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The Best Garden Trowels for Perfect Planting

A woman working with a trowel in the garden to grow new plants.

There’s nothing quite like digging into the dirt with a trowel in hand. The small tool allows you to work closely with soil, so you can better focus on the details when weeding and planting. Once you start looking for a garden trowel, you will discover the many variations of the classic tool design. Here are some fantastic garden trowels that we recommend.

How to Find the Right Trowel

When shopping for a trowel for your gardening adventures, consider these factors:

  • Gardening Goals: Think about what kind of garden you have or want. Some garden trowel designs may serve beginners better than others and vice versa. Maybe you have cultivated a luscious garden and want to move up to a nicer trowel.
  • Use: Who’s the gardener? Want to get your kids involved? Great! There are some cute trowels on the market that allow them to participate in gardening chores. Adults and seniors may want to look for trowels with ergonomic handles.
  • Preferred Style: It’s not about fashion, necessarily, but garden trowels have different looks and features. Stainless steel is bright and continuously so, even after hard use. Other trowels look as industrial as they are in function.

Top Choice: Edward Tools Bend-Proof Garden Trowel

A person digging into soil with a stainless steel trowel.
Edward Tools

The feature that makes Edward Tools garden trowel exceptionally high-quality is the heavy-duty, bend-proof stainless steel. This metal is impact-resistant and has superior strength-to-weight quality. This garden trowel will perform well when you need to dig through rocky, heavy soil. It has an ergonomic rubber grip that will keep your hands comfortable throughout the digging process.

Top Choice

Edward Tools Bend-Proof Garden Trowel

This garden trowel is made of premium stainless steel that won't bend.

Best for Kids: Honoson 4 Piece Colorful Mini Trowel Set

Woman and girl at a table, potting a flower with trowels.

While garden enthusiasts enjoy their time in the dirt, kids delight in it. So why not collaborate on the digging, piling, weeding? This four-piece garden trowel set will make gardening time fun for you both. Each trowel is a different color, and all are made with quality metal. They are long and wide enough for adults as well.

Best for Kids

Honoson 4 Piece Colorful Mini Trowel Set

Have fun with your kids playing in the dirt with these colorful garden trowels. They are the right size for adults and kids to share.

Best Ergonomic: Edward Tools Carbon Steel Garden Trowel

A carbon steel trowel with a green handle.
Edward Tools

This heavy-duty carbon steel garden trowel is perfect for gardeners with arthritis, carpal tunnel, and those who want to prevent muscle stress. It features an ErgoGrip, an ergonomic rubber grip handle that’s not only comfortable but affords you better leverage in heavy soil. Carbon steel fortifies the tool, making it rust, bend, and break-proof.

Best Ergonomic

Edward Tools Carbon Steel Garden Trowel

This carbon steel gardening trowel features an ergonomic grip, measure markers, and it's bend-proof.

Best with Serrated Edge: Nisaku Hori-Hori Weeding & Digging Knife

Gardening trowel with serrated edge and a wooden handle. The black case sits to the right.

The Nisaku garden trowel has a serrated edge, making it easier to weed, remove rocks, and cut through roots. The blade features inch markings so you can plant bulbs at a measured depth. Made in Japan with Japanese stainless steel, the blade is from Tomita, a well-known Japanese knife brand. Knives like these are works of art. They also hang nicely from the wooden handle.

Best with Serrated Edge

Nisaku Hori-Hori Weeding & Digging Knife

This gardening trowel is made of Japanese stainless steel and features a serrated edge, making it perfect for fast and accurate weeding and planting.

Best Value Set: Fiskars FiberComp 11″ Trowel

Two black trowels with orange tops, side-by-side.

Fiskars made some sound decisions when they created this garden trowel. It’s made of a nylon and fiberglass composite, a material that’s light, strong, and anti-rust. Notably, the trowel is designed as a one-piece tool. You will never have to deal with the handle coming off. The oversized head allows you to move more dirt faster.

Best Value Set

Fiskars FiberComp 11 Inch Trowel

This nylon and fiberglass composite one-piece trowel is slick, strong, and lightweight.

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