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The Best Garbage Truck Toys

Juliya Shangarey/Shutterstock.com
🕚 Updated November 2022

Some kids just love a great truck toy! Garbage trucks in particular are fun for lots of kids to watch in real life, so these garbage truck toys are great for them to play with.

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  Best Overall Most Durable Best for the Environment Best Set Also Great
Green Recycling Truck
Zetz Brands
Toy Garbage Truck for Kids with 4D Lights and Sounds
Green Toys
Recycling Truck
Garbage Truck
Realistic Toy Truck for Recycling or Garbage
Our SummaryThis adorable toy truck teaches children the importance of recycling.Built with strong plastic, this garbage truck toy is designed to withstand horseplay.This recycling truck toy is designed with eco-friendly materials that make it safe for both your child and the environment.Featuring beloved characters from a hit kids' show, this adorable garbage truck toy set is sure to make your little one smile.From a trusted name in realistic car toys, this play recycle truck looks just like the real deal.
Pros✓ Teaches recycling
✓ Functional
✓ Includes fun accessories
✓ Durable
✓ 4D colorful lights
✓ Realistic sounds
✓ Teaches kids about recycling
✓ Made with safe and environmentally friendly materials
✓ No plastic packaging
✓ Features popular TV character
✓ Great accessories and figurines
✓ Truck has functional parts
✓ Interactive
✓ Realistic sounds
✓ Durable materials
Cons✗ Back door comes off easily✗ Batteries not included
✗ Loud
✗ Lacks in functionality
✗ No additional accessories
✗ Stickers may come off easily✗ Arm is a little flimsy
✗ Batteries not included
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The Best Garbage Truck Toys

A child plays with a garbage truck toy in a playroom.
Juliya Shangarey/Shutterstock.com

Buying Guide for Garbage Truck Toys

an orange garbage truck toy on asphalt with a little kid's shoe in the background.
Alexandra Morosanu/Shutterstock.com

Why buy a garbage truck toy?

Some kids love when the garbage truck stops in front of their house. The mechanical lever opens up, grabs all the icky garbage, and makes it go away. With a big diesel engine (in some, not others) and a tough exterior, these marvelous machines are as fascinating as they are functional. Kids love to mimic everyday life during playtime, and a garbage truck toy can help stoke their imagination and help them to understand these amazing machines.

What should you consider in a garbage truck toy?

  • Safe Materials: You want the best for your kids, so it’s important to know what goes into their toys before you buy them. Look for garbage truck toys that are made with child-safe materials, such as non-toxic ABS plastic and other plastics that don’t include BPA, PVC, or phthalates.
  • Durability: You’ll want to make sure that the truck is durable enough to withstand rough play, so look for trucks designed with sturdy materials. Toys made with tough plastics can withstand roughhousing and last beyond one child to be passed on to the next.
  • Functions: With car or truck toys, the most important function is moving wheels. Beyond that, you can find garbage truck toys with other moving parts, such as doors, levers, steering wheels, and more. Some even make realistic sounds or light up, just like real vehicles. All it takes is a good set of batteries to bring them to life.
  • Accessories: While basic trucks may be enough for some, others may want a more real-life experience. Some toy garbage trucks come with people figurines (or dog figurines), trash bins, and other fun accessories for imaginative playtime.

Why do kids love toy vehicles so much?

For decades, kids have been captivated by toy trains, toy cars, toy monster trucks, and just about anything else with wheels. Toys that represent real-life objects engage children’s senses and place them in the busy mix of life that adults live every day. Plus, toys with wheels help develop motor skills and sensory skills.

Our Picks for the Best Garbage Truck Toys

Best Overall

PLAYMOBIL Green Recycling Truck

This adorable toy truck teaches children the importance of recycling.

Pros: This garbage truck toy acts as both a fun addition to your children’s toy collection and a learning tool that teaches them the importance of recycling. As your kids play with the truck, they can collect recyclables by lifting the included recycling container and then emptying its contents into the back of the truck. The recycling truck comes mostly pre-assembled and includes two moveable figures and other accessories. This truck is also a great tool to teach your kids how recycling positively impacts both their community and the environment.

