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The Best Garage Door Openers

🕚 Updated October 2022

Modern garage door openers offer exceptional power, quiet operation, and unmatched convenience. We made this guide to showcase the best garage door openers out there and some tips to help you find the perfect model for your home.

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  Best Overall Best Value Most Dependable Most Quiet Most Quiet
StealthDrive Connect 7155-TKV
Workhorse BU100
B6713T Smart Advanced Garage Door Opener
B4643T Smart Camera Garage Door Opener
QuietLift Connect Garage Door Opener
Our SummaryThis garage door opener features a heavy-duty motor with plenty of power as well as seamless compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.This budget-friendly garage door opener sports a 3/4-HPC DC motor and built-in 1,500-lumen energy-efficient LED security light.A battery-backed smart garage door opener with an impressive 1 1/4-HPC motor.A smart garage door with a high-quality built-in monitoring camera.A quiet smart garage door opener compatible with six virtual assistant software applications.
Pros✓ Built to last
✓ Powerful motor
✓ Smart home-compatible
✓ Plenty of entry methods
✓ Bright LED light
✓ Easy to install
✓ Durable chain drive
✓ Quiet operating volume
✓ Great reputation
✓ Operate with myQ app
✓ Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
✓ Motion-activated lighting
✓ Impressive 1 1/4-HPC motor
✓ Steel-reinforced belt
✓ Built-in wide-angle camera
✓ Smartphone operation
✓ Integrated motion-activated LED lighting
✓ Quiet 3/4-HPC motor
✓ Steel-reinforced drive belt system
✓ Compatible with several software applications
✓ Allows you to give access to delivery people password-free
✓ Steel-reinforced belt drive system
✓ 3/4-HPC motor
Cons✗ Opens garage door slowly✗ Mediocre range
✗ Only comes with one remote
✗ No built-in camera✗ Not battery-backed
✗ Less powerful than some
✗ May not be as quiet as you expect
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The Best Garage Door Openers

Hand uses a remote controller for closing and opening garage door.

Buying Guide for Garage Door Openers

A man installs a garage door opener.
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Why buy a garage door opener?

Why not, if it will save you from having to get in and out of your car to lift and lower your garage door with every trip? Most quality garage doors feature a lifespan of at least 10 years, with many models lasting up to two decades if treated properly. Remember that newer models offer greater security and reduce the likelihood of break-ins and theft.

What should you look for in a garage door opener?

  • Drive Type: Most residential garage door openers operate using a chain drive, belt drive, or screw drive. Chain drives are reliable and inexpensive but are noisier than other options. Belt drives are pricier but are incredibly quiet and feature fewer moving parts for added longevity. Finally, screw drives tend to be heavy-duty and relatively quiet. However, screw drives are usually used for heavier garage doors and less in residential settings.
  • Motor Size: Most garage door openers should have at least 1/2 horsepower (HP) for optimal results to open most garage doors reliably. However, the larger and more powerful a motor uses less energy to open and close your garage door. Thus, choosing a garage door opener with a powerful engine will often mean a longer product lifespan.
  • Helpful Features: Many modern garage door openers can connect to Wi-Fi, so you can open the garage door with your smartphone, saving you if you lose your garage door remote. Also, finding a model with good security features and quiet operation is a great idea. Safety sensors are also well worth the cost of admission, especially for families with pets and children. Before buying a garage door opener, check what it comes with to ensure the package suits your needs.

How powerful should your garage door opener’s motor be?

The amount of horsepower or horsepower equivalent your garage door opener will need varies depending on the application. For typical single-car garage doors, a 1/2-horsepower (HP) option will usually be just fine; they’ll often work for double-car garages, too, depending on how heavy the doors are. However, for many double-car garages, it’s wise to invest in a garage door opener that utilizes at least a 3/4 horsepower or horsepower comparison (HPC) motor to get the job done efficiently. Heavy-duty applications, including carriage doors and other heavier garage doors, will likely require over 1 horsepower or horsepower equivalent to ensure the garage door opener’s longevity and reliability.

Our Picks for the Best Garage Door Openers

Best Overall

Genie StealthDrive Connect 7155-TKV

This garage door opener features a heavy-duty motor with plenty of power as well as seamless compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Pros: Featuring a potent combination of power and technology, the Genie StealthDrive impresses with its powerful motor and smart home automation compatible design. It also possesses a rugged steel-reinforced belt drive that stands up to the test of time. However, the best thing about this garage door opener is the many options you have to operate it. You can use your smartphone, remote control, electronic wall unit, or keypad to get in or out of the garage, meaning even if your Wi-Fi is down, you will have easy access.

