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The Best Garage Storage Cabinets

🕚 Updated January 2023

Whether it's tools or half-empty paint cans that are cluttering your garage, finding a suitable place to store things is a great way to maximize your floor space (and sanity). These highly-rated garage storage cabinets are up to the task.

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  Top Choice Best Metal Option Best on Wheels Most Compact Option Also Consider
Large Lockable Five-Shelf Freestanding Storage Cabinet with Double Doors
Metal Garage Storage Cabinet
Seville Classics
Small Cabinet with Doors
4 Shelf Cabinet
Our SummaryA full-standing storage solution that's perfect for keeping prying eyes out thanks to the built-in lockable design.This rugged storage cabinet stands out due to its durable design and impressive load capacity.This easy-to-assemble storage cabinet is incredibly roomy and can be relocated with ease.This lockable storage container scores points for its durable, compact design and heavy-duty load capacity.A sleekly designed garage storage solution with four roomy shelves for household essentials.
Pros✓ Supports up to 690 pounds
✓ Five shelves
✓ Lockable design
✓ Durable design
✓ Lots of storage space
✓ Impressive load capacity
✓ Easy to assemble
✓ Easy to assemble
✓ Sturdy shelves with high load capacity
✓ Easy to move
✓ Rugged design
✓ Sturdy shelves
✓ Stackable design
✓ Easy to assemble
✓ Impressive load capacity
✓ Lockable design
✓ 40-pound load per shelf
✓ Four built-in shelves
Cons✗ Shelves aren't adjustable✗ Fairly easy to dent✗ Takes up a lot of space✗ A little pricey✗ Shelves are shallow
✗ May bow prematurely
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The Best Garage Storage Cabinets

A man carries a toolbox in his garage that's decked out with storage cabinets and a workbench.

A cluttered garage can be a hazard and an eyesore, so it’s no wonder so many people are searching for the perfect storage solution for their garage. While garage storage shelves are great for decluttering a messy garage, a high-quality storage cabinet has the added benefit of keeping your items secure and out of sight.

Buying Guide for Garage Storage Cabinets

Grey plastic garage storage cabinet situated under pegboard with power tools

Why buy garage storage cabinets?

Finding storage space for all of your stuff is typically the hardest part of keeping a tidy garage. Keeping too many things on the ground can be dangerous and is obviously not ideal. A garage storage cabinet, on the other hand, can keep your items safe and sound until you actually need them. This is especially important if you use your garage as a workshop or home gym since unsightly clutter isn’t helpful when you are trying to stay on-task in your garage.

What should you look for in a garage storage cabinet?

  • Size: Larger storage cabinets may be able to store more items, but they will also take up valuable space in your garage. Be sure to measure your space in order to be sure that a storage cabinet will be a great fit. This is especially important if you will be placing your storage cabinet near the rails of your garage door opener, under a workbench, or in a similarly tight space.
  • Sturdiness: Sturdiness and stability are two factors that should not be ignored. Look for a storage cabinet with leveling legs if your garage floor is slightly unlevel, as this will help keep it from wobbling when it’s used. Many lightweight plastic storage cabinets allow you to anchor the back of the cabinet to a wall, which is great for improving a cabinet’s stability.
  • Load Capacity: If you plan on storing heavy objects in your garage storage cabinet, be sure to invest in a heavy-duty cabinet that sports a load capacity that is up to the task. Overloading a storage cabinet’s shelves can make them sag or even break and may create a hazardous situation in your garage. While metal storage cabinets are your best bet for storing heavy objects, there are quite a few plastic storage cabinets that also impress in terms of load capacity.

What kinds of materials are ideal for a garage storage cabinet?

Most garage storage cabinets are constructed of metal or plastic, and both materials have their pros and cons. Plastic storage cabinets are often very affordable and hold up well in humid garages but sometimes leave something to be desired in terms of load capacity and sturdiness. Metal storage cabinets, on the other hand, are pricier options that are often more time-consuming to assemble. However, these cabinets often score high marks in terms of durability, load capacity, and sturdiness.

Our Picks for the Best Garage Storage Cabinets

Top Choice

Rubbermaid Large Lockable Five-Shelf Freestanding Storage Cabinet with Double Doors

A full-standing storage solution that's perfect for keeping prying eyes out thanks to the built-in lockable design.

