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The Best Gift Wrapping Organizers

🕚 Updated November 2022

If you have rolls of wrapping paper tumbling out of a cramped closet or taking over your craft corner, you need a gift wrapping organizer. Check out our favorites to help you stay organized this holiday season.

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  Top Choice Best Hanging Model Best Bag Most Portable Best Cart
Premium Wrapping Paper Storage Container
40 Inch Gift Wrapping Organizer
Wrapping Paper Storage Organizer Bag
Wrapping Paper Storage Container
Craft Storage Cart
Our SummaryThe ultimate storage solution for gift wrapping supplies, this organizer can fit up to 20 wrapping paper rolls plus other wrapping essentials.With eight see-through pockets, this hanging gift wrap organizer keeps everything you need at your fingertips.Zip up all your gift wrapping supplies in this compact and heavy-duty gift wrapping storage bag.This see-through storage bag has a convenient carrying strap for perfectly portable gift wrapping.With casters and pockets and drawers (oh my!), this convenient storage cart has everything you need to keep crafts or gift wrapping supplies neatly organized.
Pros✓ Fits up to 20 rolls
✓ Puncture-, fade-, and moisture-resistant
✓ Convenient pockets
✓ Slim profile
✓ 360-degree swivel
✓ Two-sided
✓ Labeled pockets
✓ Holds up to 25 large rolls
✓ Loop to hang
✓ Handles to carry
✓ Slim profile
✓ Fits up to 20 rolls
✓ PVC plastic keeps moisture away
✓ Three drawers
✓ Dowels for ribbons
✓ Casters
Cons✗ If it's not full, it's flimsy✗ Pockets are difficult to zip at capacity
✗ Only holds six rolls
✗ Not built for shorter wrapping paper rolls✗ Not as sturdy as others
✗ No pockets for accessories
✗ Bulky
✗ Requires assembly
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The Best Gift Wrapping Organizers

Three different gift wrapping organizers in different rooms.

Buying Guide for Gift Wrapping Organizers

rolls of wrapping paper next to tape, ribbon, scissors, and a box being wrapped.

Why buy gift wrapping organizers?

It’s super helpful when all of our gift wrapping essentials are confined to one organized space. With dedicated pockets for ribbons, bows, tape, and scissors, you won’t have to dig through a box or bin to make sense of a cluttered mess. If you’re not a fan of traditional wrapping paper, the pockets in your organizer can be dedicated to gift bags or gift wrap alternatives that are better for the environment. And you can seamlessly access every gift wrapping essential within seconds, which is perfect if you’re wrapping a last-minute gift. Some gift wrapping organizers fit perfectly into a closet, resting neatly on a shelf or hanging from your closet organizer, while others are more portable for gift wrapping parties, PTA meetings, or charitable functions. Lastly, rolls of wrapping paper can unroll or get damaged when they’re out in the open, so putting them into an organizer just makes sense!

What should you consider in gift wrapping organizers?

  • Size and Capacity: You’ll want to be sure your new gift wrapping organizer can fit all of your gift wrapping essentials. Whether you prefer to keep just a few rolls handy or you love to have lots of dedicated rolls of wrapping paper for every occasion and season, there’s a perfect wrapping paper organizer that should fit your needs.
  • Pockets: Many gift wrapping organizers feature pockets that you can use for bows, ribbons, tape, scissors, cards, tags, and decorations. The number of pockets you’ll need depends on how many accessories you like to keep on hand.
  • Storage Location: Another thing you may consider when choosing a gift wrapping organizer is the location in which you’d like to store it. Many people choose to store gift wrap in a closet or underneath a bed. And gift wrapping organizers are made to neatly fit into these spaces, whether they hang in a closet or have a flat profile for squeezing underneath a bed. Some even have handles and secure zippers so you can keep them in the trunk of your car if you travel or if you volunteer to wrap gifts for a charitable organization.

How do you neatly wrap a present with wrapping paper?

If you’re able, start with a square or rectangular gift box because wrapping oddly-shaped packages are far more arduous than wrapping a traditional box. And make sure to work on a flat surface. Working on a larger table is better for your back, but if you need to, you can work on a hard floor. Unwrap enough wrapping paper that it doubles the length of your present, and make sure your box is face-down. Then, fold your paper over, making a crease where your paper intersects. Tape down one side of the paper and cut off any excess from the other side. Fold and wrap the second side, then secure that with tape as well. Then, pinch down the paper on the edges of your box, creating two triangle shapes. Tape down the triangles neatly, one at a time, for a neat wrap. Finish it off with a bow, twine, or ribbon if you like, and don’t forget to add a tag.

Our Picks for the Best Gift Wrapping Organizers

Top Choice

Zober Premium Wrapping Paper Storage Container

The ultimate storage solution for gift wrapping supplies, this organizer can fit up to 20 wrapping paper rolls plus other wrapping essentials.