Cons: The back door comes off easily and may get lost or broken.

Bottom Line: For educational purposes, this cute truck teaches kids what goes into a recycling garbage truck and what doesn’t. The included people figures and accessories are versatile for imaginative play. Plus, this toy is lightweight, sturdy, and a good value all around.


Most Durable

Zetz Brands Toy Garbage Truck for Kids with 4D Lights and Sounds

Built with strong plastic, this garbage truck toy is designed to withstand play.

Pros: Looking for a toy that can withstand your rowdy toddler? This garbage truck toy is designed to survive even the roughest bumps and crashes. Built with strong, durable plastic, the truck includes a “bump and go” feature that allows it to change direction every time it hits a wall. Not only is the truck durable, but it is also extremely captivating. It features 4D colorful lights that light up the room and high-quality sound. This is the best garbage truck for kids who like to play rough with their toys.

Cons: The required AA batteries are not included. And for parents or kids with sensitive hearing, this may not be the best toy because the sound effects are quite loud.

Bottom Line: This is a great little truck that can absolutely take a pounding. It’s a push-and-go type of vehicle that lights up as your child wheels it around. Though it’s loud, it’s highly entertaining for rough and tough little ones.


Best for the Environment

Green Toys Recycling Truck

This recycling truck toy is designed with eco-friendly materials that make it safe for both your child and the environment.

Pros: This truck toy puts the environment first in more ways than one. Not only does this recycling truck teach children the importance of recycling as a way to take care of the planet, but it is also made with environmentally-friendly materials! It does not include BPA, PVC, or phthalates, making it safe for both the Earth and your child. This truck toy does not come in plastic packaging in order to further emphasize the importance of taking care of the planet. It features three different shoots to teach your child what materials should be recycled: one for plastics, one for metals, and one for papers. Through and through, this truck toy truly does what it can to stress the importance of recycling.

Cons: This truck does not have the superior functionality of some other brands, and it doesn’t come with accessories.

Bottom Line: Appropriate for younger children, this sweet little truck teaches the value of recycling early. It’s safe, washable, and easy to care for, yet it’s durable and time-tested. And though it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of some other toys, it’s superior when it comes to environmental impact.


Best Set

Bluey Garbage Truck

Featuring beloved characters from a hit kids' show, this adorable garbage truck toy set is sure to make your little one smile.

Pros: Fans of the Bluey TV show know the “Bins” episode very well and the values it teaches to appreciate the little things and spend time talking with your family. This adorable set includes the bin night garbage truck, Bluey’s neighborhood trash collector, two bins, and a happy little Bluey figurine. The garbage truck has an operating lever to lift the bins into the truck, emptying the trash inside. And both figurines can fit inside the garbage truck, creating a whole new adventure for your child’s favorite curious Blue Heeler.

Cons: The headlights are made from stickers that children can remove easily.

Bottom Line: This imaginative toy has everything your child needs to reenact one of his favorite TV cartoon scenes. The trash pieces are adorable and fit perfectly into the little bins. And the figurines are cute and versatile.


Also Great

Matchbox Realistic Toy Truck for Recycling or Garbage

From a trusted name in realistic car toys, this play recycle truck looks just like the real deal.

Pros: If your little one loves toys that make sounds, move, and are fully interactive, this is a great truck toy that will make them smile. This 15-inch large-scale truck is hand-activated with realistic sounds for loading, dumping, and rolling along the floor. The horn and the cab make fun sounds as well. Plus, kids can load and unload trash with the included bin into the truck for truly realistic trash day play. And on top of being realistic, this brand-name toy is made from tough plastic for rough play every day.

Cons: The arm isn’t as tough as the rest of the truck and may come apart if you’re not careful. Also, batteries are not included.

Bottom Line: This true-to-life large-size truck is excellent for kids who love an immersive play experience. It moves, makes sounds, and mimics real life. And it runs on easy-to-find AA batteries.

Final Thoughts

For a realistic, fun experience with a vehicle that kids are familiar with, why not try a garbage truck toy? Many are built with lights and sounds for a fun, interactive experience. And they can also teach your kids the importance of recycling and taking care of the planet.

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