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The Best Garage Storage Shelves

🕚 Updated January 2022

From half-used paint cans to rarely used holiday decorations, garages sure can accumulate clutter fast. If a messy garage is causing you stress, these top-notch garage storage shelves are the perfect way to get organized.

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  Top Choice Most Color Options Best Ceiling-Mounted Best Bang for Your Buck Best Wall Mounted
  Amazon Basics
5-Shelf Adjustable Storage Unit
Turn-N-Tube 4-Tier Multipurpose Shelf
4x8 Overhead Garage Storage Rack
Gracious Living
4-Shelf Garage Storage Organizer
2-Pack Garage Storage Rack
Our SummaryThis rugged storage shelf stands out thanks to its adjustable shelf height and impressive load capacity.This stylish shelf comes in several styles and offers plenty of storage space for lightweight objects.This ceiling-mounted storage rack is a great choice for small garages with limited floor space.This shelf is easy to assemble and easy on the wallet.This heavy-duty storage rack stands out due to its impressive load capacity and various sizing options.
ProsLarge load capacity, adjustable shelf height, good for uneven surfaces, plenty of storage space.Affordable price, nice color options, great for lightweight items, stylish pick.Lots of storage space, impressive load capacity, great space-saver, durable build quality.Great price, sturdier than similar budget options, simple assembly, interconnectable design.Super sturdy, highly rated choice, comes with mounting template and hardware, good load capacity.
ConsSubpar instructions.Not for heavy items.Requires careful planning and installation.Mediocre storage capacity.Not designed to store small items.
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The Best Garage Storage Shelves

A garage with a parked car and a shelf mounted high up on the wall with lots of items hanging from it and resting on it.

Your garage could also serve as a home gym, workshop, or simply a place to park your vehicle. But a lack of functional storage space might be hampering your plans. Without garage storage shelves, it’s amazing how quickly the average garage can run out of usable space. Thankfully, there are plenty of storage solutions available for your garage to fit almost any budget.

Buying Guide for Garage Storage Shelves

a garage with a shelf and items mounted to the wall.

Why buy garage storage shelves?

Investing in high-quality garage storage shelves will free up usable space in your garage by giving you a place to tuck away all the clutter. It will also help you get organized and ensure that it’s easier to find the things that you need when you need them. Best of all, once you have freed up space in your garage, this space is yours to use as you please.

What should you consider when buying a garage storage shelf?

  • Size: A storage shelf’s dimensions will determine what kinds of objects can be stored there and how much space a storage shelf will take up. Naturally, large storage shelves will allow you to store more items but are often accompanied by a more expensive price tag. However, even small, budget-friendly storage shelves can make an instant impact when your goal is to de-clutter a messy garage.
  • Load Capacity: Not all garage storage shelves are designed to withstand hundreds of pounds of weight. In fact, many storage shelves are specifically designed to store only light items and may become unusable if overloaded. Be sure to take close note of a storage shelf’s load capacity to make sure that it’s ideal for your storage needs.
  • Ease of Installation: While some garage storage shelves can be easily assembled without tools, heavy-duty options will require some handiness in order to safely install in your garage. Be sure to check a product’s description (as well as some user reviews) so that you can learn how others have fared installing their new storage shelves. Keep in mind that some products may offer expert assembly, albeit at an added cost.

What type of storage shelves are ideal for garages with minimal space?

Even small garages that can barely fit more than your vehicle can offer added storage space. For instance, ceiling-mounted storage racks are a great way to utilize vertical space and often store large, heavy items. Wall-mounted racks can also be used to similar effect, especially when utilized higher on your garage’s wall. While these storage options are a bit more tricky to install than conventional garage storage shelves, they’re often the most effective and heavy-duty option for those with limited garage space.

Our Picks for the Best Garage Storage Shelves

Top Choice

Amazon Basics Five-Shelf Adjustable Storage Unit

This rugged storage shelf stands out thanks to its adjustable shelf height and impressive load capacity.

Pros: Featuring a sturdy design that boasts impressive storage space and load capacity for the price, the Amazon Basics Five-Shelf Adjustable Storage Unit is about as heavy-duty as they come at this product’s price range. It also offers plenty of versatility thanks to its adjustable shelf height and leveling legs, making it a great fit for storing larger items on an uneven surface.

Cons: While this product isn’t particularly difficult to put together, many reviewers have noted that the instructions that come with it are not very helpful. Thus, be sure to take your time and check out some reviews for helpful hints from others if you encounter any problems.

Bottom Line: It’s hard to find a freestanding wire shelf that boasts the ruggedness and utility of this product. While its mediocre instructions can make assembly tricky for those who are not particularly handy, those who purchase this shelf will find that its size and load capacity can make a huge impact in a cluttered garage.