Pros: With a 690-pound capacity and a slim design, this is the perfect addition to any garage to bring organization to an area that’s often known for getting a bit chaotic with household overflow items. You’ll get a five-shelf design and a double-door design. Meanwhile, the lockable design ensures that valuable tools or even chemicals you wouldn’t want children to find won’t be accessible.

Cons: While this pick offers plenty of storage, the shelves are not adjustable. So, you won’t be able to customize the design if you have oversized items.

Bottom Line: Storage and security combine in this compact yet incredibly durable heavy-duty garage storage container that can hold up to 690 pounds.


Best Metal Option

Fedmax Metal Garage Storage Cabinet

This rugged storage cabinet stands out due to its durable design and impressive load capacity.

Pros: The bestselling Fedmax Metal Garage Storage Cabinet is as durable as they come, with a heavy-duty load capacity that is perfect for providing a home for the heavy objects lining your garage floor. It also comes with leg levelers so that it can be secure even if your garage floor isn’t perfectly level. While this isn’t the most budget-friendly garage storage cabinet on the market, its roomy design and variety of style options are likely to exceed the needs of many.

Cons: Although this is a very rugged storage cabinet for the price, some have noted that it’s fairly easy to dent if you are not careful around it. Luckily, a dent here and there probably won’t limit this product’s functionality, but it is something to consider for those who value appearances as much as function.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a metal storage cabinet that is heavy-duty enough to meet the demands of just about any garage, this one scores top marks. With a 180-pound load capacity per shelf, perhaps the trickiest problem this product will present to you is how to best utilize it to tackle the clutter in your garage. Thankfully, you should have plenty of options.


Best on Wheels

Seville Classics Cabinet

This easy-to-assemble storage cabinet is incredibly roomy and can be relocated with ease.

Pros: For those who consistently rearrange their garage, the Seville Classics Cabinet’s mobile design with four sturdy wheels can be put to good use. However, it’s this cabinet’s spaciousness and heavy-duty load capacity that really make it a product to consider, especially if you’ve got heavy objects to store. This is one of the easiest metal storage cabinets to assemble, solidifying it as an amazing storage option.

Cons: This garage storage cabinet is considerably larger than many similarly priced products, which comes with some pros and cons. While this means it has a greater storage capacity than most, it can potentially create issues for those with limited space. For this reason, it might be smart to measure your garage space in advance to make sure that this cabinet will be a great fit.

Bottom Line: Although this storage cabinet is a bit pricier than our other picks, its massive storage potential and movable design leave no wonder why it is such a highly-rated product. This is also one of the least stressful metal storage cabinets to assemble, making it a solid choice for those who don’t have much experience assembling similar products.


Pros: There aren’t many plastic garage storage cabinets out there that you would call “heavy-duty,” but this offering from Rubbermaid passes the durability test thanks to an impressive load capacity that blows other plastic cabinets out of the water. This product also scores points for its compact, stackable design and its ability to be locked up if you are trying to keep dangerous products away from pets and children.

Cons: This garage storage cabinet is on the pricey side and costs more than many larger plastic cabinets. However, it’s a lot more durable than comparable plastic storage cabinets and can handle heavier objects.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a rugged little storage cabinet that can be banged around a bit without getting damaged, this one from Rubbermaid is worth considering. While there are better picks out there for those who plan on storing light items, the versatility this cabinet brings to the table via its rugged, lockable design is sure to appeal to those with more demanding storage needs.


Also Consider

Sterlite 4 Shelf Cabinet

A sleekly designed garage storage solution with four roomy shelves for household essentials.

Pros: If the idea of an oversized storage unit in your garage makes you cringe, this sleekly designed alternative from Sterilite is a great option. It comes with four shelves and can support up to 40 pounds per shelf. It can accommodate a padlock, making it a great option for protecting valuables or preventing little hands from accessing dangerous chemicals or tools.

Cons: Common complaints for this pick included the slightly shallow shelves as well as the reduced shelf durability; specifically, some verified buyers commented that the shelves have a tendency to bow in the middle.

Bottom Line: If you’re not interested in a ruggedly designed cabinet overtaking your garage, this slim minimalist design alternative from Sterilite with lockable doors and four built-in shelves is a nice option.

Final Thoughts

Organizing a messy garage can be quite a bit of work, but it’ll all be worthwhile once you free up usable space for your projects, hobbies, or car. Be sure to give your unique garage storage needs some thought before you shop for a storage cabinet. This way, you can be sure that your new garage storage cabinet is well-equipped to handle whatever you throw at it.

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