Pros: This huge organizer can fit up to 18 to 20 rolls of 40-inch length wrapping paper so you can keep your entire gift wrapping collection in one convenient place. It’s made of ultra-durable 600D oxford-polyester fabric, and the outside is tear-, puncture-, fade-, and moisture-resistant. The two clear vinyl pockets keep bows, labels, tape, scissors, and other materials organized, and if you have rolls shorter than 36 inches, you can use the convenient divider to add a compartment. This organizer’s dual zipper closure keeps all your materials secure and easy to access. Plus, this organizer is flat and slim, perfect for storing under a bed or on a closet shelf.

Cons: If you don’t have a lot of wrapping paper to support the sides, it will collapse on itself. It might be better if it were sturdier, like a suitcase.

Bottom Line: Available in five modern colors, this huge gift wrapping organizer is as nice looking as it is perfectly organized. It’s intended for holding a lot of wrapping paper and supplies. And it’s a great price considering its size, materials, and capacity.


Best Hanging Model

Clorso 40 Inch Gift Wrapping Organizer

With eight see-through pockets, this hanging gift wrap organizer keeps everything you need at the tips of your fingers.

Pros: With an attached 360-degree swivel closet hanger, there’s no wrong way to hang this handy gift wrap organizer. Each of the eight see-through pockets comes with a label, so you’ll know exactly what’s inside without shuffling through everything. And the organizer is two-sided, saving space. It’s made from extra durable plastic to keep your items safe from damage and moisture. Plus, there’s tough Velcro on the sides to keep your gift wrap rolls securely in place. Additionally, this organizer is versatile. It would also make a neat sundry organizer for dorms, a linen organizer for tight closets, or an organizer for crafts.

Cons: The pockets can be difficult to zip when they’re at capacity. Also, this organizer only holds about six rolls of wrapping paper securely.

Bottom Line: This 40-inch long organizer is perfect for holding all your gift wrapping accessories. There’s a secure pocket for literally everything. And the fully movable hanger makes it easy to access everything all at once without bending.


Best Bag

ProPik Wrapping Paper Storage Organizer Bag

Zip up all your gift wrapping supplies in this compact and heavy-duty gift wrapping storage bag.

Pros: For gift wrap enthusiasts, this is a nice, big storage miracle. It holds up to 25 large rolls of wrapping paper. The zippered top holds a secret storage compartment for ribbons, bows, tape, and even a small pair of scissors. And there’s a clear window so you can see all your wrapping paper without having to dig inside the bag. There’s a hanging hook at the top of the organizer, so you can easily hang it in a closet or over a door. And the convenient carrying handle makes it perfect for on-the-go gift wrapping jobs.

Cons: If you have shorter wrapping paper rolls, it may be more difficult to access them.

Bottom Line: This PVC and polyester storage bag is built tough to keep your wrapping supplies safe and secure. It comes in three different colors. And it comes with a price tag that’s affordable for most.


Most Portable

Zober Wrapping Paper Storage Container

This see-through storage bag has a convenient carrying strap for perfectly portable gift wrapping.

Pros: This completely see-through gift wrap storage container has a slim profile that can fit in a closet, a corner, or underneath a bed. It can fit 14 to 20 standard (2.5-inch to 3-inch wide, 40-inch long) rolls with ease. It’s made from durable PVC plastic which keeps moisture away and is built to last. And with two sturdy, stitch-reinforced handles to support the weight of the wrapping paper rolls, it’s easy to hang just about anywhere, and it’s easy to transport. Additionally, this organizer comes in four colors, so you can choose your favorite.

Cons: This storage container is not as sturdy as some of the others. Also, there are no storage compartments for gift wrap accessories.

Bottom Line: Made with crystal clear, see-through plastic, you can easily access your favorite wrapping paper with this organizer. It’s easy and convenient for hanging or for traveling. And it’s one of the most affordable choices.


Best Cart

Honey-Can-Do Craft Storage Cart

With casters and pockets and drawers (oh my!), this convenient storage cart has everything you need to keep crafts or gift wrapping supplies neatly organized.

Pros: This rolling cart features three drawers for holding tissue paper, ribbons, bows, tape, scissors, or craft essentials. Plus, it has two dowel rods for dispensing ribbon, twine, or anything else on a spool. Its two open shelves are built tough for heavy items. And the slotted compartments along the cart’s backside are perfect for storing 30-inch wrapping paper rolls. With this cart, there’s no more scrambling for supplies, searching under beds for wrapping paper, or hunting in closets for beads, rhinestones, and other embellishments. It’s a one-stop gift wrapping shop. And when you need it, it’s ready to move on four locking caster wheels.

Cons: This cart is much more bulky and obtrusive than a storage bag that can be packed away in a closet. It also requires assembly.

Bottom Line: If you’re ready to own your very own craft cart, perfect for wrapping supplies, this may be a good solution for you. It rolls around easily on casters. And the drawers are nice and large for lots of gift wrapping embellishments and tools.

Final Thoughts

Ready, set, wrap! If you love making your gifts look like they were wrapped by a professional, neatness is essential. One of these gift wrapping organizers can keep all your essential wrapping supplies in one place for convenience and time management.

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