give it a little extra care, it should meet your expectations well.


Best with Footrest

RESPAWN RSP-900 Racing Style and Reclining Gaming Chair

A spacious gaming chair with a footrest and the ability to fully recline.

Pros: The RESPAWN RSP-900 Racing Style and Reclining Gaming Chair offers you the comfort and control you need for hours of gaming fun. You get a supportive and removable headrest pillow. Plus, there’s a removable side pouch that lets you keep your controllers close. The footrest is extremely comfortable and lets you extend in total relaxation. Best of all, you can get the perfect angle with the 360-degree swivel base.

Cons: The assembly can be a bit challenging, and you can feel the hard frame underneath you sometimes.

Bottom Line: This is an excellent gaming chair that lets you fully recline. If you want a chair with some nice pluses, check this chair out.


Best Rocker

X Rocker Gaming Chair

An immersive gaming chair with a classic style and built-in speakers.

Pros: The X Rocker Gaming Chair is a leather chair designed for gamers. It comes with four forward-facing speakers so that you can feel fully immersed in the game. There are even vibration motors that complete the gaming experience. And don’t worry about what type of gaming console you have—this chair is compatible with all major gaming systems.

Cons: If you’re a bit taller, this chair may not be as comfortable for you. Since it rocks, it takes up more space than others.

Bottom Line: The immersive experience of this chair is what sets it apart. It’s an excellent floor rocker.

Final Thoughts

A quality gaming chair is a solid investment that could last for years and give you much-needed support throughout your gaming sessions. Take into consideration the extra features and comfort to give you the ultimate gaming experience.

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