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The Best Giraffe Toys for Kids

a little girl putting a giraffe puzzle together

Giraffes—not only are they the tallest animals on Earth, but they’re also some of nature’s cutest. With their sweet eyes, unique spots, and fluffy tails, it is no wonder that giraffes have become the model for some of your child’s favorite toys. Whether you are looking for a plush toy, a puzzle, or some wild figurines, you’ll have no trouble finding a giraffe toy that fits the needs of you and your child. Here are some giraffe toys that we highly recommend.

Buying a Giraffe Toy

Here’s what to look for:

  • Materials: To ensure your child’s safety, you should invest in a giraffe toy that is crafted with high-quality materials. For plush options, you should choose a toy that is crafted with polyester or acrylic, something durable yet super soft. If you want a toy that your child can teeth on, make sure that it is made of all-natural, nontoxic materials that are safe to chew on.
  • Size: Before purchasing a giraffe toy, you should consider the size of your child. Older kids should have no trouble handling large toys, but younger kiddos may have trouble playing with the giraffe if it is too big for them. If you are looking to buy a kid-friendly puzzle, consider ones that include puzzle pieces that are shaped like large, chunky blocks, as these are the easiest for small hands to hold and are less of a choking hazard. If your little one has been wanting a cuddle buddy, look for a plush giraffe that is about 12 inches tall in order to make it easy for them to carry their new pal around.

Best Plush Toy: Kicko 11″ Plush Giraffe

This ultra-soft giraffe pillow makes for the best cuddle buddy! The giraffe measures 11 inches tall and is crafted with a high-quality blend of polyester and acrylic that results in a super cuddly plush toy. If you’re looking for a great way to encourage your child’s healthy sleeping habits, this cozy giraffe makes for an excellent napping buddy that’ll help them consistently fall asleep faster. The giraffe features a moveable neck that allows you to position its head however you’d like. If you’re looking to add a touch of the wild side to your child’s bedroom, this giraffe pillow is a great choice.

Best Plush Toy

Kicko Soft Plush Giraffe - 11 Inch Stuffed Jungle Animal Toy and Pillow for Bedtime Pal, Playroom Decoration, Children Educational Playset

This giraffe is crafted with a super soft blend of polyester and acrylic that results in an extra-cuddly plush toy.

Best Teething Toy: Vulli Sophie the Giraffe

Soothing a teething baby can seem daunting, but this adorable giraffe teething toy is here to help. The teether is crafted from non-toxic, all-natural rubber that has been derived from the Hevea tree. It has a super soft, flexible texture that is gentle on your baby’s sore gums. The toy features a squeaker that will keep your baby amused while chewing, distracting them from any pain or discomfort. The giraffe has a wide variety of contrasting spots designed to be visually stimulating to help your baby develop their recall and recognition skills.

Best Teething Toy

Vulli Sophie The Giraffe New Box, Polka Dots, One Size, 1 Count (Pack of 1)

This teething toy has a super soft texture designed to be gentle on your baby's sore gums.

Best Figurines: TOYMANY 4-Piece Realistic Giraffe Figurines

If you’re looking for a toy designed to inspire creativity, you should check out this set of giraffe figurines. Because of the open-ended nature of the figurines, your child will have the opportunity to develop their imagination by creating unique storylines and indulging in free play. They also work well as an educational tool in the classroom to teach children about land mammals and natural wildlife. The giraffes are crafted with durable PVC plastic and then carefully hand-painted to create realistic details. These giraffe figurines would make a great addition to your child’s toy box.

Best Puzzle: TOWO Wooden Giraffe Puzzle with Alphabet & Number Blocks

This giraffe puzzle makes it easy for your child to put their number and letter recognition to the test. It features dual-sided puzzle pieces: one side of the puzzle has letters A through Z; the other side of the puzzle features numbers 1 through 26. The puzzle pieces are large chunky blocks that are perfectly sized for small hands in order to help your child develop their dexterity and fine motor skills. The puzzle is crafted from sustainable wood that has been painted with eco-friendly, nontoxic paints, making it extremely safe for your child to play with.

Best Puzzle

TOWO Wooden Giraffe Alphabet Blocks and Number Blocks Jigsaw Puzzle 41 cm Large Size 2 in 1 ABC Number Puzzle - Wooden Letter Blocks Puzzle Number Puzzles Educational Toys for 3 Year olds

This cool giraffe puzzle features dual-sided pieces: one side of the puzzle has letters A through Z; the other side has numbers 1 through 26.

Best at Night: Bstaofy Light-Up Giraffe Plush Toy

If your young one is afraid of the dark, you know how difficult it can be to have them get a good night’s rest. This giraffe pillow is designed to be a cuddly light source that keeps your child company throughout the night. The giraffe is installed with comforting lights that change color every second in order to distract your child from fearful thoughts. It is crafted with high-quality polyester fabric that features reinforced stitching in order to enhance the toy’s longevity. The giraffe measures 12.5 inches tall, making it the perfect size to be carried around by small hands.

Best at Night

BSTAOFY LED Giraffe Stuffed Plush Light Up Jungle Pal Toy Glow in Dark Luminous Birthday Christmas Festival Gift for Kids Friends, 12.5''

This giraffe plush features warm lights that change color every second in order to comfort your child in the dark.

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