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The Best Gel Nail Polish Removers

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🕚 Updated November 2022

Before you can get a brand-new nail look, you need to get rid of the old one. Getting your gels removed at the salon can be painful and pricey, so here are some easy and affordable gel nail polish removers you can try at home.

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  The Original Solution Quickest Option Best Kit Best Foil Set Best Machine
100% Pure Acetone
Nail Polish Remover
10pcs Nail Polish Remover
Gel Polish Remover Wraps
Steam Nail Polish Remover Machine Set
Our SummaryThis professional-grade gel polish remover cuts through gel, glitter, and glue in one treatment.Remove your gel polish in just five minutes with this revolutionary, money-saving gel nail polish remover.Protect your nails while removing your gel polish with these hygienic, reusable nail polish caps that house acetone pads.Soak your nails in these foils to remove your gel polish like a professional at home.Remove your gel nail polish simply and quickly with this innovative machine.
Pros✓ Removes all kinds of manicures
✓ Works within 15 minutes
✓ Easy to use
✓ Contains only one ingredient
✓ Quick and easy
✓ Brush-on application
✓ Works in minutes
✓ Odor-free
✓ Plant-based ingredients
✓ Reusable clips
✓ Also works for acrylic nails
✓ Good for multiple uses
✓ Quicker than traditional foils
✓ Good value
✓ Keeps nails saturated
✓ Reduces chemical odor
✓ Only takes 12 minutes to remove most gel polish
✓ Breaks down nail polish glue
✓Easy to clean
Cons✗ Not suggested for people with sensitive skin
✗ Strong scent
✗ Need good ventilation
✗ Must remove top coat separately
✗ Not safe for children
✗ Must avoid contact with skin
✗ Won't fit on large toes
✗ Unclear directions
✗ Plastic clips may loosen
✗ Liquid nail polish remover not included✗ Doesn't work on toes
✗ Doesn't work as well for dip powder manicures
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The Best Gel Nail Polish Removers

Someone removing gel polish with foil wrapped on the fingers; other nail tools are next to the hand
Olena Yakobchuk/Shutterstock.com

We’ve done the research and found several different kinds of effective gel nail polish removers for you to consider.

Buying Guide for Gel Nail Polish Removers

A woman's fingers are covered in spa-quality purple gel remover tips.

Why buy gel nail polish remover?

Do you love the look of a gel manicure? The smooth finish is dreamy, and it outlasts traditional nail polish by double or more. If you love gel nails, you will need gel nail polish remover to switch things up or give your nails a breather between polishes.

What should you consider in gel nail polish remover?

  • Removal Time: While traditional gel nail polish remover takes a little longer to break down your gels, some gel nail polish removers claim to remove your gel polish in just minutes. If you have time to sit and relax, the time factor likely won’t be an issue. But if you’re constantly on the go, you may want to consider a faster alternative.
  • Odor: Traditional gel nail polish remover is made with acetone. While the smell doesn’t bother some people, it can be caustic to others. Some of the gel nail polish removers listed below are made with acetone, while others are not and have less odor.
  • Volume: How many uses will you get out of one purchase of gel nail polish remover? Most offer several, some up to 10 or more. If you’re an avid nail artist or love getting new nails often, buy a remover that you can get more than just a couple of uses out of.

How much can you expect to spend on gel nail polish remover?

Gel nail polish remover is surprisingly inexpensive. Products begin at under $10 and can go up to $50 or more. Even some of the $10 products promise several uses. You can save a lot of money by removing your nail polish at home vs. going to the salon.

Our Picks for the Best Gel Nail Polish Removers

The Original Solution

Pronto 100% Pure Acetone

This professional-grade gel polish remover cuts through gel, glitter, and glue in one treatment.

Pros: This product works to remove various manicures from regular polish to gel, shellac, and acrylics. It removes most manicures within 15 minutes. Just soak your nails in the solution and then rub them off. This nail polish remover is very easy to use and contains only one ingredient—acetone.

Cons: Pure acetone isn’t for people with sensitive skin. Acetone can cause dizziness or headaches if not used in a well-ventilated space.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a multipurpose nail polish remover that’ll get the job done, look no further. Pure acetone can also be used to clean wheel bearings, super glue, and other materials. This versatile product is also extremely cost-effective.


Quickest Option

ALIVER Nail Polish Remover

Remove your gel polish in three to five minutes with this revolutionary, money-saving gel nail polish remover.

Pros: This convenient brush-on remover can easily remove gel polish from nails. Simply buff off the top coat, brush on the product, and wait a few minutes. The nail surface will automatically burst and become easily removable. It has no obnoxious smell and is made with ingredients derived from plants to ensure it is gentle on your natural nails.

Cons: Before using this gel nail polish remover, you need to remove your sealing top coat. Be careful not to get this nail polish remover on your skin, as it can potentially cause chemical burns. It’s not safe for children.

Bottom Line: If you want to try a gel nail polish remover that’s ultra-fast, this may be a great product for you. One layer directly on the gel polish will break it down in a matter of minutes without the smell of acetone.


Best Kit

MORGLES 10pcs Nail Polish Remover

Protect your nails while removing your gel polish with these hygienic, reusable nail polish caps that house acetone pads.

Pros: No more aluminum foil waste! You can reuse these clips over and over again to wrap acetone pads around your nails. This nail polish remover kit will also work for acrylic nails if you soak them first. You get multiple uses out of this product, saving you time and money.

Cons: The clips won’t fit on large toes. The directions aren’t the easiest, and the plastic clips may loosen over time.

Bottom Line: If you’re sick of wrapping your nails in foil to remove your gel polish, this may be a great alternative for you. The clips are easy to use and easy to clean; you simply wash them with soap and water and then allow them to air-dry after you’re done. This kit comes with a lot of pads, so you can remove your gel polish many times without having to purchase extra supplies.


Best Foil Set

BTArtbox Gel Polish Remover Wraps

Soak your nails in these foils to remove your gel polish like a professional at home.

Pros: These foil-wrapped pads help remove gel polish quicker than traditional foils. The kit includes a generous supply of 200 foil pads and a cuticle pusher to scrape the softened polish off gently, so you get a good bang for your buck. Wrapping your nails cuts down on the aggressive odor of nail polish remover and keeps the nails saturated for convenient removal.

Cons: This kit doesn’t come with liquid nail polish remover; you have to supply it yourself for use with the foil pads.

Bottom Line: If using traditional foil and cotton balls to remove gel polish is too cumbersome for you, this kit can be a great alternative. The pads hold onto moisture so that they don’t dry out on your nails, which can be uncomfortable and slow down the process. Save money and time with this method.


Best Machine

BLUETOP Steam Nail Polish Remover Machine Set

Remove your gel nail polish simply and quickly with this innovative machine.

Pros: Using this steamer machine only takes 12 minutes to remove most gel polish. It also breaks down nail polish glue, making it easy to remove nail art gems, glitter, and tips. The machine is also easy to clean when you’re done, and it doesn’t create a bunch of waste as other methods do.

Cons: Unfortunately, it doesn’t work on toes. It isn’t as effective on dip powder manicures.

Bottom Line: If you are looking for a gift for a friend who loves gel nails, this could be an excellent choice. It’s simple to operate and works quickly. And you don’t have to worry about the irritating smell of nail polish remover when using this product.

Final Thoughts

There are many styles of gel nail polish removers, so it’s all about deciding which will work best for you. Maybe you want to try something new, or perhaps you’d prefer to stick to tried and true methods. Either way, there’s a product here that should work for you.

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