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The Best Girls Ballet Shoes

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🕚 Updated October 2022

Specially designed for little dancing feet, girls' ballet shoes offer a style suited for little ladies while they learn to twirl and dance. We've gathered up some of the best ballet shoes for girls. Read on to see them!

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  Top Choice Best Canvas Best with Ribbons Best Flat Toe Best with Sparkles
Girls Ballet Practice Shoes
Ballet Canvas Dance Shoes
Girls Pink Ballet Dance Shoes
Ballet Pointe Shoes
Ballet Shoes
Our SummaryThese little ballet shoes are comfortable for your child's feet and available in multiple colors and styles.For serious dancers, these premium canvas dance shoes have anti-skid leather soles for a professional experience.These adorable ballet slippers come in fun colors and look lovely with the ribbons tied.Lovely pointe slippers that come in several colors.Lightweight and sparkly, these shoes have a split sole and comfortable cotton lining.
Pros✓ Cute embroidery
✓ Breathable
✓ Durable
✓ Easy to clean
✓ Lightweight
✓ Designed by professionals
✓ Premium canvas
✓ Sweet and shiny satin
✓ Pliable
✓ Half sizes available
✓ Flat toes for pointe
✓ Good for beginners
✓ Multiple colors
✓ Ribbons
✓ Multifunctional
✓ Split sole for optimal flexibility
✓ Color choices
Cons✗ Not available in half sizes✗ Too wide for narrow feet✗ Ribbons may not stay in place✗ Sizing can be tricky✗ Won't last forever
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The Best Girls Ballet Shoes

Child in a pink tutu dancing in a kids room.
Yuganov Konstantin/Shutterstock.com

Buying Guide for Girls’ Ballet Shoes

Young ballerinas dressed in leotards, long socks, and ballet shoes sitting in a circle.

Why buy girls’ ballet shoes?

If your little one loves to express herself through dance, you may consider buying her a pair of ballet shoes. Whether she is dancing her heart out at home or in a professional dance studio, a great pair of ballet shoes is essential to help her point, flex, and jump with just the right amount of support.

What should you consider in girls’ ballet shoes?

  • Size: Little ones will spend a lot of time learning new spins and twirls, so their shoes should fit just right as they master movements. If they’re too big, they can cause rubbing and blisters. If they’re too small, they will squeeze the toes and can also cause blisters.
  • Comfort: With all the time spent in these new shoes, they should be comfortable! Many shoes opt for no stitching or even extra padding in the back along the heel to help eliminate rubbing.
  • Material: The shoes should be sturdy and durable enough to last for a dance season or as long as possible. Many are made with leather and polyurethane, some with canvas, some with satin ribbons.
  • Closure: The closure can depend on the type of ballet as well as what’s comfortable for your kiddo. You can find shoes with straps, snaps, or ribbon ties.
  • Sole: Split soles are generally sought after for optimal flexibility, but sometimes, full soles are required. All soles should provide some kind of skid resistance for added safety and stability.

Do ballet shoes come in regular shoe sizes?

Depending on the brand of shoes, some come in standard U.S. shoe sizes, while others come in European sizes. Be sure to double-check the size charts before you make your purchase.

Our Picks for the Best Girls’ Ballet Shoes

Top Choice

Stelle Girls Ballet Practice Shoes

These little ballet shoes are comfortable for your child's feet and available in multiple colors and styles.

Pros: Featuring embroidery for added cuteness, these adorable kids’ ballet shoes have a leather sole and a breathable outer layer. They’re easy to clean, too. You simply wet a cloth with mild soap to remove dirt and debris. They’re lightweight, flexible, comfortable, wear-resistant, waterproof, and skid-resistant. They have a crisscross elastic design to fit snugly yet comfortably over your child’s feet. They’re also available in all the standard colors and sizes perfect for your little ones and your bigger kids. Best of all, these dance shoes are durable.

Cons: These ballet slippers are not available in half sizes. Most parents choose to size up.

