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The Best Garden Statues

Candace Hartley/Shutterstock.com
🕚 Updated March 2022

When designing your garden, flowers and their placement are important. Then, the next element to plan and put on display year-round is decorative elements like these garden statues.

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  Funniest Gnome Statue Most Colorful Sweetest Choice Cutest Statues Best with Fountain
  Mark & Margot
Mischievous Cat Garden Gnome Statue Figurine
Metal Peacock Decor Garden Statue
Collections, Etc
First Kiss, Puppy Love, Garden Sculpture
Design Toscano
The Bunny Rabbits Garden Animal Statues, Set of Three
Pure Garden
Well Water Fountain
Our SummaryYou’ll inspire laughs and giggles by onlookers every day with this play on the garden gnome statue.Bring one of the most exotic birds to your own garden.This timeless and adorable garden statue is sure to bring a smile to your face.Bring the adorable yet elusive forest favorites to your garden with these charming statues.This charming statue is a substantial focal point for your garden.
ProsHumorous cat and gnome characters, hand-painted, 9.5 inches tall, resin.Elegant peacock, about 3 feet tall, steel, hand-painted bold colors.Sweet children characters, resin, 8 inches tall, resin, antique painted finish.Set of three bunnies, 5 inches tall each, stone and resin, hand-painted with UV-resistant finish.Charming children characters, water fountain, LED light, less than 3 feet tall, 25 pounds.
ConsOnly 1.5 pounds, painting may vary from pictures.Needs additional stakes to secure in ground.Very small.Very small.Electrical plug is larger than most outdoor outlets.
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The Best Garden Statues

A cute stone turtle on a rock in a garden bed.
Candace Hartley/Shutterstock.com

Buying Guide for Garden Statues

A hedgehog statue in a garden bed next to a light.

Why should you buy a garden statue?

As you’re creating your garden and landscaping plans, you might find that you want a decorative accent like a garden statue. It can showcase a theme or vibe that you want your entire garden to be about. Or maybe it’s a fun tradition to add something new to your garden each year. Whatever your reason may be, a garden statue can spruce up your garden.

What should you consider when choosing your garden statue?

  • Garden Theme/Vibe: The theme and vibe of your garden should be the first criteria when you’re looking for a decorative statue. Are you looking for fun and whimsical, loud and bold, or simple and classic? Do you want something realistic or natural, or maybe something cartoonish? Whatever theme you are going for, you can find a statue to fit in your garden perfectly.
  • Size: Garden statues can be large, but there are several options that are smaller and can either serve as accent decorations or main features in a petite garden.

What comes first, the flowers or the statue?

Often, people add statues to their garden of plants and flowers. But there is absolutely nothing wrong with choosing a statue first and getting your planting done later. Since most of these garden statues are light enough to move around, you can switch up your layout as you like.

Our Picks for the Best Garden Statues

Funniest Gnome Statue

Mark & Margot Mischievous Cat Garden Gnome Statue

You'll inspire laughs and giggles by onlookers every day with this play on the garden gnome statue.

Pros: Leave the beauty for your flowers. This garden statue has a sense of humor that will inspire laughs for unsuspecting onlookers and daily viewers alike. The mischievous cat and garden gnome characters are handcrafted out of durable resin to withstand the outdoor elements. It’s an eye-catching piece, but at 9.5 inches tall, it won’t steal the focus from your beautiful plants.

Cons: The painting of the cat might vary from the pictures. It only weighs 1.5 pounds, which is easy to carry but may also tip over in a heavy wind.

Bottom Line: This garden statue is all about humor. There is a lot of detail to it, so an up-close look will be as comical as one from afar. This statue is also on the smaller side, which might be just right for your garden.


Most Colorful

TERESA'S COLLECTIONS Metal Peacock Decor Garden Statue

Bring one of the most exotic birds to your own garden.

Pros: This beautiful peacock statue is an elegant piece of decor, standing in the preening pose with bold and bright colors. It’s handcrafted from steel and metal and painted by hand with attention to detail. It weighs 3.5 pounds, so it’s easy to move. The peacock statue is a beautiful accent to your garden, measuring nearly 3 feet tall.

Cons: One stake is probably not enough for total stabilization, so you may want to get extras. It is a little top-heavy already, so a strong wind may knock it over without enough stakes.

Bottom Line: Add a statue with bold elegance to your garden with this metal peacock. The graceful pose and feather positioning will look beautiful in your garden, and the bold colors grab attention. Since it is top-heavy, having extra stakes to help it stay securely standing would be a good idea.


Sweetest Choice

Collections, Etc Puppy Love Garden Sculpture

This timeless and adorable garden statue is a happy addition.

Pros: Even when you’re on your knees, toiling and tending to your garden, this sweet garden statue of childhood puppy love will make you smile. At only 8 inches tall and less than 3 pounds, it’s a small accent to your garden that exudes volumes of warm nostalgia. It’s made of resin with an antique paint finish that is reminiscent of traditional garden statues.

Cons: It’s a smaller statue than you might think by looking at it.

Bottom Line: This small garden statue reflects the puppy love of the two sweet children on display. For such a small size, it packs in cuteness and is sure to make you and your neighbors smile.


Cutest Statues

Design Toscano The Bunny Rabbits Garden Animal Statues

Bring the adorable yet elusive forest favorites to your garden with these charming statues.

Pros: It’s nearly impossible to see a family of little bunnies long enough to admire their adorable features. Instead, put this set of three bunny statues in your garden to add the natural character of the forest to your landscape. These small statues measure about 5 inches each and weigh 1 pound. Each statue is made of stone, bonded with durable resin, and painted with a UV-resistant finish. They make charming accents among your flowers.

Cons: While some small statues come with the ability to add sand weight to them, these don’t have that option, so they could shift or tip over. Keeping them on the ground so that wind won’t knock them over is recommended.

Bottom Line: This set of three bunnies is an adorable addition to your garden. Since they’re so small, they won’t steal focus from your plants, and they’re easy to remove if you want them to be seasonal decorations instead of year-long statue features.


Best with Fountain

Pure Garden Well Water Fountain

This charming statue is a substantial focal point for your garden.

Pros: Standing less than 3 feet tall, this garden statue isn’t huge, but it does weigh 25 pounds, thanks to its sturdy polyresin build and water feature. Depicting two children at a well, the playfulness and charm of this statue will bring a smile to your face, while the stream of water adds a relaxing element. Water cascades down two tiers and remains in a constant cycle when it’s plugged into an electrical outlet. LED lights are also a feature of the statue, bringing an enchanting element to your garden at nighttime.

Cons: The plug for the statue is very large, making it tricky to use on standard outdoor outlets.

Bottom Line: This fountain garden statue provides so many features for your garden. The peaceful water cascade, the enchanting light at night, the playfulness of the children—there’s so much to smile about. Since it’s a heavier statue with water and the electrical component, it’s not meant to be moved too frequently. Once you set it up well and have the cords situated, just sit back and enjoy this beautiful addition to your garden.

Final Thoughts

After carefully planning your plants and flowers for your garden, it’s time to add decorative accents. These unique garden statues can add extra personality or wow-factor, whether you display them seasonally or year-round.

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