Cons: This garage door opener is slower to open and close than many other products. While this is probably a good thing for the unit’s longevity, it’s likely to irritate some who are used to having much speedier garage door openers. 

Bottom Line: Due to this garage door opener’s power and use of technology, it will be a good fit for many, including those with heavy garage doors and smart-connected homes. However, for those on a budget with an average-sized garage door, the 1 1/4-HPC DC motor may be more powerful than you need.


Best Value

beamUP Workhorse BU100

This budget-friendly garage door opener sports a 3/4-HPC motor and built-in 1,500-lumen energy-efficient LED security light.

Pros: This product features a 3/4-HPC motor, and integrated 1,500-lumen energy-efficient LED security lighting, which offers lots of value at its price point. It installs easily and requires no special tools, so even those that aren’t the handiest can get their garage door opener up and running with no problem. Given the budget price tag, this product’s durable chain drive and quiet operating volume make it a no-brainer for those seeking to get the best bang for their buck.

Cons: While this is a very reliable option for your money, it somewhat disappoints in terms of range. If you’re using the remote control, that being the case, you will have to be pretty close to the garage for the door to open when pulling up in your driveway. The remote only comes with one, making this product less appealing for multi-car households.

Bottom Line: This garage door opener doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles that premium products do, but in terms of reliability and performance, it’s an excellent option for the price. Rugged chain drives are a rarity for budget-friendly garage door openers, so if you’re looking for an inexpensive product that will last, this is your best option.


Best for Heavy Doors

Chamberlain B6713T Smart Advanced Garage Door Opener

A battery-backed smart garage door opener with an impressive 1 1/4-HPC motor.


Pros: Chamberlain is among the more established brands in garage door openers, which may be a selling point for some. They partnered with the highly rated myQ app to give you the best security and control so that you can operate the garage door from anywhere, especially with the improved Wi-Fi connectivity and integrated Bluetooth technology. The patented, motion-activated Corner to Corner™ LED lighting offers 2,000-lumen brightness for a perfect view of the entire garage. Are you convinced yet? Well, there’s more. The DC motor has a lifting force equivalent to 1 1/4 HP. That’s a seriously powerful motor; paired with a steel-reinforced belt, it runs quietly too.

Cons: The Chamberlain B6713T lacks a built-in camera which gives the best possible security.

Bottom Line: This top-quality garage door opener comes with 3D instructions to make installation as easy as possible. Chamberlain went all out to give you the best product possible.


Best with Camera

Chamberlain B4643T Smart Camera Garage Door Opener

A smart garage door with a high-quality built-in monitoring camera.

Pros: The B4643T has all the qualities of the Chamberlain B6713T but has the edge with its built-in 140-degree wide-angle camera. Through the myQ app, you can close and open the garage door from anywhere and monitor the area for ultimate security. Like the B6713T, the B4643T features integrated, motion-activated LED lighting, a quiet DC (3/4 HPC) motor, and a steel-reinforced drive belt system. The soft start/stop design helps keep the mechanism quiet too. The opener includes button remotes, a motion-detecting wall control, and safety sensors.

Cons: This device is not battery-backed, and the motor has less power than the B6713T.

Bottom Line: The B4643T delivers on all levels: parts, operation, and features. Some might consider a monitoring camera a feature, while others say it’s a must-have. Regardless, you have all the control from your smartphone with a premium app and BILT® 3D instructions.


Most Quiet

Genie QuietLift Connect

A quiet smart garage door opener compatible with six virtual assistant software applications.

Pros: The Genie QuietLift Connect can be described as friendly because it’s compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, SmartThings, and more via Integrated Aladdin Connect technology. With the Aladdin app, you can double-check that you remembered to close the garage door, see if someone else is opening it, and open it for delivery people—all while you’re out shopping or at work. You don’t have to provide delivery people with a temporary access password! Constructed with a steel-reinforced belt drive system and a 3/4-HPC motor, the garage door opener operates at a low-level sound.

Cons: It may not perform noticeably quieter than some other quiet garage door opener models.

Bottom Line: This garage door opener aims to please you on all fronts. The lightweight opener, including its five-piece rail system, snaps together for a quick install. The QuietLift also comes with BILT® 3D interactive instructions. 

Final Thoughts

Your garage door opener will likely last a long time, so making an educated purchase is critical. While power, operating volume, and functionality are all important, ensuring that a product meets both the needs of your garage door and your family will put you on the right track to finding the perfect product.

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