Bottom Line: Overall, these ballet slippers for kids are a great value. They’re made from water-resistant materials, and they wick away sweat. Also, they’re long-lasting, so they make excellent hand-me-down dance shoes after their initial season.


Best Canvas

Stelle Ballet Canvas Dance Shoes

For serious dancers, these premium canvas dance shoes have anti-skid leather soles for a professional experience.

Pros: Lightweight and breathable, these soft canvas ballet slippers are designed by professionals for the best possible performance. They’re made to fit your child’s feet snugly and comfortably, so they can balance, point, and flex their feet with ease. The shoes are made from premium canvas around the foot with suede soles. And these elegant shoes come in multiple sizes–from toddlers to big kids to women’s sizes—and offer a highly elastic performance. The sole is anti-skid for both strength and safety while dancing. And since it’s a split-sole shoe, your child has a full, flexible range of movement, especially when learning to tendu or relevé.

Cons: These shoes may be a little bit wide for children with narrow feet.

Bottom Line: These high-performance canvas girls’ ballet slippers are made for movement. They’re easy to clean and care for. And they’re also lightweight and cozy.


Best with Ribbons

iCKER Girls Pink Ballet Dance Shoes

These adorable ballet slippers come in fun colors and look lovely with the ribbons tied.

Pros: Sweet and shiny, these satin ballet slippers are perfect for little beginners. They’re soft and pliable, with cotton-like material on the inside that’s surprisingly breathable. They fit snugly with a well-made elastic strap that keeps the shoes in place. The satin finish is perfect for dress-up, performances, or an added touch of flair to your child’s everyday ballet attire. And they’re available in all the basic dance colors and then some. The sizes range from toddlers to big kids, and the sizing chart is easy to follow. And the sizing chart includes some half sizes, so you can be sure you’ll get a perfect fit!

Cons: The ribbons may not stay in place, and they’re not meant for pointe.

Bottom Line: For safety, it’s best not to treat these shoes as pointe shoes because they don’t have the proper toe for them, and treating them as such may cause serious injury to the feet. Otherwise, they’re very cute, especially for dress-up or for performance. And most buyers say these fit like a glove.


Best Flat Toe

WendyWu Ballet Pointe Shoes

Lovely pointe shoes that come in lovely colors.

Pros: These flat toe ballet shoes come in children’s and women’s sizes and in several gorgeous colors, including the classic pink, white, red, blue, and black. The ribbons and shiny satin material make them look even prettier. And they work well for beginners, too. The toes are nice and firm for practicing pointe.

Cons: Sizing can be a little tricky to get right. Some people had issues with toe boxes.

Bottom Line: If you want a pair of satin ballet shoes with flat toes, check out these ones. They come in multiple colors and have the classic ribbons.


Best with Sparkles

Nexete Ballet Shoes

Lightweight and sparkly, these shoes have a split sole and comfortable cotton lining.

Pros: These sparkly ballet shoes are ideal for ballet, gymnastics, yoga, weddings, or anything in between. They’re made from PU leather with a genuine leather sole and a cotton lining for flexibility and comfort.  Featuring a split sole for optimal flexibility and a lightweight and soft build, these shoes are durable and fit perfectly with an elastic drawstring. Those split soles provide plenty of support for a more seasoned or professional dancer. They come in several fun colors for performances or play, including glittery gold, glittery pink, glittery rose gold, pink, and metallic gold and silver.

Cons: The glitter will come off the more they are used. They aren’t ideal for heavy-duty use.

Bottom Line: Does your little dancer love to sparkle? These may be the perfect ballet shoes for your little princess. They might not be the most supportive shoes for very small feet to practice serious dance moves because the split sole isn’t as strong as a full-length sole, but for play or performances, these shoes are a winner.

Final Thoughts

If your little dancer is getting into ballet, they’ll need some ballet shoes. These options will be perfect for their twirls and leaps.

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