The Best Glass Lamps for Your Home

three glass lamps with different designs; all are turned on and in houses
WERFACTORY/Amora Lighting/Bieye

While glass lamps may have hit their pique of popularity in the art nouveau era, the elegant craftsmanship and beautiful color tones make them a timeless piece of decor for any home. The stained glass of these lamps sets them apart from their modern counterparts to bring you a gem of the past.

After becoming an iconic part of any 1900’s home, these lamps have used their reliance on nature themes and one-of-a-kind construction to remain a beautiful piece of decor for modern-day people. Don’t let the hefty price tag dissuade you, as these lamps are created with polished stain glass and fused together with a delicate hand. If you want your decor to have a touch of glamour, these lamps are a perfect choice. Here are some fantastic glass lamps we recommend.

Purchasing Glass Lamps

Here are some things to consider before you make a purchase:

  • Height: Glass lamps are old-fashioned in aesthetic design but not in technological construction. They now come in desk or floor lamp styles that can help you uniquely light up your area. The standard desk lamp will stand between 18 and 22 inches.
  • Glass Color: While having a rainbow of colors is beautiful to see, it may dim the overall glow of your lightbulb. If you plan to use this lamp for more than simple decor, choose a glass lamp that features light pastel stains such as white and yellow. Darker colors like purple or green can reduce the light’s reach.
  • Base: As these lamps have very delicate materials, it’s important to find one that features a wide, strong base that can support its weight. This is especially important if you have young children or pets in the house that may be attracted to the delicate piece.

Top Pick: WERFACTORY Dragonfly Style Lamp

A blue and green glass lamp with large dragonfly designs and a bronze-colored base.

This blue lamp brings in beautiful elements of nature without sacrificing ease of use. The lampshade features several dragonflies flying amongst sea blue stained glass to create an organic shape. The glass is joined together by fused tin and held by a wide bronze-colored base. The 48-inch cord gives you ample room to place this lamp on a nightstand or office desk to showcase glowing colors. For your convenience, WERFACTORY includes an LED light with your purchase, so you can add this unique piece to your house right out of the box.

Top Pick

WERFACTORY Dragonfly Style Lamp

Add a touch of blue elegance to your home with the dragonfly design of this glass lamp

Best Square Design: Amora Lighting Tiffany Style Table Lamp

A square glass lamp with a yellow stain shown against a white background and in an office.
Amora Lighting

If the look of the stained glass is appealing, but you aren’t one for whimsical designs, this geometric glass lamp is for you. The soft yellow stains contrast with the sharp lines of the lampshade and fusion material. The wide base suits the overall square shape with its squared corners. The lamp is corded but features two pull chains for the inner lights. While this lamp doesn’t include the bulbs, it is compatible with 60-watt E26 incandescent and LED bulbs.

Best Square Design

Amora Lighting Tiffany Style Table Lamp

The sharp angles and simple colors of this glass lamp make it ideal for offices or dens.

Best Floor Lamp: WERFACTORY Tiffany Floor Lamp

A blue and green glass lampshade attached to a bronze-colored gooseneck base.

For those looking for a little more light from their decorative lamps, this 64-inch floor lamp can provide you with proper illumination. Along with the dragonfly-themed lampshade, this lamp sports a beautiful gooseneck design that features flowers and vines for a natural look. The light is controlled by a footswitch located 43 inches from the plug so that you can easily control the lamp even when it sits behind furniture. The tall base also has a bronze antique finish as a callback to the vintage designs that made these glass lamps beloved.

Best Floor Lamp

WERFACTORY Tiffany Floor Lamp

Enjoy the beauty of glass decor while lighting your way through your home with this extra-tall lamp.

Most Unique: Bieye Birdhouse Stained Glass Lamp

A lamp with a sculptural base holding a glass hanging birdhouse and bluebird.

Do you want a glass lamp that goes beyond the typical round shape and straight base? This birdhouse lamp provides the perfect balance of eye-catching design and classic Tiffany lamp techniques. The lightbulb is hidden inside the vine-covered birdhouse to show off the illuminating yellow and white tones. The house is supported by an arching vine that also holds a delicate bluebird. The entire design stands at 21 inches tall, making it perfect for a side table or reading area.

Most Unique

Bieye Birdhouse Stained Glass Lamp

This option lets you bring the delicate beauty of nature into your home.

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