Most Color Options

Furinno Turn-N-Tube Four-Tier Multipurpose Shelf

This stylish shelf comes in several styles and offers plenty of storage space for lightweight objects.

Pros: If you’ve got an extensive array of lightweight items marring the floor of your garage, the Furinno Turn-N-Tube Four-Tier Multipurpose Shelf is a stylish and budget-friendly way to store them. While this shelf won’t win awards for durability, it comes in several attractive style options and is incredibly dependable if you keep its load light. It’s also insanely fast and easy to assemble (no tools required), solidifying it as a great value for the price.

Cons: As noted above, this is definitely not a heavy-duty storage solution designed to store hefty objects. However, it’s 25-pound load capacity per shelf is definitely capable of providing a home for plenty of the lighter items in your garage.

Bottom Line: While you won’t want to store sets of heavy tools on this shelf, it’s still an excellent shelf for storing linens, plants, and other lightweight objects. It’s also designed to be easy to relocate, making it a great choice for those who frequently reorganize their garage.


Best Ceiling-Mounted

FLEXIMOUNTS 4x8 Overhead Garage Storage Rack

This ceiling-mounted storage rack is a great choice for small garages with limited floor space.

Pros: If you’ve got plenty of overhead room in your garage that is underutilized, the FLEXIMOUNTS Overhead Garage Storage Rack offers plenty of storage capacity while maximizing your floor space. This storage rack stands out thanks to its impressive 600-pound load capacity and is durably constructed to prevent sagging. It’s also designed to hang above most vehicles and garage door openers, making it a stellar choice for those with heavy-duty storage needs.

Cons: This storage rack requires much more planning and a trickier installation than freestanding garage storage shelves, so be prepared for this if you will be undertaking the installation yourself. Additionally, it would be wise to determine the joist spacing in your garage before beginning the installation process.

Bottom Line: Those with small garages can really benefit from this storage rack as it utilizes space that generally goes unused. That being said, ceiling and wall-mounted garage storage options come with their own challenges, so be sure to do your research in order to ensure the installation process goes off without a hitch.


Best Bang for Your Buck

Gracious Living 4-Shelf Garage Storage Organizer

This shelf is easy to assemble and easy on the wallet.

Pros: While the Gracious Living 4-Shelf Garage Storage Organizer isn’t the most eye-catching storage shelf out there, its budget-friendly price tag and surprisingly sturdy design will appeal to many. It’s also exceptionally easy to assemble, even for folks who struggle with similar projects. This product can also be purchased in multiples and interconnected for double or triple the storage capacity, making it a safe choice for those who value function over style.

Cons: Be sure to check this product’s dimensions before purchasing since it looks slightly larger in its pictures than it will in your garage. It’s also worthwhile noting that this is not the most robust shelf in terms of durability, but it’s definitely sturdy enough for the job if you respect its maximum load limitations.

Bottom Line: Realistically, this product’s 55-pound load limit per shelf doesn’t make it the most rugged pick on this list. However, given this shelf’s low price, it’s safe to say it outperforms most similar budget garage storage shelves in terms of sturdiness. If you’re seeking something affordable, unassuming, and reliable, this shelf is a great choice.


Best Wall-Mounted

FLEXIMOUNTS 2-Pack Garage Storage Rack

This heavy-duty storage rack stands out due to its impressive load capacity and various sizing options.

Pros: Featuring rugged alloy steel construction, this highly-rated wall-mounted garage shelving can handle up to 200 pounds per shelf, making it an incredibly rugged option at its price. While installing this product isn’t exactly a walk in the park, it includes a mounting template and quality hardware to simplify the task. These storage racks also give you more options in regards to shelf placement, making them great for crowded garages with limited floor space.

Cons: This storage rack is comprised of fairly large alloy steel grates, which makes it challenging to store smaller items such as spray paint cans or similar objects. If you plan to store smaller items using this rack, be sure to invest in some plastic storage bins to prevent the possibility of falling objects in your garage.

Bottom Line: Given this storage rack’s impressive load capacity, variety of size offerings, and ability to be placed high up on your wall, it offers plenty of versatility for those with specialized storage needs. It’s also reasonably simple to install on your own, but do your research and read some reviews if you are unsure that you can handle the job.

Final Thoughts

Upgrade your garage with a few well-planned storage shelves that open up space and new possibilities of how you can use your garage. It’s a good idea to thoroughly assess your storage needs before getting started, but if the shelf you purchase caters to the items you need to store and your available space, you should be happy with your purchase.

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